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Post-Test Results

Pre/Post-Test Comparison


Once I received the results to my pre-test, it was clear that there

were many things that the students need to be taught. Standard two,
GLE 0307.11.2 Recognize the relationship between the mass of an
object and the force needed to move it, was the one that was shown
to be really challenging for the students. We spent a lot of time
learning about this topic. There were also a few misconceptions that
the students needed extra help on. We spent a lot of time doing handson activities to make sure that students were truly understanding and
taking in the lesson. There were still a few students who seem to still
have trouble with this unit. In this case, I will meet with these students
during a small group time and review topics that need to be talked
about. In the future, in order to make sure that all students are
successful, I will add more summative assessment into my teaching. I
did quite a bit assessment throughout this lesson however it may be
important to do more during the small group time of these lessons.
This will aid in allowing me to understand what I need to review and go
back over at the end of the lesson or unit.

Post-Test Results by Grade

Number of Students


Basing the post-test on grade is somewhat difficult due to the

fact that there are only 8 questions and this makes it really easy to get
a bad grade. Due to this I put the results on scale in order for students
to be successful. The student who got a D was discussed in the student
gains data below; he did not perform to the best of his ability. This
student also stayed after class to review much of this information. As I
am happy that most students are in the upper part of the graph I do
believe that more students need to be getting As rather than Bs. I
want to go back to a few of the most missed questions and review
these with the students.
Post-Test Results by Standard

Number Correct











When you go back and look at the pre-test results by standard it

is awesome to see how far we have come! I spent a lot of time working
with my students on standards 2 and 3 and this hard work truly paid
off. Every standard grew in the percentage correct by students.

Standard 3 may need to be reviewed in the future when talking about

related topics.
Student Gains

Student Gains


Number of Questions Correct


Student 1: The questions that this student got correct on the pre-test
were the question regarding magnets. It is clear that this student has
had experience with the topic of magnets. However, when it came to
the topic of motion and force, this student was unable to understand
these questions. During our lessons throughout the unit, this student
was not a leader during small group activities; rather she usually just
followed and watched carefully at what her peers were doing. In her
individual work though she was able to express what she had learned
in the lesson and was able to show great improvement from her
pervious knowledge of the information. The two questions she missed
on the post-test were both ones pertaining to force and motion. It may
be beneficial to return to some of this information with the student to
clarify any misconceptions or confusion she might have.
Student 6: Student 6 also was able to understand the questions
pertaining to magnets but then struggled with the rest of the content.
This information greatly aligns with the results I received of the pretest based on the standards. Standard 2 and 3 had the lowest level of

understanding and this is also where this student struggled to

understand. This is a very new topic for my students. Motion and force
is a complex area of understanding that my students have not had a
lot of exposure to. This student is a hard worker and tries hard to
understand new topics. Through this students individual and group
work in the classroom it was clear that this student listened and
studied carefully to understand these new topics. According to student
9s post-test results the lessons and information given in and outside of
the classroom allowed this student to get a firm grasp on these new
Student 9: Student 9 missed 7 questions on the pre-test but when it
came to the post-test this student jumped all the way up to getting
every question correct. It is possible that this student put in minimal
effort into the pre-test. However, I have really pushed the importance
of pre-tests with my students. We have taken several pre-tests leading
up to this point and this has never been a problem in my classroom. It
was clear that this student struggled with understanding these topics
at the beginning of this unit. Throughout our lesson my notes and
assessments would indicate that this student needed more assistance
in learning these topics. This student was given extra help after the
completion of the lessons. This student even stayed after school a
couple of times in order to work to better understand the information. I
believe that this students hard work really made a difference in the
grade change between pre-test and post-test.
Student 4: Student 4 missed 6 out 8 questions on the pre-test. On the
post-test he improved all the way to just missing one question. The
answers that this student got correct on the pre-test were 2 of the
questions pertaining to sound. This student is very musically inclined.
He has played several instruments even from a very young age. He
spends most of his time outside of the classroom practicing the piano
and other instruments. He even takes lesson where he learns how to
read music and hear different sounds. I believe this is how this student
was able to understand these questions so well. However, this student
did miss the questions that were addressing magnet, as well as motion
and force. These standards were discussed heavily to this student
during small group, individual, and even conference times in the
classroom. Looking at this students improvement, they were able to
progress and understand the material by the end of the unit.
Student 10: This students data is particularly concerning. This student
got 5 correct on the pre-test but when it came to the post-test they
only got 2 correct. This student is a very smart student and is always

polite and ready to help me whenever needed. However, I have noticed

from a distance a few students talking about this student and how he
gets special treatment because he is a nerd. I have tried to address
the issue on occasion. After seeing this data however, I am concerned
that this may be becoming a bullying issue. Students may be teasing
this student because he is often praised for his hard work and good
grades. It is possible that this student is missing questions on purpose
to avoid any attention on him about his grades. Due to the results of
this data I will sit down and talk to this student to figure out what is
going on. I will then talk with any other students involved and make it
clear that bullying is not acceptable. In order to make an effort to
prevent this issue for continuing, I am going to change my policy on
praising my students. I am going to praise effort rather and results and
I am going to make sure that students know when I catch them doing
something nice for others.