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A Quantum Leap in Mental Magic

Drawing Duplication / Mind Reading / E.S.P.

Remote Viewing / Predictions / Voodoo

by Eddy Ray

Copyright 2008

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Copyright 2008 Eddy Ray
All Rights Reserved.
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of the publisher, Eddy Ray. Requests for permission and further information
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Legal Notices
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It's often said in magic that there is nothing new under the sun. I
tend to believe that's true. Magic is full of variations of variations
of old ideas. There are new effects created that rely on old
principles and there are new principles created to produce classic
effects. The truth is that long ago someone created the first magic
trick. Everything that has come about since then is just a variation
on that original idea, the idea of using deception or artifice to
produce a seemingly impossible effect.
What is offered here is an archaic method that has been
modernized to produce a timeless effect. The effect is that of a
sixth sense. The method involved has been touched on by
numerous performers through the ages. In actuality it is so old that
it has been documented as being performed with broken pieces of
pottery, using a bit of coal as a writing utensil. Eddy Ray has truly
breathed fresh life into this method and created a routine that is as
practical as it is astounding.
Those of you who are familiar with the basic method as I was will
surely agree that the use of common, modern props and the
elimination of all gimmicks makes this one of the freshest old
chestnuts to come along in ages.
For the creation of Mental Note, my hat is off to you Eddy Ray.
And to the person who created the very first magic effect, whoever
you were... we are forever in your debt.
- Steve Fearson

The Mental Note Effect

A spectator is asked to think of any geometric shape, ESP symbol
or number.
You display a stack of post-it notes and proceed to draw a circle on
the face.
The note pad is handed to the spectator and they are instructed to
take the pen and draw the shape or number they are thinking of in
the circle while you look away.
The pad is then passed to a second spectator who is instructed to
remove the drawing from the pad, fold it up tightly and put it in
their pocket.
You are able to reveal the shape, symbol or number that was drawn
with 100% accuracy!

Mental Note Makes The Center Tear Obsolete

Among the drawbacks to using the Center Tear:
You have to handle the paper quite a bit while tearing it
The paper used isnt a normal size and might draw suspicion
You have dirty hands during the routine
Mental Note eliminates all of these flaws!

A Brief History & The Method

I got the idea for Mental Note from an effect in Bill Tarrs 101
Easy Magic Tricks book called the Telltale Card. It was a card
revelation where the value and suit of the card would appear on the
wrist of a spectator.
The trick used a pencil and sugar cube. You were to write the
prediction on the sugar cube using the pencil. After the forcing of
the card you would reach into your pocket and press against the
sugar cube using your finger. It would leave an impression on
your finger, which you could then transfer onto the spectators
wrist or hand, similar to that of the voodoo ash trick.
I took the principle of this and adapted it along with some other
subtleties to create a very strong way of garnering information
secretly written. With my idea the spectator can draw any number,
ESP symbol or geometric shape inside the circle you drew on the
note pad. Then you simply use your finger and press it against the
pad where they had drawn. It leaves a clear impression on your
fingertip of exactly what they had chosen to draw.

Its important to point out that there are several subtleties and bits
you will need to learn to present Mental Note properly. All of these
important details are given in this manuscript and I suggest reading
through it a few times to absorb it all.

Why didnt I think of this? Im rolling over in my grave!

- Ted Anneman

Items You Will Need

Even though this effect can be performed impromptu I recommend

using the props shown in the pictures. Staples brand Sticky Notes
or any similar Post-it type note (1 7/8 X 1 7/8) and a mechanical
pencil. You could technically use any note pad and pencil but I
prefer to use these.

The Postit Notes

I suggest using any similar Postit type Notes as discussed above.
These usually come in stacks and many colors are available. In my
opinion they work the best and Ill explain why.
This kind of post it note is the perfect size as it will really help
when attempting to make the impression with your finger because
you will know precisely where to place it. It prevents any
fumbling around with your fingers and it almost guarantees you
will be dead on. If you attempt to use another note pad that is
larger in size it will be more difficult to be as accurate when trying
to make the impression. Also since the information they will be
drawing is relatively small it will look normal on a smaller note
pad. Dont you think it would look funny drawing a tiny circle on
a larger post-it note or pad? I do.
The other nice thing about Post-it Notes is that they are tiny and
can easily fit in your pocket. They are easy to carry around and do
not take up much room. They are also fairly popular, people are
familiar with them and they can be found in many homes and
I use an entire pad when performing Mental Note. If you use one
Post-it note at a time people may suspect you can see through the
paper. Using an entire pad insures that there is no possible way to
see through. You dont have to use a new pad every time you do
this, its just important that you have a fairly nice stack to perform
Mental Note.

The PENcil
To get the best and most clear impression I recommend using a
mechanical pencil. This is a huge update in my opinion. You can
use pens or any fine point marker but your window of
opportunity is very short. Once the ink starts to dry and settle
into the fibers of the paper your chance of getting a good
impression is slim. Also think about how visible a pen or marker
might be on your fingers especially since it isnt as easy to just rub
There are many brands and styles of mechanical pencils. Search
your local office supply store for them. The brand Ive had a lot of
success with is by Pentech. The style of it is called Syntech. If
you do a Google search for it you will find them easily.
Why use a mechanical pencil as opposed to a regular No. 2?
During the routine you can ask the spectator to take the pen and
draw any object inside the circle. Miscalling the mechanical pencil
as a pen adds another layer of deception to the routine. Later on
when your audience recalls the effect, the idea of using a pen will
stick in their mind.
Another important point is that a mechanical pencil looks very
similar to a pen in appearance. Dont overlook this small but
important subtlety.
If you want to use a regular pencil you can. It works great but you
need to make sure its a soft type No. 2. Never use a dull point
either, make sure it is sharpened. This will help leave fresh lead on
the note pad when you go in for the impression. The softer the
lead (graphite) the better!

Getting A Good Impression

To help get a good impression I recommend wetting your fingertip
with a bit of saliva. If your hands are naturally moist or a bit
sweaty then you probably will not have to do this.
When you wet your fingertip please DO NOT use to much saliva.
Your saliva will wet the paper and could ruin or expose the method
during the routine. If the note pad does get a little wet do not
worry, as it will quickly dry up before the end of the routine.
Finding an opportunity to wet your fingertip is very easy. I usually
turn away as the spectator draws the object. This is the perfect
time to do it as everyone is looking at the spectator. You could
also fake a cough and get your fingertip wet. Once you work on
the presenting the effect Im sure you will find what suits your
If you wish you can use two fingers pressing against the note pad.
This way its almost impossible to miss! You only need to apply
pressure to the note pad with your fingers for a second or two. In
this small amount of time you should easily be able to do your
dirty work. Practice drawing different objects and numbers on the
note pad until you get the knack of the proper pressure to apply.
After you present Mental Note, all you have to do is rub your
fingertips together and the impression will vanish just like magic!
This is a necessity when repeating it or working a lot of people in a
short period of time. If you wish you can wet the fingertip again to
help rid your skin of the markings.

Ive had a person draw lightly on the pad but was able to still get a
clear impression on my finger. Practice on yourself and learn how
to apply the proper pressure on the note pad to get the maximum

When viewing the impression keep in mind that any drawing

whether its ESP symbols, shapes, numbers, letters etc. will be
reversed on your finger (mirror image). It takes a little getting use to
but with practice you will be able to read the impression quickly and
without trouble.

