My Easter Holidays By Miguel Mesa, 1 ESO B

My Easter holidays were fantastic as I went to Spain and saw my family and friends. I want to to share and show you the experience through these pictures that I took. I don¶t know how to start because I have never done this before but I will try. I selected this particular picture because it symbolises the special days of the village where my mum comes from. I went to see my grandmother, who lives there, and to see the Easter Processions too, which represent the resurrection of Jesus. This picture was taken in the main square of the village . It has a fountain surrounded by old lampposts and two statues of cannons. I went with my two cousins; one who is the same age as my sister, 8 years and the older cousin, who is 17 years old. I also selected this picture because it shows all the splendour of the square. This picture represents my family. I also like the contrast between the water and the light in the fountain, which I find beautiful.

I have selected this second picture because it was after a fun day and to me it shows a lot of effort in doing something that they knew was go ing to be destroyed after. It was after going to eat at my grandfather¶s house. We later went to a park in Madrid with my other cousins and with my grandparents. You can see the proud face of my cousin, who is only 4 years old, with the castle and the other buildings that he ha d made with the help of his older cousin, my sister. He has his favourite bucket with him and he was explaining to me the different parts of the construction and the use of each of them. The day was sunny and warm and they really enjoyed a lot making the sand castle.

This third picture has a personal meaning, It was at the end of the holiday when my family where returning from Spain to London . The air company cancelled our flight because of the volcanic ash cloud, but my father had to come back to London for work, so we used another means of transport. We went from Madrid to Bilbao by train, and then we took the bus to London (total 28h of travel). I took this picture in the ferry at the end of the journey from Paris to London, crossing the English Channel. Behind us are the White Cliffs of Dover which form part of the British coastline and they are white because of their compound, which makes them very beautiful and rare . I had the opportunity to see them and I liked them, but next time I would prefer to go on a holiday trip just to Dover.

This picture was chosen because it is very rare to find this type of animal in an inland village. It is a stuffed crocodile, five metres long, that is in the wall of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción in my village in Ciudad Real. The crocodile was brought from the Nile by Don Alvaro de Bazán, in one of his expeditions to Egypt . It is a symbol of the village now. Don Alvaro de Bazán, was Captain general of the Navy and a key captain in the battle of Lepanto, were the Spanish Army won the battle against the Turks.

Finally I have selected this picture because, when I saw this colourful tree in the park, it attracted my attention. It stood out from among all the other trees. This was in a small park in the Notting Hill area, where my sister and I usually go to play with some friends. In my country there are some nice trees that are white in colour, but I had never seen one before in bright red, like this particular one.