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Arva Glazel D. Gallofin


This study was conducted to determine the psychosocial factor; parental aggression,
parenting styles, provocations that affects aggression among adolescents in a secondary school in
Iloilo city. Specifically, this study aimed to determine the psychological factors in terms of
parental aggression according to physically, verbally, and relationally aggressive; parenting style
according to authoritative, authoritarian and permissive parenting style; family background
according to physically aggressive, verbally aggressive, and relationally aggressive background;
the social factors according to provocation experience; the types of aggressions exhibited among
adolescents; the relationship between psychological factors of the respondents according to
family factor to the type of aggression exhibited among adolescent in secondary school in Iloilo

city; the relationship between social factors of the respondents to the type of aggression exhibited
among adolescent in secondary school in Iloilo city.
This is a descriptive - relational study that utilized one shot survey design. This study
focuses on parental aggression, parenting style, provocation and aggressions exhibited among the
adolescents in the secondary schools in Iloilo city; it described the characteristics of the
respondents, the age and gender. Moreover, this study relates the characteristics of parental
aggression, parenting style, provocation and aggression.
A qualitative research through a case study was also utilized in order to capture in depth
information that could substantiate the data gathered through a survey from the gathered sample
The respondents of this study were obtained through a random sampling method using
fish-ball method to observe equal selection of the respondents. The respondents of this study
were all senior level students of Iloilo City National High School, enrolled for the semester of
Descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution, percentages and mean were utilized
to describe the univariate data such as age and gender, parental aggression, parenting,
provocation and aggressions characteristics. Cross tab analysis was used to describe the
relationship among variables. Data processed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences
Majority of the respondents were between 15 years 16 years of age, male. Most of the
respondents have experienced physical parental aggression. Most of the parents used

authoritarian parenting style as reflected with the answers of the respondents. Direct
provocations seems to be common among the senior students for them to react aggressive