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Stand Name

Mister Bluesky (Sail to the


Elo song, Cage the
Elephant song



Twisted Transistor

Korn song

Monkey Wrench

Foo Fighters song

Dance Commander

Electric Six song


band name

Under Pressure

Queen song

Ballroom Blitz

Sweet song

Telling Lies

Sick Puppies song

White Rabbit

Jefferson Airplane

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Cage the Elephant


Let's Tesselate

Alt J song

Rock the House (Black Hole


Gorrilaz song,
Soundgarden song

Knights of Cydonia

Muse song

Harder, Better, Faster,


Daft Punk song

Fire Hive

Knife Party song

The Pretender

Foo Fighters song

The Pretender

Foo Fighters song

Yeah Yeah Yeah. YYY, Y3, or

Triple Yeah

Flaming Lips Song

Major Minus

Coldplay Song

Django Django*

the band


the band

Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd Album

Dirty Harry

Gorrilaz song

The Catalyst

Linkin Park Song

Seven Nation Army

White Stripes Song


Wax Fang Song

In The Flesh

Pink Floyd Song


Daft Punk song


Hail Mary Mallon


American Idiot

Green Day Song


Awolnation song


Imagine Dragons



Cozza Frenzy

Bassnectar song

A to B

A to C

March Into the Sea

Modest Mouse song


Phoenix song

Power of Equality

Red Hot Chili

Peppers song

2nd Sucks

A Day to Remember

Unconditional Rebel

Siska song


Alt J song

Queens of the Stone Age

Band Name





Rihanna Song


Rihanna Song

March of the Black Queen

Queen song

Valley Drones

Drones in the Valley,

Cage the Elephant

A (300

Highly Suspect

band name

Durability Precision Develop


Long Range,


Short Range

Short Range

Short Range




Short Range


Short Range






Long Range

Long Range,

Long Range,

Short Range

Long Range

Short Range

Short Range

short Range,


short range

short range

short range


short range,
long range

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short range

short range


automatic >

long range

long range

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short range

short range


long range

long range

2 Sun Tractor Beam - This stand is a floating lens, when sunlight is focused through it can push or pu
touches. Bluesky can enable the force of push or pull to continue even without focusing, this can be c
the effect also ends if the subject is not in direct sunlight. The force of the push and pull does not
levitated by Bluesky's effect cannot move faster than 2 mph up or down, and is unable to be moved
along the axis of towards or away from the sun. Heat Affinity - Mister Bluesky is immune to all types o

1 Timed Slice - A small stand that appears to be a cooking timer with a slot inside of it. The user is a
and stick them to any surface, to a minimum of 1 second and up to a maximum of 60 seconds. Th
existence at any given time. The effects of the stand only occur if both timers go off simultaneously.
foot wide burst between the two timers, completely slicing through anyt

2 Angled Limbs- This humanoid stand is able to reach any part of its limbs into an angled spot within
reappearing at another angled spot up to 100 feet away. Angles must be within 80 to 100 degrees to
use for Monkey Wrenches abilities. Angle Transport - Monkey Wrench is able to bring its entire user
user's body contorts to fit through the two angles, coming out the second angle safel

2 Image Recorder - Dance Commander has a turnwheel in the palm of each of its hands, with 3 lens i
can store up to a 5 cubic foot area in sight as an image in one of its lenses, recording the last 5 sec
space. Dance Commander can modify the images, but cannot remove or add anything to the imag
images (played or frozen) within 50 feet. Potentially Dance Commander can hold up to six images at
hold anymore. Unseen - The user of Dance Commander is always aware when being recorded by
painting, photography, and even through sound. The user can mask themselves from these sources o
there to begin with.

2 Blade Morph - Slayer is able to turn any part of its body into the sharp edge of a steel blade in an
durability against blows, and gives Slayer a deadly attack. Blood Reading - Through touching blood S
whereabouts of the owner of said blood.

2 Control Velocity - Under Pressure appears as a pair of shoes. Matter of any kind beneath Under P
velocity altered towards the opposite direction, or canceled out. Canceling velocity allows the user w
any surface, even walk in the air. Invulnerable - Under Pressure cannot be harmed in any way. Only o

2 Trace Path - The user of Ballroom Blitz can trace a path in the air using their finger. The path appea
The string can reach up to ten feet, any longer removes the string from the start of where it was cre
string can be controlled by the user to move along the path of the string. The object can move up to
speed, or by collisions. Only one string can be active at a time, any number of objects can be on the
string can be let loose to allow the user to hold it. Any object attached to the string is forced to one
control the weight of the object at the end of the string.

