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The Freface,

in thofe elder times followed the frantique herefies of

the Arrians, whom the godly forefathers by fcttiag forth

thofe Creeds defired to bring


home into the Church

The truth ^hith. Hilarie,;/^ hy


and opinions
which wm
of Bifljops
meant vpos rendered by fever aU confefsions of faith fet down in
writing: And a little after. It ought to feeme no mar veil
right weR-beloved brethren , that mens faiths began to be de^
daredfo thick : the outrage of heretiques layeth this necefsitic
the advife

Thus much faid HiUrie, What, thzx. Athanafitis^

Augufline^znd. many other ancients fet forth their Creeds
alfb, thatthepuritieof Chriftian faith might more and
more (hine forth. Therefore if Kingdoms, Cities, and
and whole Provinces have privately made confeffion of


this was the caufe thereof, for that hitherto

the ftate of ti ines hath not fuffered,that a generall Councell of all thofe , who profefTe the reformed Religion,
might be holden. But if it once come to paffe ( and the
Lord grant that the Churches may at length injoy fo
great a benefit ) then there may be one onely confeffion
offaith extant, conceived in the fame words, if the ftate
ofthe Churches fhallfceme to require it.Let them therefore leave of in mockagc to terme us Confeffionifts, ualeffe perhaps they looke for this anfwer at our hands,that
it is a farre more excellent thing to beare a name of confeiling the faith, then of denying the truth. For even as
moe fmall ftreames may flow from one fpring , fo moe
confeffions of faith, may ifTue out from one and the fame

their faith

truth of faith.

Now to fpeake fomewhat alfb of thofe who while

they will feeme to embrace the truth of the Gofpell, and
renounce popifh errours , fhew themfelves more unjuft
towards us, then was meet they fhould, we arc compelled
to finde want of Chriftian charitie in them. This one
thing in deed was remaimng,that after fo many dangers,