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History of the Case
Founded in 1969 by Alice Reyes with the support of Eddie Elejar and the
Cultural Center of the Philippines, Ballet Philippines (BP) is widely recognized
today as a cornerstone of the Filipino cultural identity. Its audience represents a
cross-section of Manila’s populace and includes visitors from around the country
and around the world. Each year outreach and educational programs introduce
new generations of audience members not only to dance, but to music and visual
art as well. BP’s official school, the CCP Dance School, continues to produce
dancers of international caliber. As the dance company in residence at the
Cultural Center of the Philippines, Ballet Philippines is globally recognized as the
country’s flagship company in ballet and contemporary dance.
With a treasure trove of over 400 works, Ballet Philippines’ wide ranging,
eclectic repertory is unparalleled in Asia. From full-length classical ballets and
internationally recognized masterworks to indigenous works of Filipino folklore
and social issues, the company weaves a colorful tapestry of the Philippine’s rich
and diverse cultural heritage – uniquely and distinctly Filipino.
The Company’s achievements, coupled with the generous and prestigious
support of numerous local and national funding sources, have dramatically
strengthened BP’s position as a world-class ballet company within the local,
national, and international arts communities.

. Alternative Courses of Action 1. The only other recourse for rewarding is by providing additional compensation. IV.As the Philippines’ premiere dance company. training. and operations. Yes! To make the performers more alive in performing and have them an extra energy in performing live. 2. and staff that produce works with the highest possible artistic standards and who man a center for performance. II. cultural workers. researchers. Statement of The Objectives A highly motivated professional company of performers. in year long program of professional and developmental dance. What kind of reward should provide to make the dancers motivate? 2. Does ballet Philippines should prioritize an increase in its salary scales? 3. research. BP continues its vision of nurturing the best Fiipino dance artists. trainors. now in its 43rd season. What should Ballet Philippines do to reduce turnover? III. Statement of The Problem 1.

V. who are in search for a better income. it also act as a magnet for many of Ballet Philippines performer.3. The increasing number of ballet schools is a double-edged sword. . Recommendation I high recommend the first question and answer #3. To reduce turnover. to teach in them and/or it encourage performers to set up their own schools. A growing interest in ballet as an extracurricular activity for children has helped make for a steady growth in the number of ballet schools in country. increasing of fund raising activity should develop to subsidize some of the expensive incurred by the performer as well as promising future performers. While it allows for a regular stream of students who enroll at the CCP Dance school.

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