Digital Forensics, How We Can Help

Today’s litigators understand that, long before you can even think about the burden of proof, you must
consider the duty to preserve. Whatever action your company is facing—from a regulatory compliance
issue to an electronic evidence preservation order— CF delivers proven expertise in computer forensics
tohelp you collect, and make sense of, essential data to present the strongest possible case.

Compute Forensics Digital Forensics Investigations team has
handled digital evidence for a wide variety of cases, including:
-IP Theft
-Employee Investigations
-Theft of Trade Secrets
-Corporate Computer Misuse
-Criminal Defence
-Internal and External Hacks
-Document Provenance
-Security Hardening
-Penetration testing
-And many others (Industrial Espionage, Forgery, Perjury)
In essence, if you have a case that involves the analysis of
digital media then we may be able to assist.

Service Highlights:
–– Global data collection and foreign
language document review
–– Regulator approved preservation
and analysis protocols and
–– Proven data preservation,
restoration and analysis methods
– Expertise with emerging data
types, including social media and
the cloud

–– Advanced native file processing,
hosting and review

–– Expertise in financial
CF has a keen understanding of the risks and roadblocks
investigations, fraud investigations
associated with complex legal proceedings—we understand the
and IP theft forensics
intricacies and implications of company data under legal scrutiny,
– Access to, and deep expertise
and the international protection and privacy issues that apply to
with, industry-standard
electronic documents in these contexts. Our technical experts
work closely with our forensic accountants and financial
investigation professionals to efficiently recover, organize and
analyse electronically stored information—regardless of the format
or language of that data. Our teams include highly focused specialists
with both in-the-field and in-the-courtroom experience. We have participated in some of the world’s
largest front-page civil, class action and government litigation projects and corporate investigations.

With our experience and technological expertise, we offer comprehensive computer forensics
services in the following areas:

ƒƒ Global Collection and Investigation Service – When a complaint has been filed, a subpoena has
been served or an investigation has commenced—or even when one is reasonably
anticipated—companies must quickly determine what information needs to be preserved and how best
to preserve it. CF can help companies comply with discovery obligations while protecting privileged
information. Throughout the entire litigation lifecycle—from data collection and culling to review and
production for possible presentation in court—CF employs proven methodologies that provide a
strategic and logistical advantage while minimizing the impact on daily business operations.

ƒƒ Intellectual Property Theft – The computer forensics specialists at CF can help your company
secure all potentially relevant data sources, recover deleted data, gain access to password- protected
files, and identify key documents and system artefacts to piece together a chain of events for
presentation in court. Our proven procedures maintain the forensic integrity of the source data at all
times, and the findings of the analysis are presented by internationally recognized experts
in the field.

ƒƒ Social Media and The Cloud – Employees, customers and competitors are increasingly sharing and
storing more information through social media and the cloud. Our team of technical experts can
quickly preserve and collect this information, as well as ask the right questions to ensure your
collection is thorough and defensible.
ƒƒ E-mail Reconstruction and Relationship Analysis Services – Litigations and investigations
often hinge upon the question of “who knew what, and when did they know it?” We can help
decipher intricate relationships between individuals and entities through electronic data trails. Our
computer forensics team is highly adept at identifying and untangling webs of interdependencies
that link people, corporate entities, monetary amounts, business partners and outsiders to the
critical events under analysis.

ƒƒ Review Services –Our advisors have extensive experience in many forensic and litigation support
technologies. Sometimes one may require technology so that the recovered data can be searched by
litigators, IT departments, business owners and others. This can be made available remotely for review
by the relevant parties involved. Of course, data will have duplicates, system files and other noise
removed leaving you will less of the haystack to find the needle. Powerful keyword searches can be
performed against the data resulting in instantaneous results in an easy to use graphical environment.
Each solution can be tailored to your budget, needs and volume of data presented for analysis.

Forensic Assistance
CF assisted in 1000's of situations with clients such as hotels, banks, legal 500 firms, physical security
firms and other forensic outfits that couldn't handle their cases. Be sure that if the data exists CF will
find what you are looking for. From the collection by our court vetted expert witnesses, the processing by
our state of the art technology and reporting by our examiners you will be content that you chose
Compute Forensics.

Our services reach beyond the scope of this services PDF please give us a call should you have
any queries.

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CF Technology helps clients manage the risk and complexity of
e-discovery and investigations. We collaborate with clients to develop and
implement defensible digital investigation strategies with keen focus on
the productivity of document review. Our complete range of offerings,
from forensic data collection to managed document review services,
provides unprecedented flexibility to address any discovery challenge with
confidence. Our clients rely on our software, services and expertise to
address matters ranging from internal investigations to large-scale
litigation with global investigative requirements.

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