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Implied Agency
Express Agency
General Agency
Special Agency
General Power of
Special Power of
Commission Agent

Civil Interdiction


A contract whereby a person binds himself to render some service

or to do something in representation or in behalf of another, with
the consent of the latter.
The nature of the relationship of the principal and the agent w/c is
founded by trust and confidence.
An agency that is inferred from the acts of the principal or from his
silence or inaction or from his failure to repudiate the agency
knowing that another person is acting in his behalf without authority
An agency entered into orally or in writing.
It compromises all the business of the principal
An agency that compromises one or more specific transactions.
The authority given by the principal to his agent when the act is to
be performed is an act of administration.
The Authority required when the act to be performed by an agent is
an act of ownership or strict dominion a gratuitous act, or an act
where trust and confidence is the essence of the agreement.
A person appointed by the agent to perform the tasks entrusted to
him by the principal.
A person who buys and sells goods consigned or delivered to him by
the principal for a compensation known as commission.
He serves as intermediary between his principal and the buyer or
seller and has no relation to the property subject matter of the
The receipt thereof by the agent, in addition to the ordinary
commission, will make the agent bear the risk of collection.
A penalty which deprives a peson of the right to manage or dispose
property and which will cause the extinguishment of an agency if
imposed upon the principal or the agent.
The person who gives authority to another to perform a certain act
in the former's behalf.
A person who performs a service or does something in
representation or in behalf of another with the latter's consent and
A contract wherby parties agree to makr reciprocal concessions to
avoid or end a litigation and the performance of which by an agent
will require a special power of attorney from the principal.
This refers to the submission of the controversy to a third person for
decision and will require a SPA when mde by agent in behalf of the
This refers to the act of the principal of terminating the agency at

Warranty against

A mode of extinguishment of an agency when the agent terminates

the agency by giving notice of such termination to the principal.
They refer to the orders given by the principal to his agent relating
to the manner by which the agency shall be carried out.
Seller's undertaking that the buyer shall enjoy legal and peaceful
possession of the thing sold.

Unpaid Seller

Includes one who has received as conditional payment for the goods
a negotiable instrument but the condition has been broken by
reason of dishonor of the inst.or the insolvency of the buyer.


Accion Redhibitoria

Legal Redemption

Possessory Lien
Easement or
Accion quanti
Right of preemption
Redhibitory Effect

Express Warranty
Implied Warranty
Warranty of
Warranty of Fitness
Power of attorney
Authority of an
Apparent Authority
Authority by

Remedy of buyer to withdraw from the sale and ask for damages.
The right to be subrogated upon the same terms and conditions
stipulated in the contract in the place of one who acquires a thing
by purchase or dation of payment.
Lack of formalities but nevertheless shows the real intention of the
parties to create a specific property to secure performance of an
The deprivation of final judgment of the vendee of the whole or a
part of the thing sold based on a right prior to the sale or an act
imputable to the vendor.
An unpaid seller's right to retain goods for the price while he is in
possession of them
An encumbrance imposed upon an immovable for the benefit of
another immovable belonging to a different owner.
Buyer's remedy w/c involves the proportionate reduction in the price
of the thing purchased.
A stipulation in a contract of sale involving an immovable that the
sale is automatically rescinded upon failure of the buyer to pay the
Right of seller to repurchase the thing sold and the exercise of w/c
was reserved by the seller at the time of sale.
Right given to an adjoining owner of an urban land to purchase the
same ahead of the others if such land is held for speculation.
Even profession inspection is not sufficient to discover it.
an uncertain event or contingency on the happening of which the
obg. of the contract depends.
Any representation made by the seller of the thing with respect to
its character, quality or ownership by which he induces the buyer to
purchase the same relying on said representation.
is any affirmation of fact or any promise by the seller relating to the
thing, natural tendency of w/c is to induce the buyer.
law derives by implication or inference from the nature of the
transaction on the relative situation or circumstances.
warranty that goods are reasonably fit for the general purpose.
warranty that the goods are suitable for the special purpose of the
a written authorization to an agent to perform specified acts in
behalf of his principal when performed shall have binding effect on
the principal.
is the power of the agent to affect legal relations of the principal's
manifestation of consent to him
is the extent or limitation of the agents power to represent the
The essence of the agency
that which though not actually granted the principal knowingly
permits the agents to exercise or holds him out as possessing
arise in those cases where the principal by his culpable negligence
permits his agent to exercise power not granted to him even though
the principal may have no notice or knowledge of the conduct of the