2 Accepted Truth - If the user of Telling Lies offers information to somone in exchange for money or
infected in their mind. The infection spreads, and after one day to a week the victim will believe wh
truth, no matter how ridiculous. Lie Detection - The user can always know when somone is trying to t
intentionally being told to them, their stand Telling Lies activates. An "F" shaped scar is cut into the
inside their body. The liar loses control of whatever spot on their body was marked. Crucial organs bei
For each lie they tell another "F" is scarred somwhere on them. Each "F" can be removed if the liar
know to anyone.

1 Vertigo - Creatures touched by White Rabbit are afflicted with an extreme sense of vertigo. The long
loses more of their motion control. If the creature is no longer moving they begin to sink into the gr
creature continues to sink until they are completely submerged inside opaque material, where they b

3 Projectile Acceleration- When the user throws, fires, or moves objects through an opening they can
faster, this includes bullets in a gun. Honorable Death - The user can challenge or be challenged to a
to take the shot. If the challenger pulls their gun out before the set time of the rule then they immed
Kinetic Invulnerability- The user of this stand is completely immune to all physical harm except from
However the user cannot refuse a challenge.

1 Line in the Sand - The user of Let's Tesselate can mark a line or etching out of the material in the flo
can pass through the line. This includes any physical objects, light, radiation, heat, and more. This po
user stays on one side of the line. The line can be up to five feet long, it can curve but must n

1 Living Objects - Rock the House has no physical form, instead turning into the objects that the user
The stand's body falls apart into a pile of the objects that made it up when it is dismissed. Their is
house's body can grow. Rock the House can split apart at will, and fling parts of its

3 Protective Vow - If the user of Knights of Cydonia promises to protect somone, a copy of their stand
stays near the promised person, defending their safety and life at all costs. Any damage these copie
Knights of Cydonia can have unlimited copies of itself. The stand copy returns to the user if the pers
dead or dismisses the copy. Absolute Safety - Knights of Cydonia cannot be used offensively, only
dangerous situations. It avoids dealing deadly blows to others unless it is a last resort. Sense Hostilit
the hostile intent of others, allowing it to properly defend its user or promised

1 Metal Suit - When activated Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger manifests as a robotic looking helmet
gives information on creating a robotic suit with nearby components. The user of this stand can take
their body for additional effects. Such as a piston to an arm to increase the force of a punch, or sheet
of metal and machine move easily like a second skin on the user's body. These pieces remain, appe

1 Fire Season - The stand appears as a small bee, on contact with soil a dandelion sprouts up that ap
a gust of wind the seeds of the dandelion will spread forth, flowing through the air. Any spot the seed
these fire dandelions. Fire can spread from the burning plants.

2 Twin - This stand gives the user a permanent copy of themselves. The copy has the same personali
the point where it is nearly impossible to discern the two. The copy does appear to normally to non-st
in any location the copy and the user can switch places. Subjective Damage - Despite the typical rule
any damage that the copy takes. The user may spawn a new copy from themselves i

2 Twin - This stand gives the user a permanent copy of themselves. The copy has the same personali
the point where it is nearly impossible to discern the two. The copy does appear to normally to non-st
in any location the copy and the user can switch places. Subjective Damage - Despite the typical rule
any damage that the copy takes. The user may spawn a new copy from themselves i

3 Ghost Limbs- The user of YYY is able to create identical copies of their limbs on any part of their bod
on pre-existing copies and can be dismissed at any time. These limbs move and act independantly. A
touch any object or surface with their hands or feet to create a ghost limb. These ghost limbs remain
away. These limbs move a bit slower than the ghost limbs attached to the user's body. Limb Jack- If o
from their limbs or ghost limbs touches against another creature with limbs of their own the user can
associated section and gain control of that creatures movement. When done in this way the creatu
movement of the user's respective limb.
2 Multi Vision- The user of Major Minus is able to 'see' in any sight imaginable. Such as X-ray, and
manifesting their stand the user can spy on any object, person, or thing. But they can only choose
interacted with it at some point.

1 Fate Randomness- The user can designate a target for Django within its range. When the target tak
to then activate Django Django's ability. Dirty Harry has a three part roullete. If the roullette lands
happens normally. On a 2 the target's action has the opposite effect. On a 3 the target cannot perfor
range, until they become dead or unconcious.