"Eddy, your Mental Note effect truly is a quantum leap in

mentalism. This is something I'm using.. all the time. So strong
and easy to do. Anneman has got to be turning over in his
- Steve Fearson

Picture Duplications
Performing a picture duplication with Mental Note shows just how
versatile it is. I will break this section down into two parts.
Simple Objects: You can ask the spectator to think of any simple
object as you are going to try an experiment with them. When
people think of simple objects they often think of a stick figure,
flower, house, tree or even simple geometric shapes.
These are usually quite easy to detect when making your
impression. I like to pull out a second pad of post it notes to
make my drawing as one of the spectators can hold onto theirs.
Detailed Drawings: If you have been performing mentalism for a
long time you know that some of the strongest pieces you can
perform are where you actually get some things wrong or not
100% correct. It makes your performance that much more
believable to your audience.
With detailed drawings it can get a bit tricky when reading the
impression. First, the impression will be a mirror image as
discussed earlier but this isnt really a big problem.
The more difficult part about detailed drawings is that the person
isnt drawing a particular object your suggesting. Since you have
absolutely no clue what youre looking at it can be a bit nerve
racking at first.
When you glimpse the impression try and duplicate 2 or 3 main
features of what they had drawn. If you recognize the drawing
right away thats great. I like to present the picture duplication like
this after building them up with more simple objects. I usually
explain that when attempting to read their mind that its always

good to start off with more simple thoughts to see how our minds
match up. This leaves you open for not getting everything exactly
right later on. Of course using the word experiment when
presenting Mental Note instead of trick or effect will help
psychologically as well.

Digits and Letters

As you probably know by now its much easier to read impressions
of single digits and single letters. Id suggest you start off with the
simple stuff like this first then build up your confidence.
The next obvious step to take is to have a spectator think of
someone close to them and have them write the initials down. Try
experimenting with this and get accustom to reading letters in
reverse. Logically you could move onto actual names of a person
or pet!
With numbers Id suggest not going any higher then four digits as
this would make you have to glimpse at the impression a bit longer
to read the reversed digits.

If you wish to add in another layer of
deception simply wear a blindfold. Of
course you still need the area around your
nose to peek down and glimpse your
fingertip but I thought Id throw this idea
out there so you can experiment with it.


Even though you are blindfolded I would still keep the note pad
face down as normal when you go to make the impression. A lot
of acting comes into play when wearing a blindfold. For most of
the routine try actually closing your eyes. Fumbling around
naturally will make people truly believe you cannot see. Simply
open your eyes and peek down your nose to glimpse your fingertip
when you feel its a good time to do so.

Mental Note: The Simple Presentation & Handling

Steve Fearson came up with this direct and subtle handling to
glimpse the impression. It is straightforward and requires only one

Important Points
The finger touches the drawing only momentarily and the pad is
immediately rotated up to face the spectator. Tell them, Of course I am
unable to see through the pad as you glance directly at the fingertip. They
will not suspect a thing since it appears as though you simply directed your
eyes towards the pad for a moment.
Ask them to stare at the drawing and concentrate on it as you attempt to read
their thoughts. Then simply reveal what they've drawn as dramatically as
possible. You can do this verbally, or you may want to duplicate their
drawing on the back of the pad and turn it around slowly for a dramatic
Notice how even when making the impression your hand is completely
natural. This is the exact way you would hold the pad when taking it from
or handing it to a spectator.
You may prefer to lay the pad down before the revelation, it's up to you.
You could also use this handling to display the drawing to another spectator
or the rest of a group before placing the pad aside, or handing it to someone
else. Steve performs it just as described though to great effect.

Working With Two or More Spectators

When taking the pad to make your impression this should happen
as you ask another spectator their name. This gives you that
second or two of misdirection you will need. Then you can ask
them to hold onto the note pad and keep it secure. You can now
have them tear off the top note, burn it, fold it or just keep it as is.
My preference is to have the 2nd spectator fold up the paper and
place it in a pocket.
Its important to script your words carefully during the routine to
have the most impact. It is always good to recap what has taken
place so they know there is no possible way you know what they
are thinking.
After you leave the performance your spectators will be totally
devastated. When they try and remember back to what happened
they wouldnt even remember you handling the note pad.

