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Developed Utilizing CEP Teacher Candidate Quality Standards Rubric

Lesson plan and instruction is aligned with Colorado Academic

Standards and the individual needs of the students
Demonstrates knowledge of student literacy development in
reading, writing, speaking and listening
Demonstrates knowledge of mathematics and understand how
to promote student development in mathematical concepts
connected to the content area
Scaffolds instruction to meet students needs, provides
explanations that are accurate and clear, provides a variety of
explanations and representations of concepts
Connects concepts to other content areas and implements
strategies that integrate literacy (reading, writing, listening, and
speaking) across content areas
Selects a variety of materials and strategies based on
relevance and context, links the lesson to students prior
knowledge, and delivers lessons that consider students





1. Demonstration of Mastery of
Pedagogical Expertise in the Content

Observation #

Not Observed

Teacher Candidate's Name Alexis Opper

Date 10/24/16


After creating a sample unit plan and a

lesson within that unit, I have had the
opportunity to apple CDE standards for high
school social studies to a unit and a lesson.
I have prepared lessons that scaffold
student reading and writing by providing
close reading strategies and structured
writing strategies. I am attempting to use
materials that will be cross-curricular, such
as primary sources that we can analyze as
we would in an English class.


Areas of Celebration:
I have built and taught lessons that carefully scaffold new information for students based on their prior knowledge that connect directly with CDE standards.
Growth Areas/Next Steps:
In the classroom, I would like to practice reassessing student understanding mid-lesson and shifting my degree of scaffolding based on this information. I
need more experience adapting instruction in the moment to meet students where they are at.

2. Safe, Inclusive and Respectful

Learning Environment
Interacts with students consistently, ensures that all students
have access to materials, ensures that routines are evident,
fosters an environment of mutual respect between and among
the teacher(s) and students
Shows concern for issues of equity and social justice, uses
instructional approaches and tasks that are relevant to
students, engages students in discussions concerning culture,
equity, democracy and learning, establishes a community with
effective interactions
Implements lessons that reflect students interests,
acknowledges students accomplishments, provides
differentiated lessons, knows students and bases instruction
on their strengths
Adapts the learning environment for individual students needs,
challenges and supports learning, works with support staff to
understand and meet students needs, therefore differentiating
instruction explicitly
Establishes welcoming and respectful environment for families,
understands students support structures, and provides
opportunities for communication with support structures
Provides clear expectation for behavior, holding students
accountable for behavior to maximize instructional time



I have developed relationships with the
students in my classroom, and my lessons
often incorporate discussions linking
historical content to issues of equity and
social justice. I try to offer students
opportunities to show their knowledge in a
variety of ways so that students of all
learning styles can feel accomplished and


Areas of Celebration:
I am excited by the quality of the interactions I have had with my students this semester. For the first time, students are sharing with me information about
their support structures, which I have been able to use to develop an greater understanding of student profiles in my class.
Growth Areas/Next Steps:

Revised 8.3.16

I want to practice my in-class differentiation skills. I need to spend more time learning about these students so that I can challenge and support them
individually. I also feel challenged in providing clear behavior expectations, but the more time I spend in the classroom, the more I understand the norms of
the class and feel I can ask more of the students.

3. Plan and Deliver Effective Instruction


Differentiates content to meet all students needs, uses

appropriate language and instructional strategies for students
intellectual and social levels
Lesson plan is well-written and prepared, specific learning
targets shared with students and aligned to the standards, and
designs assessments and instruction that accurately meet
learning targets. Monitors progress and adjusts instruction
Incorporates research-based strategies that meet the unique
needs of each student, and provides tasks that allow for
student choice when possible
Uses technology to enhance student learning, develops
knowledge and skills in both content and technology, creates
experiences where students engage in a variety of learning
activities, enhanced by technology
Holds students accountable for their learning, challenges each
student at their own level, consistently communicates high
expectations, enhances learning by providing critical thinking
and problem solving activities for students at all levels
Ensures that all students have a voice, groups students
flexibly, provides opportunities for students to participate using
various modes of communication, creates opportunities for
students to learn from each other
Communicates effectively with students, models effective and
appropriate communication skills (writing, listening, speaking),
provides opportunities for students to practice communication
skills and effectively assesses these skills
Implements appropriate strategies for giving feedback and
assigning grades, evaluates students using multiple measures,
provides a variety of assessments throughout a lesson/unit,
expects students to use feedback to improve their learning.

As I lesson plan more and more, I am
getting to practice and self-evaluate myself
on these skills. I am developing a tool box
of instructional strategies that are applicable
across content areas and very useful in
social studies. I am also developing open
communication with students, and it is
become clear that they are beginning to see
me as a resource similarly to how they view
my mentor teacher.


Areas of Celebration:
I believe I write solid, well thought out lesson plans with specific learning targets and success criteria that meet those targets. I believe me lessons ask
students to think in a variety of ways so that all students have an opportunity to perform in a way that is comfortable, and a way that is challenging, for them.
Growth Areas/Next Steps:
I need to pursue opportunities to give students feedback on their work and structure lessons so that students can use feedback to improve their learning. I
also want to be more purposeful with the strategies and activities I choose to incorporate into my lessons.

4. Reflection of Practice
Collects and analyzes student data in multiple forms to inform
instructional practice. Develops learning plans for students
based on multiple data sources.
Implements feedback from evaluations to improve practice. Is
able to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own
professional growth, and bases professional development
opportunities on personal growth targeted towards student
Collaborates with colleagues to improve teaching and learning,
maintains positive relationships with peers



I am beginning to practice these skills. In
recent lessons I have collected formative
assessments, in order to structure the follow
up lesson. I have scaffolded instruction
based of prior assessments and
observations of students. As I receive
feedback from my cooperating teacher and
EDUC instructors, I am trying to challenge
myself in areas of management and
differentiation to improve my practice.

Areas of Celebration:

Revised 8.3.16

I am incorporating formative assessments that I can take and analyze to shape follow-up lessons. This week will be my first real opportunity to practice this
skill in class.

Growth Areas/Next Steps:

I want to start building relationships with other FCHS teachers and professionals, especially since I will be here in the spring as well. I want to practice
developing semester learning plans for students and continuously find ways to meet students where they are at and give them opportunities for instruction
and assessment that meets their needs.

5. Demonstration of Leadership


Supports school goals, participating in school activities and

working collaboratively for the benefit of students, contributes
to school committees and teams
Supports the work of colleagues, sharing expertise and
working together to support students growth and development
Is an advocate for the profession of teaching, and is an
advocate for students with stakeholders such as families,
colleagues, school, district, and community
Adheres to standards of professional practice, maintains
student confidentiality (records, data), and models ethical
behavior including honesty, integrity, fair treatment, and
respect for others

I am beginning to be more integrated with my
school community. Within my peers in PDS, I
feel I am a contributing member to our
community and am supportive of my peers. I
believe I model ethical and professional behavior
in all my interactions at FCHS. Right now I am
primarily observing school activities and teams,
and I would like to work towards supporting the
school community.


Areas of Celebration:
I have begun to become an active and supportive part of the FCHS community, and I am hopeful that as I continue to spend more and more time at the High
School, since I am student teaching here, I will by a reliable, professional, and supportive member of the FCHS culture.
Growth Areas/Next Steps:

I am excited by the professional relationships Ive made with the other teaching students at CSU, and during this semester and next, I want
to extend that to my colleagues at FCHS. I want to learn more about other teachers are doing with their students and learn new strategies
from them. I also want to attend more FCHS events and activities specifically aimed at supporting my students and developing greater
relationships with them.

Teacher Candidate




Revised 8.3.16