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Annotated Bibliography

Baum, Jonathan. Jones, Rosha. New Report Reveals Devastating Effects of

Deportation on U.S. Citizen
Children American immigration council. April 2010.
This article specifically talks about the stats of how many children are
affected due to separation of families. It directs it to children and the effects
mentally, and how it gets to them eventually.
Ill be using this source to back up some of my statements, It gives me stats
on how many children get separated and how many get affected.
Cecena, Vanessa. Immigration, deportation, and family separation San Diego Free
Press. September 4,
2014. <>
This article is giving us the more stats about how many children are left
behind here in the United States without any parents due to deportation. It
gives information on how many children do go to foster care and are up for
Using the stats that it offers me to give further reasoning to why separating
families can cause huge issues to the children. Theres plenty more children

left without homes and sent off to foster homes because of their parents
being deported.

Deruy, Emily. What Happens to a Child after a Parent is Deported? The

Atlantic. September 21st 2015.
The author in this article explains that with the topic of deportation everyone
focuses more on what they did wrong to be deported, but dont think about
what that person that is deported left behind. This article talks about some
issues children may come across after a parent is deported, one big issue is
schooling. Children suffer behavioral problems in school, because of
depression and anger.
I like this article because it talks about a big concern, the effects on childrens
education. It also talks about the sources of help that are provided for the
families that are left behind without parents.

Dreby, Joanna. Everyday Illegal: When policies undermine immigrant families. U of

California P, 2015.
Throughout the book Dreby gives plenty of examples of what is it like living
as an Immigrant family. She gets in depth of the struggles some families
might go through. Not only that but she focuses a lot on the children. She

explains how living with struggles and worries about the family getting
deported anytime causes an effect on the children.
How Im going to use this book, like I mentioned before this book has plenty
of examples I can use when it comes to how this situation affects the
children. My paper is about how immigration effects the children. Narrowing it
down, Im most likely going to use how the children get effected mentally and
in school.

Mares, Sarah. Zwi, Karen. Sadness and fear. The experiences of children and
families in remote
Australian immigration detention vol. 51 no. 7 2015, Journal of pediatrics and
child health
The article is about how families get separated in Australia. The parents get
sent to detention and they talk about how this effects the children.
Throughout the article is shows pictures of drawing that the children did.
They look scared and sad. The effects on the children is truly something we
should be worried about.
This would be one of my most used evidence. I can use this to show the
actual effect children have when separated from their parents. It gives me

evidence that I can include when writing my paper. I can include the pictures
they have provided me with to support my claims.

Migration Policy Institute Deportation of a Parent Can Have Significant and

Long-Lasting Harmful Effects on Child Well-Being, As a Pair of Reports
from MPI and the Urban Institute Detail Migration Policy Institute.
September 21st, 2015.
< >
This article goes on to talk about the harm some spouses may have if their
loved one gets deported. They begin to suffer depression and soon after
social isolation begins to happen. Because they are they spouse, a person in
charge in the household, the children look at the way they are being affected.
Many children begin to suffer similar effects.
Because the article talks about the ways a person is effected at home, I can
use this example to argue the negative changes a household can suffer from
after a loved one is deported. This part of deportation is so often overlooked,
people need to recognize that there are others in the family being effected.
National Council of La Raza The Economic Impact of Latino Workers: A Bythe-Numbers Breakdown for Tax Day The Huffington Post. June 15,

This article breaks down some facts on the help that immigrant works do for
the economy. Its very straight forward and talks about the many immigrant
workers in the U.S. The article talks about the growing demographic that is
being made by the immigrant works, and how much tax money they are
paying in each household.
I found this article to be very helpful because of the facts that it provides, the
proof that immigrant workers are in fact helping the economy. I think its
important to include these facts because there are still people in this country
who believe that immigrants dont pay taxes. There are many rumors and
false claims that immigrants take advantage of the government, when in fact
they are doing the opposite.