1 Speed Manipulation - The User of Pendulum is able to speed up the time for any inanimate objects
up can be up to 10,000,000% faster (1 minute = 69 days, 1 second = 27.8 hours). This can also affe
the stand's touch and if they remain within range. Living targets do not grow hungry, thirsty, or tired
do age normally. The user cannot affect themselves with this ability.

2 Light Manipulation- The user of this stand is able to decrease the amount of light. The area where
specific. For example, in front of somone's eyes. Shadow Stand- The shadow of this user is the stand
objects it touches moving them along its body. The stand can also make attacks and interact with ob
touch a creature that the shadow is against. This stand can only function when the us

1 Crime Scene Re-Enacter-Reviewing a file on a crime involving murder will cause the murder to take
occurs is the effects of the murderer's weapon (Such as a bullet hitting where it should, or a knife st
stab). If nobody is there at the time when the murder happens then nothing

2 Reality Warp- The user of Catalyst can cause objects to appear as something else to the vision of ot
the objects appear as, but the victims see it as something familiar, but different than what it should
can appear as a sedan, or a man as a woman. The objects only appear as this, and function as wha
Catalyst can cause creatures and objects to become a perfect form of themselves, improving them. H
to one object or person at a time, and must be within catalyst's range

1 Army of Ants- Seven Nation Army manifests as trillions of mechanical ants on the users body, they
skin or each other. The ants an be used in a number of ways, such as transportation, armor, grabbing
The user has complete control over the function of the ants. They are also voracious eaters abl

1 Light Objects- The user of Majestic can create any object out of light within 3 feet of them. These li
to their real world counterparts. Such as a gun, or phone. These objects can only persist in areas of
does not matter, the size of the light given off can affect how many, and how large th

2 Puppeteering- Using any bit of DNA, such as a hair or even a nail, the user of In The Flesh can plac
stand manifests as a small lockbox. Once placed inside the victim is under full control of the user, th
at a time. Burning Blood- Oddly enough blood from the stand user of In the Flesh becomes extremely
the user. Its hot enough to melt even iron, the user is immune to this effect. The blood leaves n

3 Air Propulsion - Can create a point on any object or creature that releases a point of leaking air. This
a light breeze, or powerful enough to be a blast of wind. This force acts on the object that it emena
propelled from the point where the air bursts from. The air streams can last up to 5 seconds. Enhance
propulsion the user can create blasts of air on limbs of their body to increase their strength and move
their arm to put more force on a punch, or stream of air under their feet to make running easier. Air
detach and fly at any distance. The hand itself can fly and create its own blast of air from its palm. T
given a singular simple command in which it acts out as bests as it ca

2 Animal Transformation - At will the user of Beastiary can change their stand to appear as and use
earth. Animal Affinity - The user of Beastiary is able to communicate with a

2 Media Advertisement Control - The user of American Idiot can activate this ability to the latest pe
activated the target hears, and sees all electronic media differently then what it should be. Advertise
or animated form. The advertisement causes subliminal messages that cause the target to do benefi
does not realize they are doing this. Only stand users see the stand in its advertisement form. This
speaks with the target again. Destroying the media object that the stand currently resides in dama
American Idiot manifests as a character in media, such as in books, shows, movies, and soundtracks.
form if the user is touching or viewing it. But the user must retrieve it before changing its position. Th
target of Advertisement control.

3 Shark Stand -Sail manifests as a mechanical great white shark, it can only be up to 150 feet away
water. It cannot interact with anything outside of water. Indoor Storm - The user of Sail can cause ra
within range. Water pours under the object as if in heavy downpour. This water can fill an area whic
Blood Scent - Sail is able to sense blood up to 1 mile away through water. If allowed, the user of Sail c
down whomever's blood it is. Sail will relentlessy hunt down their target as long as they are in or near
the water that Sail is in, or dies, then Sail returns to the user.

