Name of the Organization:

Sangat Library and Social Services (Social Sangat) Balochistan
Year of Establishment: 2007 Legal Status: The organization is registered with the community development department district Jaffarabad Balochistan. It is a Non-government developmental organization. Year of Registration: April 2009. Registration Number & Act: 87/CD-2009/ Jaffarabad, Registration and Control ordinance 1961. Bank Account No: 1000164. Official Bank: Muslim Commercial Bank ltd. (MCB) Usta Muhammad Branch. Working Staff: 04 (Female 01, Male 03) Volunteers: 08 (Female 03, Male 05)

2 Focused Area: The organization currently focuses the area District Jaffarabad of Balochistan. Background of focused area (District Jaffarabad): The District named after Mir Jaffar Khan Jamali a Muslim league veteran from Balochistan and close friend of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Jaffarabad is 2nd thickly population district of the Balochistan having about 0.64 million. Jaffarabad is link with main road to Sindh province. Its bounders link five Districts in south Shahdadkot and Jacobabad Sindh in north Naseerabad in west Jhal Magsi and in east Dera Bugti. Jaffarabad is a plain agricultural area. The length of district Jaffarabad is about 234 kilo meters, while width varies from 3 to 30 km. The District is link up with railway and highway. Dera Allah Yar (JhatPat) is its Head Quarter situated at the distance of 300km from provincial head quarter Quetta. Total area of Jaffarabad is 2445 sq km. According to current survey of (PPHI) District population is 627477, but in 1998 population was 432817. According to new current report there are 51.01% are male and 48.99% are female. The birth growth rate is 2.92%. Urban population is 20% and rural population is 80%. The recently built highway, there are no good transport services. The most facilities for transport are Bus, Rickshaw, Van and etc. Total Tehsil of District are four (Dera Allah Yar (JhatPat), Usta Muhammad, Sohbat Pur and Gandakha) District Jaffarabad consist four Tehsils, forty six Union councils and 235 villages. The culture of this area under the Balochi and Sindhi set up. It is completely encompassed by tribal and feudal system the languages are spoken in this area Balochi, Sindhi, Seraiki, Brahvi, and Urdu. Family System: There are nuclear family systems in the area. Families are living as nuclear family system. Average marriage age for men is 16 to 18 and for women is 14 to 16 years. Parents arrange marriages. Groom has to pay ‘Lab’ (Bride price) to the parents of bride. The amount of Lab rouges from Rs. 80,000 one lake. It is demand of female parents. Wata Sata: There is a system of wata Sata (Exchange marriages) in the area. It is very famous and strongly used in but it is more strongly practiced lower middle classes. SiahKari (Honor killing): SiahKari is also very common norm. This is mostly happening. People kill there sisters, waves and relatives in name of “SiahKari”, in one month five/ six cases always happen. Gender Condition: There is male dominated society and women are not involved in decision making process and are even consoled not when children are married. The consent is not obtained from the girls when are married Early marriages are another gender problem and girls can not get higher education. Source of Income:

3 Agriculture, Livestock, Restaurant, Shops, Rice Mills and generating skills are major sources of income.

Preface (Social Sangat): “Social Sangat Balochistan” is an entirely public Organization. Its basic motive is to educate youth in accordance with contemporary knowledge. Education, Literature, Social Development and political awareness are our key objectives. We believe we have born to fight against ignorance. VISION: We at “SANGAT” envision Foundation of an educated, peaceful and civilized society. MISSION: The Mission of SANGAT is to educate and aware peoples, especially youth by providing services and through awareness raising activities, so that they could become good & civilized citizens and contribute their part properly. Core programs: • Youth Empowerment. • • • • • Women Empowerment. Promoting of Education Promoting of Art and Culture. Community Infrastructure Development Peace and Social Change.

Program & Activities: • • • • • Sangat Library: The word "SANGAT" means "FRIEND", The Sangat Library is a Small and First Project of the organization which is starts on self bases, and running with fee of library members. Discuss and condemn honor killing and domestic violence issues. Performing Theaters on social issues. Debates on Social and Political Issues. Monthly Literary activates (Mehfi-e-Mushaera).

Financial structure:

4 Currently the expenditure of the organization is being run on self basis. The income from the Library membership and the monthly contribution of members is also supporting the financial structure of the Organization.

Future Planning:  To Publish a Monthly Literary & Social Magazine.  To establish a resource center for women.  To establish Information resource center for common peoples.  To Work Promotion and marketing of local handicrafts.  To establish of home industries and their financial support.  To arrange and manage debates on Social and Political Issues.  To establish a computer center for male and females.

Contact Persons: Mr. Khalid Mir E mail: Contact Address: SANGAT LIBRARY near I.K Grammar school Jan colony Usta Muhammad District Jaffarabad Balochistan (Postal code: 80300) Phone: 0092 838-613323, 0092 345 3838131. E-mail: Website: