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Phase 1A Pacita Complex, San Pedro Laguna
2nd SEMESTER AY 2016-2017
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Pledge of Honor
, a student of Colegio de San Pedro, pledge to exercise integrity and honesty as
I take this examination. I consider it dishonest to ask for, give, or receive help in this examination.
I pledge to do all that is in my power to live a life of dignity and credibility and to create that spirit in my

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CHEATING is a MAJOR OFFENSE, which will mean a grade of 5.0 or 0 for this examination.
Follow the instructions carefully; failure to do so will warrant a deduction from your final score.
No borrowing of pens, papers, etc.
You are only to ask questions from your teacher/proctor and peeping at your seatmates’ paper will mean
Do not use RED ink pens and PENCILS.
You have 1.5 hour to complete the test.

I. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Encircle the letter that correspond to your answer. (2 pts. each)
1. Hardware that is connected together to create a worldwide network is called the

A. World Wide Web
B. Internet
C. Web Page
D. Commercial
2. A ______ is a group of related files organized around a common topic.
A. Web
B. Home Page
C. Web Site
D. Site
3. Software that sends information along the Internet's hardware is called _______________.
A. Internet
B. World Wide Web
C. Browser
D. Internet Explorer
4. A ___________is a special software that interprets files to display Web pages.
A. Web
B. Browser
C. Internet
D. Web Browser
5. A _________ usually contains general information about a web site.
A. Home Page
B. Web Site
C. Site
D. Web Browser

the three types of multimedia. True B. Interaction Design 13. Web Page C. A. A. 3. Intrapage Link 16. Educational 20. True B. Information Design B. True B. Interaction Design 12. External Link C. Commercial B. A. A ______ is a uniquely names file within a web site. Intrapage Link 17. A web page is a uniquely names file within a web site. A _______ connects you to another web site. External Link C. List in order the 5 steps to create a web site. 10. What type of web design focuses on determining the content that will appear on each page? A. Internal Link B. Goodluck! Prof. A. Intrapage Link 18. _________________ _________________ _________________ 9. What web design focuses on hyperlinks and navigation? A. Presentation Design B. Dave S. A. A. A. A ________ connects you to a different spot on the same page. Browser 11. What type of design focuses on the appearance of a web site's pages? A. Presentation Design C. Mirabel Page 2 . False 19. ____________sites often provide information about a school or university. A _________ takes you to another page on the same web site. List 1. A Web pages are linked together through hyperlinks. Internal Link B. Home Page D. Internal Link B. ___________ sites provide people with useful information. External Link C.6. Presentation Design C. A. False 7. Information Design B. Interaction Design C. False 8. A commercial site's purpose is to sell or promote a company's products or service. 2. Internet B. Informational Design 15.

Mirabel Page 3 . Dave S. Prof. Commercial B. Informational It's Better to endure the hardships of learning than to suffer the bitterness of ignorance.A. Mirabel Goodluck! Prof. D.