3 Gold Touch - The stand is able to turn anything it touches into gold but only a small area that it tou
half foot radius of gold conversion on the spot it punched. For all intents and purposes the converte
trained eye the gold appears only to be a type shiny quartz. Regal Powerup - The more jewelry the st
it becomes, giving it increased speed and power with each ring, necklace, crown, etc. it wears. Meta
able to detect the location of metals and alloys near them, and to identify

2 Lightning Shock - Cozza Frenzy is capable of firing lightining from its hands, this lighting goes to th
source first. Molecular Acceleration - Cozza Frenzy is able to speed up electrons forcing them to m
immediatley shock at any voltage anything the stand touches, the more conductive the object is the
Cozza Frenzy, as long Cozza Frenzy is not discharged it is able to move very fast. The stand can a
stealing the charge from other objects, especially batteries.

2 Plant Strangling - The stand manifests as a flower pot, any creature touching any plant growing fro
the cut will sprout forth branches with a mind of their own that will attack, ensnare, or strangle their
of March into the Sea dumps the contents of the pot onto the ground, the flower or plant inside will g
nearby victims, its target is whomever the user designates. Afterwords however the user m

1 Clothes Control - The user of this stand can create formal wear that controls the actions of those w
of somone in the clothes they create they can choose for the wearer to help or hinder that person, t
once. But activating it can be done whenever. It is impossible to deactivate this ability, unless the clo
taken off. The stand manifests as a puppeteer with strings leading to all those affected, the strings ca
a person.

2 Equalizer Cut - Power of equality is capable of cutting through any non-living material directly thro
matter, but the cut must be through the center of the objects. Cut to the Chase - Power of euqality ca
and another object, effectively 'removing' half the distance between the two objects. This can be don
30 feet left in distance.

2 Memory Loss - The user of this stand is able to attack any person. The stand is unable to cause n
attack the victim loses all memory of the attack from the stand and any recent memory of the user. H
Sucks is able to repeat recent actions as their most recent victim from 2nd Sucks's memory loss att
doesn't exist, essentially preventing anybody from realizing that the user is taking any action. For exa
a bank robber before they commit the robbery the robber would be unaware of the attack. After com
caught the user of 2nd Sucks can then attempt the same robbery, however this time nothing occurs t
even if things such as alarms go off or locks breack, to other people the user and the things they do
simply don't happen.

2 Frozen Actions - Any action the stand or user takes, such as pushing a button, or throwing an ob
seconds after they actually do it. Timed Damage - Any damage Unconditional Rebel deals is delay
though the user can choose it to occur earlier or even instantly if they so desire. This could mean tha
stand's punching can occur all at once for maximum damage.

1 Binding Chain- The user of Breezeblocks is able to create a chain between two objects. Once creat
stays fixed, not losing or gaining length.

1 Evolving Dragon - As the user of Queens of the Stone Age grows more attuned with their stand t
eventually gaining three forms, only one can be manifested at a time however, the first form is a sm
fires acidic spittle that burns corrosively. The second form is a raptor with a powerful bite and fast refl
can paralyze its victims, and the third and final form is a large dragon capable of destroying anythin
alone, but its range is musch shorter than the other two.

1 Stamping Fists - Disturbia's fists are armed with stamps that can stamp words onto any object it
intelligent creature the creature acts out according to the word printed on them. The word can be of a
act out this action to the best of their abilities. The words can be of anything criminal related such as
even Genocide. Only water can remove the stamp placed on a creature, or the user can decide to r
removed the victim is unaware of the actions they conducted during the e

1 Stamping Fists - Disturbia's fists are armed with stamps that can stamp words onto any object it
intelligent creature the creature acts out according to the word printed on them. The word can be of a
act out this action to the best of their abilities. The words can be of anything criminal related such as
even Genocide. Only water can remove the stamp placed on a creature, or the user can decide to r
removed the victim is unaware of the actions they conducted during the e

2 Spear Manifest- Black Queen manifests as a spear to the user that is dismissable on command.
spear's tip quickly deteriates, shriveling up from a loss of all fluids and becoming a dried husk. Undea
by the Black Queen immediately rises as a zombie. Already dead bodies can be ressurected as zomb
a command on their creation and the zombie commits the that one and only command. The zombie
have at least one limb remaining, even if they are missing a head. The zombie returns to being dead

3 Fake Stands- Valley Drones appears as four beetle like creatures, one has a large cannon while the
three disk shaped stands are easily replaceable and damage dealt to them causes no damage back
Valley drones is able to fire a barrage of explosive shells from a distance, using its three disc parts to
over a distance. The last beetle must be near the target to make a succesful hit. Ballistics Formula- T
calculate the trajectory and necessary angle to make accruate shots to any one of its

2 Sin Stacks- For every wrong thing the user is guilty of doing the stand grows stronger against the
grows faster, the physical strength gets stronger, and the enemy does less damage. Even enemy ab
stand for every guilty act the enemy has ever done. Resolve- The user can willingly sacrifice himself
does that

Development Abilties
Exponential Force- The speed of the force created by the Sun Tractor Beam doubles every three s

Solar Regeneration - The user of Bluesky can use sunrays focused through Bluesky's lens to heal and
wounds on their body. This can even regenerate lost limbs. The user also benefits from Bluesky's He
and becomes immune to all the negative effects of the sun.

