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The jantar mantar tragedy

Another black chapter was added to the book of
farmer suicides when Gajendra a farmer protester
committed suicide , this does seem to be another
unfortunate end to the life of a harvester who was
killed long ago by the system , only could he
gather condolence of that of a suicide in presence
of a mob that had gathered to protest for the
cause which has been heard and ignored by
systems after systems .
This incident could have registered itself as a date
of change but that was not to be the case since
the setting of the protest was political and was
certainly not conducive to nurture any sense of
consciousness towards the real plea .
All that came out to the world was a response
having credentials to go down as the meanest self
defense ever from a amateur bunch of spokesmen
. the real failure today is not just the failure to
restrict such murders but also we have failed
today as democratic stakeholders , we are able to

appreciate the old political blame games and

are unable to recognize the dearth of sensitivity
towards the cause .
Beyond headlines lies the fine line of introspection
which seams to have blurred with the pace of
events . History has in store examples of
movements which were triggered by such suicidal
cases I wish this day can trigger a genuine
movement which asks for a fair playground . this
indeed is about us !
- Siddharth Raj
(purely non political)