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Margin Outline

I. It is clear that African Americans are still suffering from the aftermath of slavery and
thus deserve to receive reparations.
a. My anecdote comparing black students to white students and how events of the
world affect us differently.
b. Police brutality and the medias reaction to itdownplaying it
c. Question: Why are African Americans the only ethnic group that hasnt received
reparations for being wronged in the past?
i. International law: a nation must pay reparations to a group if their
descendants are still suffering
1. Racial Battle Fatigue
II. We live in a nation of hypocrites and by the promises of a hypocritical document.
Elaborate on this claim more. Bring in more examples from the Bill of Rights.
a. Bill of Rights doesnt apply to those with black skin
i. Dont forget that the Founders didnt intend for the Bill of Rights to
include slaves. Its clear that today, law makers and enforcers dont
intend for it to include blacks either
b. 1st amendment freedoms?
c. 5th amendment right to fair trial? Trayvon Martins family would say
III. Americas crime against humanity was slaveryone of them at least-- but they have
yet to address it
a. The Nuremberg Tribunal
Explain what this is
b. Crimes against humanity
i. Abducting people from their homeland
ii. The Middle Passage horrors
1. Describe what the horrors were
iii. Slavery
IV. The Emancipation Proclamation and 40 Acres and a Mule doesnt qualify as
reparations because freed slaves were forced into a society that didnt want them to
thrive so its not like they walked into the land of milk and honey.
a. 40 Acres and a Mule didnt work
Elaborate more on this. What were the goals? Who enforced it (or lack thereof)?
How didnt it work?
b. Systematic oppression = racism
V. Restitution is not a new concept.
a. Germany Israel for Holocaust, 1952
b. Austria Israel for Holocaust, 1990
c. Japan South Korea for WWII Invasion
d. UN Security Council Iraq for Kuwait invasion
e. US Civil Liberties Act
- The idea here is to also prove that other nations have noticed the inequality within
America but even those that live in America choose to turn a blind eye to it.

- Include quotes from the NPR article

- US didnt even sign the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
VI. There have been steps taken towards implementing or considering reparations for
slavery but all attempts have been deemed null and void
a. SNNC, Black Panthers, Black Muslims, Senator Conyers, law suits
b. Question: When will this topic be up for discussion and action?
VII. Arguments of supporters for reparations of slavery
a. Private companies should be held accountable because they profited from
b. Descendants should be the recipients of the reparations because they still suffer
from the effects of slavery
Arguments of opponents of reparations of slavery
a. Cant trace slave lineage
b. Many African Americans migrated here after slavery
c. Holocaust and Japanese internment camp reparations are difference because
the recipients were alive
d. African Americans receive their reparations through welfare

Commented [CL1]: Instead of having 2 separate

paragraphs (arguments for and against), just do it point by
point. A point for against and then the rebuttal. There will
probably by one point per paragraph so it wont be
congested and the points are pretty different.