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Availability of Competent English Teachers.

11 respondents equaling to 24.4% of the total respondents

suggested that by having a good numberof qualified teachers of
English in many secondary schools in Tanzania could reduce this
problemof incompetence.
Measures Frequency Percent (%)
Improvement of learning environment 12 26.7Availability of comp
etent English teachers 11 24.4Adequate number of English materi
als 10 22.2English debates 8 17.8Morning talks 4 8.9Total 45 100.

This is relevant to the study done by Wilkins, (1974:53) who
asserted that, the one remaining important variable in the
learning situation is the teacher himself. His skills and personality
are instrumental in creating the conditions for learning. His skills
depend on two factors, his own proficiency in the language and
expertise in methods and techniques of language teaching. So to
Wilkins, the teacher is the central figure so it is very important for
the teacher to know the language of instruction.

Recommendation of the study

From the data, findings and views given by the respondents, researcher
came up with the
recommendations which might be used by the government, teachers,
parents and students toimprove the competence of English language and
hence the general performance of students insecondary schools.
5.2.2 The Teachers

Teachers should improve the quality of teaching by using participatory

methods which enablethem to interact well with their students during the
teaching and learning processes. They shouldcreate different techniques
which will make English language to be easy and liked by all studentsfor
example, forming English clubs which can conduct different activities like
talents shows,drama, debates and different competitions. Teachers should
motivate their students whenperformed well and encourage them to speak
English all the time. However teachers should stop

using other language in the school environment rather than English
language, but they can do soduring Kiswahili and French subjects.