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English Test- 7thform

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Reading and comprehension

Hi! Im David. Im 12. I go to school in London.

My school day starts at 7:15. I get up and have breakfast, usually a bowl of
cereal and some fruit. My sister Laura and I leave the house at 8:30 and we walk to
My first lesson starts at 9 a.m. All my lessons are 45 minutes. There are five
lessons in the morning and theres a short 15-minute break after the second lesson.
Lunch is at 1:00. I always have a packed lunch of sandwiches, crisps and fruit.
We have P.E. (Physical Education) in the afternoon twice a week at school. We play
football in winter and cricket in summer. Im playing in the football school football
team this year. Im the goalkeeper.
Dad picks us up from school at 3:15. When we get home, my sister and I play on
the computer or watch TV. We love music programmes!
I always have some homework every day. I usually do it in the kitchen after
dinner. Mum sometimes helps me. I go to piano lessons once a week. I usually go to
bed at about 9:00.

A. Find

words in the text which mean:

pause = ..
thin slices of fried potatoes = ....
a group of players =....
like very much=..

B. Complete these sentences according to the text.

1. David gets up at ____________________________________________________________

2. Before going to school, David__________________________________________________

3. In summer he plays___________________________________________________________
4. He loves music, so once a week _________________________________________________

C. All the sentences are WRONG. Correct them.

1. School starts at 08:30.
2. David takes the bus to school.
3. He usually has lunch at the school canteen.
4. He is an only child.
5. He plays computer with his friend after school.

Language use: Vocabulary and Grammar

D. Write the numbers as words.
1. 99 __________________________________
A. Label the pictures
seasons of the year.
2. 72 __________________________________

31 __________________________________


68 __________________________________


44 __________________________________

E. Write




14 __________________________________


9 __________________________________





10 __________________________________
12 __________________________________

F. Days of the week. Complete the sentences.

__________ is the third day of the week.
__________ is the sixth day of the week.
____________ is the second day of the week.
__________ is the fifth day of the week.

G. Write true sentences using the affirmative or negative of to be:

1. I/ from America.


2. It/ extremely hot today.

3. We/ in the classroom.

H. Write true sentences using the affirmative or negative of have got.

1. Your English teacher/ blond
2. She/ long
3. I/ an English notebook.

I. Complete the text about Davids dad. Put the verbs in the present
Tom Martin ______________ (be) a lawyer and he ________________ (work) in London. He
_________________ (not get up) until 07:00. He _______________ (have) breakfast with his
family and ______________ (read) the newspaper.
He___________________ (start) work at half past eight and he ___________________
(finish) work at four oclock in the afternoon.
After work Tom and his friend __________________ (go) to the gym to do some exercise.
On Wednesday afternoons they _____________________ (play) football at the club. He
_________________ (go) home at half past five. Then he __________________ (make)
dinner at six oclock. He ______________________(not like) to do the dishes. What about
you, __________________________ (you like) to help at home?
At the weekend the kids _________________ (go) to parties or they __________________
(go) to the cinema. ____________________________(you go) to parties, too?
J. Write your daily routine. This cartoon
will help you.