One on One
Doing Mental Note one on one is just as strong. You could take
the note pad and set it down, place it in a sealed envelope or just
about anything.
You could also take the pad briefly and ask them to take a match or
lighter and light it. Hand the pad back to them and ask them to
remove the paper from the notepad and burn it in the awaiting
ashtray. As they do this you can turn your back once again so they
know you wont look as the paper is being set ablaze. When your
back is turned simply look at your finger for the impression.

Eddy Rays In The Hand Glimpse

This is my version of taking a glimpse at the impression. After
making the impression the note pad is handed to another spectator.
I then remove another note pad and use it to draw the thoughts I
receive from them while attempting to read their mind.
Since I am left-handed the impression is made on my left index
finger. I hold the pencil in the same hand that I have the
impression. Ill look them in the eyes and then look down at my
note pad to draw.
Now all I have to do is simply look at the fingertip and draw what I
see. The nice thing about this, as with Steves glimpse, is that
there are no weird looking moves, you arent looking in such a
way that people would be suspicious.

Revelation On Their Hand

Let's go back to that old effect involving the sugar cube for a
moment. Imagine someone drawing an ESP symbol on the note
pad. You would then ask them to hold both hands out with palms
towards the floor. They drop one hand to their side leaving one
still out stretched. They are asked to close their fist and
concentrate on the symbol they had drawn. As they turn over their
hand and open up, a matching symbol is seen on their own skin.
Simple, simple, SIMPLE! You could in affect have 5-sugar cubes
setup for multiple outs. Each cube will have one of the ESP
symbols drawn on them with a pencil. You could have the sugar
cubes in separate pockets or in a case if youre doing standup. I
toyed with having more than one symbol on the cube but it gets
tricky. I suggest putting the symbol on each side of the sugar cube
this way you do not have to worry about which side has it.
Do your regular Mental Note impression and take your glimpse.
Take a breath and relax. The only thing you need to remember is
how you have the sugar cubes setup. You can place your hands in
your pockets naturally and casually during the routine. Make sure
you script your patter so everything flows smoothly. Once you
know which sugar cube has the correct symbol for what you need,
make the impression with your finger.
Ask them to hold out both hands with palms facing the floor. Tell
them to raise their hands a bit higher and as you say this your
hands help guide them in position. During this time your finger
presses against their hand leaving the mark (symbol) in the palm of
their hand. Mirror and press with both hands to keep things

to w.
lo 52
ve ch
ma in
gi am
c@ ag
gm ic
ai .c
l. om

Ask if they are right or left-handed. Which ever they say drop the
hand that does not contain the mark. Have them think about the
ESP symbol in their mind and then have them slowly turn over and
open their hand. Timing is important here.

The symbol appearing on their hand is a powerful piece of magic.

Extra Thoughts
You need a reason to go in your pockets. Perhaps you could go in
looking for a packet of ESP cards or something. I suggest having
one sugar cube in each front pocket, back pocket and finally the
last one can be in a breast pocket.

to w.
lo 52
ve ch
ma in
gi am
c@ ag
gm ic
ai .c
l. om

You can setup the sugar cubes in each pocket and easily remember
the locations. Start with your left hand pants pocket as 1 = Circle ,
left rear pants pocket 2 = Cross , right hand pants pocket 3 = Three
wavy lines , right rear pants pocket 4 = Square and front breast
pocket 5 = star.
Now all you have to do is remember how the numbers are oriented.
Remember, each number stands for the amount of lines that make
up each symbol. The star is the only one thats different. Five
points on the star is how you can remember that.
If during the routine youre not comfortable pulling this effect off,
simply reveal the symbol more directly.
If youre not interested in having five multiple outs setup like this
then just use one of the symbols. Leave them a free choice of the
five ESP symbols and have them draw it on the note pad. If it
happens that they drew what you have on your sugar cube go in for
the kill!

