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In-House Training Preparation Checklist

1. Identify and book instructors, most likely from SAP training.
2. Prepare in-house workstations and external equipment and printers. Install and test
workstations and printers. Check items such as screen resolution, default color settings, and
screen saver settings.
3. Prepare the software and database.
Install software necessary for the course, including presentation software (for example,
4. Verify that the SAP product application and training data is loaded.
5. Prepare the network.
6. Verify servers used for the course. Ensure that adequate system resources are available to
support class requirements.
7. Define and test the end user IDs of project members.
8. Define end user IDs for participants. Ensure that they have the correct security profiles for the
course and define required defaults (for example, default printers).
9. Test all end user IDs before the course starts.
10. Provide training materials.
11. Put each participants materials on the participant's desk. Include the course book, and items
such as pens, writing pads, name tags, name tents, house rules, logistical information (for
example, rest rooms, emergency exits). Enclose floppy disks, ink cartridges, and paper.
12. Prepare flip charts, pens, pointers, portable mouse, and so on.
13. Set up and check instructor training aids. Ensure that markers are functioning, flip charts
have paper, and so on. Stock necessary supplies such as paper clips, masking tape, push
pins, and erasers.
14. Prepare training rooms. Ensure that the training rooms are clean and equipped for special
needs (for example, handicapped participants).
15. Ensure that trash cans are available and emergency exits are clear.
16. Check the location of wall sockets. Install electrical cords in front of training desks on the floor
where they are not a hazard. Position training desks that are nearest the wall close to the
wall, and lay electrical cords between the desks and wall. Supply enough extension cords for
each participant.
17. Prepare instructor materials.
18. Ensure that the instructors receive necessary materials, such as a class list or evaluation

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