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How to zone in fabric switches :-


Login to fabric manager.

Select the desired fabric.
Click on the appropriate switch.
Find the required port on appropriate switch. The window will be open
with port no.
5. Double click on that port (The window will be open with port no.) &
Navigate to FLOGI GET the last 6-digits of port name column (wwpn).
6. In the same window select the general tab & Description HOSTNAME_6
DIGITS OF WWWPN mandatory.
7. Click On the appropriate Zone set & Right Click Select Edit local full zone
8. Select the appropriate zone set & Right click Create Clone of the active
clone set Italic format
9. Create Alias for the HOST ; Right click the fc alias go to insert
The fc alias format will be HOSTNAME_6DIGITS OF WWPN.
After the fc alias creation zone name needs to be created the zone
name is combination of host alias_array alias (Zone name =

Click on the zone that has created and insert (add) members i.e
array alais,fc alias
Once members are created to the zone we need to activate the new
To Activate new zone we need to add this newly created zone to the
Zonesets right click Insert(add) zones.
Now Activate that Particular Zoneset.

To change the Enclosure name, Click on the fabric ->select the

hosts tab -> Find out the respective WWPN of the host and change
the FC Alias and Enclosure name to hostname_last6digit of
WWPN, perform the same on the other fabric with the other WWPN.

How to Decommission The server from San :-

Check if server is logged in to switch port. If yes, stop decom and

ask Unix team to check. If no, continue with decom
1. Unmask all the LUNS from the decommissioned server.
Syn :- Symmaskdb sid xxxx awwn hostname/*list database v
We get the info : wwpns & devs
2. Unmask the luns from the server
Syn :- symmask -sid xxxx wwn xxxx remove devs xxx,xxx,xxx (for
2 initiatorss)
3. If the LUNs are not masked to any other server from the same FAs, unmap
the LUNs from the FAs.
4. To check whether luns are masked to any other host please execute
following command.
Syn :-symmaskdb -sid 4261 list assignments -dev 0281

5. if luns are not masked to any other host we can write disable it &
Command to write disable device for particular FA.
symdev -sid 4261 write_disable 06ef -SA 4A -p 0
symdev -sid 4261 write_disable 06ef -SA 13A -p 0
Then unmap the file luns from privew Prepare & commit.

To remove from the zoning :

1.Login to the frabic
2.Select frabic
3.Click On the appropriate zone database and select Edit Local full Zone
4.Create clone of the active zone set (it would be in italic)
5.Give name to zone set remove clone name will be ZS_mm_dd_yy

Zoneset Name will be ZS_05_17_10. Click on this Zonset.

7 Remove host alias : Expand host alias >> Right Click on proper
host alias
>> Click on delete >> Confirm deletion
Host alias will get removed Now remove zone

8 Remove Zone :Expand Zones >> Select proper zone That need to
removed >> Right click on it >> delete >> Confirm deletion.

5)Admin down the MDS director port and put it back to VSAN 4094.
Remove level from Switch port
a. Click on the appropriate switch (device manager ex: MDSBDC05)
Double click on the switch port and navigate to general tab.
Remove description to blank. & Write as to
Admin down the MDS director port & put it back to VSAN
4094. Remove level from switch port

Please follow step 4 & 5 for other fabric also.