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Profesora: ngela Mara Gamboa Gonzales- NRC(6782) -I proyecto


Analyze the communicative situation (interview) based on:

Social factors
Social dimensions
Functions of language.
Show the linguistic elements to explain each one of them. Complete the
template provided.
You must attach the interview transcript.

Santiago Moreno Saiz
Daniel Eduardo Chaparro Robles
Social Factors

Participants: 3 men

Setting: on Video chat by skype.

Topic: : We make the interview , to a guy from jersey .

Function: we asked some questions to New Jersey guy. in order to

found out about his sociolinguistic environment in which he is
Social dimensions



It was intimate but at the same time a bit distance low ,since we were
asking questions relate to his own social milieu social ,something we should
remember is how words are set inside of social environment where words
occur or develop. Back to the point we are friends with the Guy of New
Jersey Maxwell" and we have kept in touch normally, as far some words
were new but thank God he enjoys explain what he says by using some
examples that often assign us at the conversation, the social distance,
finally was intimate ,we are friends.

Profesora: ngela Mara Gamboa Gonzales- NRC(6782) -I proyecto

Status scale


The status scale was superior or may be it place at the middle because
among "superior status" means be sophisticated in using of words and low
status means Someone speaks really informal and no uses of reflection
during a conversation. This aspect would be the opposite also for a
superior status dimension , in the other hand we put in practice during this
conversation a tone of scale superior since we are with a friend during the
interview we tried to use the easy form of words to avoid confusion and
give samples for explain how this interview will be .

The formality scale was at the middle , sine this was a different
environment for interacting ( ask questions and speak one to other)skype
we can see how the formality attempt to be formal but in the other hand
no one of us refers to another as sir or using some polite expressions also
grammar like can you kindly tell me how the formality scale for us was at
the middle between formality and high formality scale.

Functions of Language: At the sociolinguistics studies of language, functions are often

used to refer to the role of language plays in society. The more oriented is our interaction,
we tend to explain using the foreign language to form part of his social context for instance,
being parts his milieu and we learn grammar, new expressions furthermore have a better
way for learning in its culture.

Interview script
Daniel and Santiago :hey maxwell how are you
Maxwell:No complains, thank god
Daniel :i think that phrase is better to write as: thanks to god please, you correct me.if im doing it wrong.
Maxwell: It is thank God perfect. Since thanks sounds weird and it is a word that does not make
sense , I think is incorrect.
Santiago:Max! May we do an interview with you, it will take 30 minutes at least we will ask you a sort of
questions, keep in mind. This is based on a project of investigation I will ask you a group of questions,

Profesora: ngela Mara Gamboa Gonzales- NRC(6782) -I proyecto

the main idea even more the purpose of this project is you use as many slangs that at jersey you
normally use with friends or in your family,
Daniel: which ones you think are usual inside your social context meanwhile i will try to do my own
attempt of understand by putting the meaning using the context of the conversation that we will be
having. so basically this is how we will having our interview i will send you the paper to give you a
preview of this project ,hopefully, I expect all this will be clear furthermore if you think you can explain
the slang using your own words.
Maxwell: are we doing this interview at this moment? Do you need we record something? Or will it be in
Daniel: First at all , I will ask you some questions which will be related to your social context, this means,
how do you use different Expressions?, How do you address people? And words that you use in daily
conversation your vocabulary in Community how your words change and you choose to make and to
form your own words to refer to (food, colors, clothes, places, etc.).
Santiago: Second for every question, I need you give me an example for each it could be a normal
sample with your family , friends or couple, the idea is you tell me different ways you use language.
Since your interactions also these samples may be formal or informal representations. In a conversation
Daniel: third no max. I thank your help at least, it is no necessary we make a recording because i will
transcript this , as far will be better we write the examples to form properly the script of the interview
Daniel :so, are you ready for the first question?
Maxwell : sure!
Santiago : 1-Which expressions exist within your personal framework, which do not you use to refer to
anyone else?
Daniel 2- which expressions are just able to be used for a thing ,situation or feelings ect these exprexions
may come from your social context or could be created by you ?,by personal framework, do you mean
phrases that i use with friends?
Daniel: Basically you got the idea of framework is refer to your friends, family (mom, dad, brother ,sisters
and grandparents) also strangers all you society
Maxwell :ok so words that I use with family? Or words that do I use only with friends, family and also
Strangers, ok
Santiago : In this question is important you explain how do you use them please explain each , using an
Maxwell: Im sorry to be annoying, but could you give me an example. I just dont understand which
context are you referring to
Daniel:Please dont feel shame , i will give an example that I normally use with friends Im sure you
remember the word Huevon , so when Im with friends we like to use this word as a nickname for us, or
it also has a bad connotation"huevon"also means a bad word to use with someone example. you have
planned to visit a friend and he that day forgot the meeting ,unless you were at the place and hour you
two were agree to meet you lost your time waiting for him and he called you the next day to excuse his
foolish mistake. so then you can call him as huevon
Maxwell: ahh ok,With friends I typically use more casual language. I might call my friends a "hot mess"
if they do something crazy or silly. This is not a word I would use with a stranger because it has a
negative connotation.

