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Qs. What is SAP HANA Studio?

The SAP HANA studio is an Eclipse-based development and

administration tool for working with HANA.
It enables technical users to manage the SAP HANA database, to create
and manage user authorizations, to create new or modify existing models of data etc.
It is a client tool, which can be used to access local or remote HANA

Qs. What are the different perspectives available in HANA Studio?

Used for creating various types of views and analytical privileges.
SAP HANA Development:
Used for programming applications for creating development objects to access or
update data models such as Server-side Java script, XSJS, XSODATA files.
Used to monitor the system and change settings.
Used to debug code such as SQLScript (.procedure files) or Server-side Java script
(.xsjs files).
To open a perspective, go to Window Open Perspective.

Qs. What are the supported platforms for HANA studio?

The SAP HANA studio runs on the Eclipse platform 3.6. We can use the SAP HANA
studio on the following platforms:
Microsoft Windows x32 and x64 versions of: Windows XP, Windows
Vista, Windows 7
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES 11: x86 64-bit version
Note: For Mac OS, HANA studio is available but there is no HANA client for that.

Qs. What are the system requirements for HANA studio?

Java JRE 1.6 or 1.7 must be installed to run the SAP HANA studio. The Java runtime
must be specified in the PATH variable. Make sure to choose the correct Java variant
for installation of SAP HANA studio:
For a 32-bit installation, choose a 32-bit Java variant.
For a 64-bit installation, choose a 64-bit Java variant.

Qs. How to add new HANA system in HANA studio?

In order to connect to a SAP HANA system we need to know the Server Host ID and the
Instance Number. Also we need a Username & Password combination to connect to the
The left side Navigator space shows all the HANA system added to the SAP HANA
Steps to add new HANA system:
Right click in the Navigator space and click on Add System


Enter HANA system details, i.e. the Hostname & Instance Number and
click Next.


Enter the database username & password to connect to the SAP HANA
database. Click on Next and then Finish.


The SAP HANA system now appears in the Navigator.

Qs. What is the difference between catalog and content?

In HANA Studio every HANA system has two main sub-nodes, Catalog and Content.

The Catalog represents SAP HANAs data dictionary, i. e. all data

structures, tables, and data which can be used.
All the physical tables and views can be found under the Catalog node.
The Content represents the design-time repository which holds all
information of data models created with the Modeler.
Physically these models are stored in database tables which are also
visible under Catalog. The Models are organized in Packages. The Contents node just
provides a different view on the same physical data.
The created Column Views are always located in schema _SYS_BIC, their
metadata in schema _SYS_BI.

Qs. Does 32 bit version of HANA client work with SAP HANA repository
and SAP HANA Development perspective?
There is no 32 bit version of the repository client.
If you want to make use of the repository integration features, for example, in the
Project Explorer view in the SAP HANA Development perspective, you must install the
64 bit version of the repository client.

Qs. How can we set path to the repository client in HANA Studio?

In SAP HANA studio, choose Window > Preferences > SAP HANA
Development > Repository Access
Choose Browse and enter the path to the SAP HANA client executable,
regi.exe. For example, C:Program Filessaphdbclientregi.exe
Choose Apply to enable the new setting.
Choose OK to save the settings.

Qs. How to start HANA Studio in Linux?


To start the SAP HANA studio, perform the following steps:

Open a shell and go to the installation directory, such as
Execute the following command ./hdbstudio. The SAP HANA studio
To set the path to the repository client
In SAP HANA studio, choose Window Preferences SAP
HANA Development Repository Access
Choose Browse to enter the path to the SAP HANA client
executable, regi. For example, /usr/sap/hdbclient


Choose Apply to enable the new setting.

Choose OK to save the settings.