If youre new to magic and mentalism these are the five Zener ESP

to w.
lo 52
ve ch
ma in
gi am
c@ ag
gm ic
ai .c
l. om

Simple ESP Prediction

If you simply want to predict what ESP symbol a spectator will
draw this is as straightforward as you can get. Place an ESP card
in each pocket. All you have to do is remember which card is
where. Then remove the correct card that matches the one they
had drawn. I suggest using Steves glimpse detailed earlier. It
works awesome with this.
Build up the prediction in your presentation and patter. You may
want to seal each card in its own envelope for added effect. The
powerful part about such a simple prediction is the spectator has a
totally free choice of which symbol to choose and in their mind
you had no way of knowing what they thought of.

Sealed Prediction
This next idea is from Ted Annemann. Imagine having a sealed
prediction of something the spectator has just thought of. Its
possible when combining the following technique and Mental
The idea is to have a blank paper in an envelope thats lined with
carbon. Then you would take your thumb writer (without the

lead) and secretly write on the outside of the envelope as you

display it. Doing so will make a carbon impression on the paper
All you have to do is perform Mental Note to secretly obtain the
information from the spectator. I suggest using simple shapes,
ESP symbols or numbers as usual until you get well rehearsed.

to w.
lo 52
ve ch
ma in
gi am
c@ ag
gm ic
ai .c
l. om

After you make the impression and take your glimpse, pick up the
sealed envelope that was in view the entire time. Obtain your
thumb writer and as you recap what has taken place make your
carbon impression.
The idea of having a sealed prediction like this will blow your
spectators away.

Feeling The Voodoo Power

Another cool way of using Mental Note is this. Instead of drawing

a circle you could draw a small voodoo doll on the note pad. Keep
it relatively the same size, as you would usually make the circle.

The spectator is asked to take the pen and make an X anywhere on

the dolls body. After this is done you take the note pad and hand it
to someone else to secure from your view. The way I like to reveal
knowing where they made the X is to act like that particular part of
my body is in pain.
Example: Lets say they made an X over my left arm. I would then
start breathing heavy and act as though something weird is
happening. Finally I would grab my left arm acting as though Im
in pain without saying a word. At this point people literally freak
I like using post-it type notes 1 3/8 X 1 7/8 for this. The shape
of this pad is more rectangular in shape and helps when drawing
the voodoo doll.
When making the impression you can do it so the voodoo doll
appears sideways on your finger or I would suggest the following.
Using two fingers, you can make the impression and keep the
voodoo doll upright. This might make it easier for you to glimpse
where the spectator has made their X. In my opinion this option
makes it easier to keep myself oriented. Look below to see what
each impression will look like.

Remember the mirror image! It may look like they Xd my right

arm but its really the left! The red dot highlights the X.

Voodoo Doll Prop

After the spectator has made their X and you read the impression it
would be the perfect time to introduce an actual Voodoo doll. At
this point you could display a large needle, which represents the X
they had drawn on the note pad.
This makes the routine play much bigger as more visual props
come into play. Even though only a few people might know where
the spectator had made their X, the reaction during the climax of
the trick will play well for any size audience.

You could also play this up as a muscle type reading experiment

where you will the spectator to lead you to the correct spot or
vice versa.
If you want to play this up with a bit of comedy you could dress up
the Voodoo doll so it looks like you or a celebrity.

Closing Thoughts
I want to thank you for purchasing mental note. I truly believe this
is a real gem and I think you will find it to be as well once you add
it into your repertoire.
Read through these pages over and over as you may miss
something with your first reading. Mental Note is a powerful
weapon for mental magic and I hope you enjoy it.
All the best,


Special Thanks
Mental Note would not be possible without the help from my good
friends in magic George Meehan, Ray Brodan, Tony Bialy, Steve
Fearson and Andrew Mayne.

Copyright 2008

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