Profesora: ngela Mara Gamboa Gonzales- NRC(6782) -I proyecto

Daniel: which bad connotation that word has ?
Maxwell: It is used to refer to someone who is maybe a bit crazy or weird more specifically as we know
as a psyco.
Santiago:would you use that word with your family? As a Example: with your mom or that will be
Maxwell: I would use that term with my mom because we have a very casual relationship. However,
some people who have maybe more "strict" mothers might not use that term with a parent
Daniel: In case do you use that word with your dad will have any change or will keep the same reaction
if you dare to use that informal Word would your dad acting annoying ?
Maxwell: I would not be as comfortable using that term with my dad because our relationship is different,
but I don't think he would be very offended.
Daniel: what do you think your dad would feel or imagine if you refer to him using that word?
Maxwell:I think to be honest he would just be confused
It is not a word that he is familiar with
Daniel : why?
Maxwell:It is a word that is used I guess more by younger people,
Santiago : I got it thank
Maxwell:youre welcome you had another question?
Daniel :yes I had Im really sorry this keyboard is taking me out of my nerves it is broken
,i need to buy a new one.Give 5 minutes
Maxwell:No prob
Santiago : Well, next question. 3- Which aspects stand for addressing people different than other? how
do you normaly adress people?
Maxwell:people i dont know?,
Daniel : could be the both the one you unknown and the one you relate with
Maxwell : With people I don't know well I am typically more formal. English doesn't have an "usted" but
you can show formality in other ways. For instance, I might say "Good morning" instead of "What's up?"
which is more casual and infromal
what is more important when you do not know some one be extremely polite or casual?
Daniel: why?
Maxwell:If you don't know someone you don't know what might offend them. So it's important to be
formal and polite because you don't want to say something that might offend or annoy them
Daniel: In your society what is common Linguistic categories are used to refer with (food, colors, clothes,
places, etc.),
Daniel: These must be different as example in Spanish we use Colorete to refer something is very
colorful and acid for lips. Perhaps this word is a bit of different from its original word color

Profesora: ngela Mara Gamboa Gonzales- NRC(6782) -I proyecto

Maxwell: Something very colorful we might refer to as "bright" or "loud."
Daniel :max this was an example can you give me a different one
for food, for colors,please
Maxwell: Well, in the east coast (where I am from) we refer to "gaseosa" as "soda." However, in places
like Boston and in the Midwestern United States they use the word "pop"
Daniel:That is more closed of what im looking for!
Daniel :I remember i was using the word fucking to make something cool for me, unless. It was not I
remember you told me it is a bad word to be used for all people but i can use it with friends and other
personal people, I remember fucking delicious and fucking hot those are common examples and the
connotation changes for each one. Please tell some samples as last one. Can you be focused in words
and then can you tell me new words the ones I unknown at the moment and explain using your words
Maxwell: The word "bitch" is sometimes used among friends. However, I would never say this word to
someone I don't know. It would be very offensive, bitch among Friends will mean marica or foolish word
to make fun among them.
Daniel:go on from that way max!
Next question .In this particular case can you tell me which words. Do you use to refer with someone or
a situation, if you know another in different context can you explain where you can take and use these
words for example words that you see people around you use at Jersey THIS would be fantastic keep in
mind slangs and dialects. These are useful also.
Maxwell:To be honest, there is not any slang used in New Jersey that is not used in other parts of the
country. There are certain words that are different (like the "soda" example I gave you) but for the most
part the slang is not very different
Daniel:what about the supper
maxwell: That's not a word I would use. I feel that is a word older people would use but that is not
commonly used anymore. We mostly say "dinner" I guess for food one of the most comoun thing that is
said in new jersey that no one else says is "hoagie" for sandwich
Daniel: what about clothes it would have some changes in languge a diferent word use it ?
maxwel: In certain parts of the country, we say "sneakers" to refer to shoes used for sports. In other parts
of the country, they use the word "tennis shoes" to refer to all kinds of athletic footwear
Daniel: which places is common use sneakers?
Maxwell:exactly sneakers is mostly on the east coast.Tennis shoes is more in the midwest and the
west of the united states
Daniel : there are different ways to call a place?
Daniel:what kind of place?
Maxwell;hmm,so in the east coast we say "water fountain" to refer to a place where you can drink water
in public (a "fuente" or "bebedero").However, in other parts of the country (mostly New England which is
in the northeast of the United States) they call a water fountain a "bubbler"
Daniel: what is a bubbler
Maxwell:where you drink waterat office or school you press the button and it gives you water
Daniel: it is un bebedero "right"?
Maxwell yep,cool

Profesora: ngela Mara Gamboa Gonzales- NRC(6782) -I proyecto

Daniel: dear maxweel these were all the questions thank you so much for your time and help
Maxwell: Nancy tell me whaat can i do for you at this hour every one is sleeping and i will son too. oops!i
sent that by accidnet
no problem daniel! let me know if you need anymore help
Daniel:jajajja max i got the hint thank good night
Maxwelll:i wish the best to you
Daniel: thank you , wish you the best also.bye bro!