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Being the largest democracy in the world we are
able to attract worlds attention as a destination
that has managed coexistence of varied socioeconomic groups and has a long lasting history of
absorbing underprivileged refugees . Recently
Capital of India is witnessing arrival of migrant
residents who seldom need support of democratic
facilities rather they are here to avail bounties of
bureaucratic shortcomings . I would not be
profoundly questioning such migrants if they were
here for any prudent purpose .
The Number of Non-Asian residents who are here
on tourist visa are growing ,but no additional
tourism revenue is generated with their arrival .
What brings them here ? is what is to be answered
as . what really has flourished is the
commencement of unincorporated businesses
which functions on a marginal yet scalable system
of networking that facilitates distribution of
toxicated substance , another source of profitable
operation for them is the internet and mobile
scams . if recently your inbox had a mail
congratulating you to have won some millions and
you were about to exchange your bank details
than you were about getting robbed , luckily you

restored your faith in interminable concept of hard

work . I do not claim here that all such spam mails
or text messages are only being shot by these
migrants but most reports on such cases have
identified convicts from These groups .
Easy Survival under vulnerable circumstances is
what is desired by executors of such trade and
that is exactly what we are able to deliver . Such
groups pay higher rent than local tenants and land
masters are all in wait of such a good
paymasters ,who needs police verification when
extra rent is being paid , Rikshaw pullers call them
baba and charge 10 rs. Extra as tourism
surcharge . Alcohol retailers now have bulk sales
outside election fever. Certain primary schools
have recently admitted their first international
student .
General public is paranoid of exaggerated stories
about their unlawful conduct . Police and certain
social - political workers did once tried scratching
surface and were summoned to media trails and
were judged as "non-sensitive" human beings , we
know this incident as khirki extension case 2014 .
If they are to continue here sighting lawful
purpose then they are to acquire nationality or
else some ambitious political group one day might
advocate Adhar cards/voting cards in next

elections or will their be a backward Migrant

Class quota ? Can we accept a population explode
in a nation which is already ranked 2nd in
population count and has its 21.92% of this
population in poverty . Overlooking unlawful
conduct in exchange of minimal benefits will land
us in a situation of accepting sharing of our
already unevenly distributed limited Resources .
When opportunities are limited reservation is what
we offer , Are we set for another reservation !
Siddharth Raj
(Purely Non Political)