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Makayla Bisson

55 Sparling Ave
Hamilton Ontario, L9B 2J4
P: 905 921 5167

I am writing this provide you with a little more information of who I am and what you will
be seeing in my e-portfolio. My first year of college I attended Durham College in Oshawa,
Ontario. And I am now currently a second year student at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario
working on completing the 2-year Human Resources Diploma Program. Upon completion of this
year I plan to move forward with this course and complete the third year Human Resources
Advanced Diploma. My first year of this course I showed to be very successful by receiving MidTerm Achievement Letters from the Dean of the Business Department and completed my first
year with a 3.95 GPA and plan to continue my successes through the rest of my time in this
In my resume I have listed my previous work experience which has helped me gain
these skills that are also listed and use them in the workplace. I worked in retail for 3 years
which gave me great experience in working with people. I developed significant abilities in
organizing, prioritizing and tending to customer needs in a prompt manner. These skills kept me
on track while multi-tasking between customer needs and the stores needs. I took on the
responsibility of being the Health and Safety Representative for our store which entailed me to
gain knowledge of safety regulations and keep track and reporting any concerns our store
presented. By exercising these skills and showing my high motivation, I was promoted within
my company from sales associate, to part of management by being a full time key holder. With
this promotion I was given more responsibilities and tasks which I adapted to very quickly. I was
able to use my stress management skills to deal with highly stressful situations using thorough
communication and offer my best expertise to the situation accordingly.
I have also attached copies of my certificates that I have received which include my
Smart Serve certification and my Frist Aid and CPR Level C Certification that I received from the
Red Cross, Oshawa.
My e-portfolio will consist of a short biography, resume, cover letter, certifications, a
promotion letter, references, letter of recommendation, photo of a personal accomplishment and
a school assignment with a high mark. With this I want to show future employers a better
understanding of my professional background and accomplishments in my life so far.