Magnifying Sun - If Mister Bluesky, the user, and the sun are aligned Mister Bluesky can open a porta
that leads to the surface of the sun. This can be devastating to anything beneath Mister Bluesky's le
Bluesky cannot use any other ability except Solar Regeneration when doing this.

Snapping Strength - Monkey wrench is able to snap anything into a 90 degree angle that it can compl
hands around.

Image Control - Dance Commander can control the images to act like their real world counterparts ins
having them act on recording. The creatures and objects act on Dance Commander's will, but they wo
act, and sound as if they were real. Such as a person talking. They are still a projected image however
would be obvious it is an illusion when something tries to touch it.

Veil- Dance Commander is able to cover an object with a projected image. However in this case the im
persists even without Dance Commander's focus. The image in question must be of similar size of the
covers. Having a disquised object counts towards Dance Commander's total number of stored images

Extra String - The user can have one more string and can trace and weild both at the same ti
Traced Shot - By thrusting their finger forward the user can set their traced path of their string up t
away, If the string collides with an object it pulls the object immediately back until the string is 10

Hole Creation - White rabbit is able to create a hole up to 30 feet deep through any non-organic ma
hole dissapears once White Rabbit leaves it.

Protective Wrapping -Let's tesselate can create a line in the floor around an object or creature. It tig
invisible film that the creature cannot escape. After a few seconds the creature is frozen, it is stuck i
cannot be affected by any means. Let's Tesselate can cancel this effect whenever.

Stand Absorption- If Rock the House is larger than a stand its attacks it can engulf them, the stand is e
the cluster of floating objects. And after a process of one day to one week the stand is absorbed int
House. Rock the House gains the abilities of the absorbed stand, this leaves the user of the stand c

Cloning -The user of The Pretender can create clones of themselves, the clones function identically
however cannot move more than 30 feet away from the user. The User can make an indefinite amoun
Clones that leave this range dissapear.

Mind Seed - The user can use the stand twin or clones to infect through biting of other humans. Peopl
twin or clone slowly lose their own minds, after a day to a month their subconscious is replaced with
identical to the user's, taking on the user's identity, and personality. This does not work against other

Super Limbs- The user of YYY can use their ghost limbs with enhanced strength, enough force to mo
Only two limbs can be used at a time in this way and normal ghost limbs cannot be made

Augmentation- Limbs made by YYY can be used to give power to those it touches. Creatures affected
a burst of strength, speed, and energy. After one minute though they crash, more often than not

Shadow Manipulation- The user of Dark side of the Moon can manipulat the shadows of creatures an
bend them at will. This can only be done if the creature has moving parts, such as the leg of a perso
on hinges.

Self Shadow Change - The shadow of the user of Dark side is able to have the shadow morph into o
creatures, causing the user to change into those things, functioning and appearing nearly iden

Change Material- The user of Catalyst can changed the material any inanimate object is made of, t
remain in the same state of matter however, such as gas remaining gas, solids stay solids, and

Media Scanning - The user of American Idiot is able to instantly read any form of media that the stan

Media Vision - The user of American Idiot is able to control electronics, such as turning them on or off.
is able to inhabit them then the user can view through the media.

Subjective Magnetism - By changing the charge between two specific objects Cozza Frenzy is able to
objects magnetize to each other, crushing anything between them.

Plant Zombies - Victims killed in this fashion are destroyed and remade into humanoid plant creatures
walking trees. They are under control of the user of March Into the Sea. There is no limit to them, but
out without sufficient water and sunlight.

Tree rebirth - If the user of March Into the Sea, is killed that leaves any wounds they can become the
zombie. They are still consciouss and their stand is changed to an integrated type.

Timed Regeneration - Any damage the user or the stand takes is removed in five seconds, this inclu
growing back, and bullet holes filling up. The user is essentially immortal unless an attack can kill th
than five seconds.