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Music Through the Decades

By: Amelia Erdman, Riley Schimanski, and Brady Anders

1910 Theron C. Bennett (Ragtime)
In 1910, Theron C. Bennett was a popular ragtime artist. Bennett was also an
American pianist, he worked for Victor Kremer Co., which published many of his
compositions. He was born on July 9, 1979, and died on April 6, 1937. One of his
most famous songs is Sweet Pickle, which was published in 1907. Ragtime music
normally has a piano incorporated in it.

1920: Louis Armstrong (Jazz)
Jazz was born in New Orleans, but has roots in music from Africa and Europe.
The reason for it originating in New Orleans is because New Orleans is a port city,
meaning people come there from all over the world. People of different
backgrounds are able to play together and learn from each other, and jazz was
born. Louis Armstrong was a trumpet player and famous as an improvisational
jazz soloist. He was very popular in New York and Chicago, and contributed to the
evolution of jazz.

1930: Benny Goodman (Swing)
Benny Goodman is the King of Swing. He was an American Jazz and Swing
musician. Goodman was born on May 30, 1909, and died on June 13, 1986. One
of his most famous songs is, Sing Sing Sing.

1940 (Ragtime)
The most popular ragtime artist is Roy Bargy. He was a famous ragtime composer
and he was a pianist which is a piano player. The most popular hit was called
Pianoflage. He also has other popular songs such as sunshine capers and Knice
and Nifty.

1950: Ray Charles (Blues)
Blues was originated in the Mississippi Delta. This is near where Jazz was born.
Jazz and blues have influenced each other a lot and still do to this day. Blues
plays a role in African American history. In the 19th century, slaves sang blues on
southern plantations. Most people think about depressing situations when they
think of blues, but blues is also about overcoming hard times. The purpose of this
music is to express emotions. Ray Charles was a pianist and singer who sang
blues music. He became blind at a young age, so blues helped him express his
sorrow. Ray Charles helped create new music and was very popular in the 1950s.

1960: The Beatles (Rock ‘n’ roll)
In 1960, The Beatles were one of the most popular groups. The members in the
group are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Their
rock band formed in Liverpool, in 1960. They were one of the most influential rock
groups in 1960. One of their most famous songs is I Want to Hold Your Hand,
released in 1964.

1970- Punk Rock
The most popular artist is Ramones in the 1970s. Their most popular album was
called Rocket Russia. The Ramones are made up of brothers and sisters and
cousins that came together and made punk rock music.

1980: Billy Joel (Rock)
In the 1980s, music videos became popular and were a good way to promote
music. One of the most popular music videos of this time, was Michael Jackson’s
Thriller. Billy Joel is a singer, songwriter, and composer, who has written many hit
songs. His most famous one is Piano Man, which was released in 1973. Billy Joel
got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

1990: NWA (Rap)
The most popular group in the 1990s was NWA. They use to be a gang that
makes rap music. The rap music was very popular and is still popular today. They
are in the movie straight outta compton and so is their music.

2000: Jennifer Lopez (Pop)
Jennifer Lopez is an actress, singer, and dancer. One of her most famous songs
is If You Had My Love. A more recent one, though, is Ain’t Your Mama, which was
released this year in 2016. Originally, this song was over #200 on the US iTunes
singles sales chart, but after Jennifer Lopez’s music video was released, it shot up
to #48.

2010 (Rap)
The most popular artist is drake. He came out with a new album in 2016 called
Views which featured his most popular song One Dance. He sold 72,000 copies of
the song one dance.