Part 1 (a) Question: Collect pictures, newspaper cuttings or photos on items that you have chosen.

Design a collage to illustrate the chosen items.

Part 1 (b) Question: Record the items and their prices systematically as in Table 1. Since items may be differently packed, be sure to use consistent measurements for each item selected so that comparison can be done easily and accurately. Below are the price of the listed items in s different shops: Giant,Carrefour and Jaya Jusco.

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Question: (c) Create at least two suitable graphical representations (the use of ICT is encouraged) to compare and contrast the prices of the items chosen.

Question: (d) Based on the graphical representations that you have constructed in Part 1(c), interpret, discuss and draw conclusions. Comments on your findings. -

Question: (e) Identify an item that has a large price difference among the shops. Calculate the mean and the standard deviation of that particular item. Hence, suggest and discuss possible reasons for the price difference. From the table above, the item that has large price difference is Dynamo Regular (3kg) Detergent. The mean of the price,

The standard Deviation = 2.60 The price difference is possibly due to Jaya Jusco and Carrefour are doing promotion for this item.

Part 2 (a) Question: Suggest a shop from Part 1 from which you would go to purchase the ingredients for the butter cakes. State and discuss your reasons for purchasing from the shop you suggested. I will purchase from Giant because all the ingredient is the cheapest.

Part 2 (b)(i) Question: Complete Table 2 with the prices of the items found in the shop/supermarket that you have chosen. (i) Calculate the price index for each of the ingredients in Table 2 for the year 2010 based on the year 2009.

Part 2 (b)(ii) Question: Calculate the composite index for making a butter cake in the year 2010 based on the year 2009. Discuss how you obtained your answers.

Part 2 (b)(iii) Question: In the year 2009, the butter cake was sold at RM15.00 each. Suggest a suitable selling price for the butter cake in the year 2010. Give reasons for your answer.


From the composite index, we know that the cost of the ingredient has risen by 25.54%. Therefore, the price of a butter cake should be adjusted upward by 25.54% (From RM15 to RM18.80) so that we can keep our profit margin unchanged.

Part 2 (c) (i) Question: Find out from reliable sources how to determine suitable capacity of air-conditioner to be installed based on volume/size of a room. Capacity of any cooling machine is known in 'ton'.Ton here means One ton of water(1,000kg).If we take water which alreadycool at 0 degree centigrade and switch on the machine, then quantity of ice produced in 24 hours(one day) will determine its capacity.If it produces one ton of ice then capacity of machine is one ton.If it produces 100 kg of ice(solid) in 24 hrs then the capacity is 0.1 ton.

To determine the BTUs needed to cool a given space follow this procedure: 1. Calculate the total square feet to be cooled: Measure the size of the room (or rooms) to be cooled, to obtain total square feet. Multiply room length by width for each room and if there are multiple rooms, add the room areas together to get a single number. 2. Read the Base BTUs needed from Table below.The table below gives recommended air conditioning BTU's necessary to cool a single room. The data in the table assumes that the ceiling over the room is insulated and that the room is not over or is not itself a special heat-producing area such as a kitchen or boiler room.

3. Add additional BTUs for these factors: a. + 4,000 BTUs for each room below a ceiling or roof which is not insulated b. + 4,000 BTUs for a home or residential kitchen included in the cooled area c. + 1,500 BTUs for each window which receives significant daily sunshine d. + 1,500 BTUs for a room over a kitchen or boiler room IF the kitchen or boiler room is actively producing heat during the cooling period e. + 600 BTUs per person over two, if more than two occupants will be occupying the room during the cooling period 4. Subtract BTUs from the total required if these factors are present: o - 1,000 BTUs if the room is on the shaded side of the building Calculate the final total BTUh needed from the above steps. This should place you in the right range of cooling capacity needed. Review the warning below about buying an oversized air conditioner.


Part 3 (a) (і)

Question: (ii) Work in groups to estimate the volume of your school library. Explain how you arrive at your answer. Hence, determine the number of air conditioners with the appropriate capacity required for your library. (iii) If your class intends to sponsor one air conditioner for the school library, how many butter cakes must your class sell in order to buy the air conditioner? For this part, you have to do it by yourself.

Conclusion: The overall budget for year 2010 should increase by 11.625% basing on the value of composite index (111.625).

Part 3 (c) Composite index of the budget for year 2011 based on year 2009