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"Bloop 1" Ultralight Airplane Descriptive Drawings

By Mike Sandlin

San Diego, California, U.S. of A.

January 4, 2012

This file contains 92 drawings which describe the Bloop 1, an experimental ultra
light airplane which I have designed, built, and flown.
These technical drawings are intended to be a description of what I have done,
not a set of plans, at least not in the sense of providing instructions or advi
ce to any second party. For liability reasons, I give no technical advice, nor d
o I recommend building or flying any specific aircraft, nor do I represent mysel
f as any kind of expert.
my materials are released into the public domain, available to anyone for any pu
rpose without restriction.
Additions and revisions to the Bloop 1 drawings may be posted on my "Basic Ultra
light Glider" Website. A drawing that is revised will have a later date than pre
vious versions. (These updated drawings will be included in susequent (higher nu
mbered) Zip files). Check the website for a revision of any downloaded drawing b
efore accepting it as the current version.