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People vs.


Victim Andres Dalisay was declared dead on arrival in Batangas Regional Hospital when one Andal and his
relatives brought him after being inflicted with stab wounds on different parts of his body by accusedappellant Medina who was armed with a balisong knife, which according to Dr. Aguado who conducted a
post-mortem examination to his body caused the formers death.

Dr. Adigue however, testified that evaluation showed that accused-appellant has been shown to be suffering
from depression and was exhibiting homicidal tendencies, and that he did not know the difference
between right and wrong. On cross-examination, the witness affirmed that a person suffering from
depression may be insane.
Held: Accused-appellant Medina should NOT BE EXEMPT from criminal liability. The decision of the trial court was not
based on the qualifications of Dr. Adigue as a doctor but as a witness. What mattered was the failure of Dr. Adigues
testimony to establish the legal insanity of Medina as shown in the results of the tests she conducted which merely
says that Medina has a mild depression and emotional disturbances; such testimony did not establish the complete
deprivation of reason on Medinas part. The court will always presume that he was in a normal state of mind
during the perpetration of the crime in absence of the positive evidence. The defense of insanity or
imbecility must be clearly proved. Moral insanity or mere mental depravity results not from the disease of
mind but from a perverted condition of the moral system; person is sane and is not exempted from the
criminal liability.


vs. Bonoan
Accused-appellant Celestino Bonoan and stabbed Carlos Guison three (3) times on the left side.
The incident was witnessed by policeman Damaso Arnoco; Bonoan was arrested on the same day.
A month later, the Prosecuting attorney of Manila filed an information charging Celestino Boanoan
with the crime of murder but Bonoans defense counsel objected to the arraignment on the ground
that the defendant was mentally deranged and was at the time confined in the psychopathic
hospital. The court issued an order requiring the Director of the hospital to report on Bonoans
mental condition.
Upon his discharged from the hospital, Bonoan was arraigned and Bonoan pleaded not guilty and the trial was
held. To prove motive and mental normalcy of Bonoan, the prosecution presented Damaso Arnoco
who testified that the reason for Bonoans attack was the Guison owed him P55 and would not pay
him back and had been waiting 2 days to kill him. He acquired this information when he arrested Bonoan
and questioned him.
Bonoan was charged with MURDER and sentenced him to LIFE IMPRISONMENT and to pay P1k to indemnify
the heirs of Guison.
However, the defendant appealed and cited that the lower court erred in finding that Bonoan had
DEMENTIA INTERMITTETNLY and not immediately prior to the commission of the crime; that it erred
in finding that the accused did not show any signs of abnormality either in behavior, action,
language, appearance or action that he was mentally deranged at the time of the crime; thus, not
acquitting Bonoan.

Held: The SC finds the accused DEMENTED at the time he perpetrated the crime, which consequently,
exempts him from criminal liability, and orders his confinement in San Lazaro Hospital or other hospital for
the insane. Such ruling was based on the un-contradicted evidence that accused was confined in the insane
department San Lazaro Hospital and diagnosed with DEMENTIA PRAECOX long before the commission of the
offense and recurrence of ailments were not entirely lacking of scientific foundation. Persons with DEMENTIA
PRAECOX are disqualified from legal responsibility because they have no control of their acts; DEMENTIA PRAECOX
symptoms similar to PANIC DEPRESSION PSYCHOSIS. Accused had an insomnia attack, a symptom leading
to dementia praecox, four days prior to act according to Dr. Francisco. Accused was sent to Psychopathic
hospital on the same day of crime and arrest, indicating the polices doubt of his mental normalcy.

People vs. Basocs


The accused Donato Bascos was charged with the murder of Victoriano Romero while the latter was

Accused pleaded not guilty upon arraignment and the defense was that on insanity.

Relatives testified that accused was out of his mind for many years;

Dr. Gonzalo Montemayor, asst. director health officer examined the accused and conducted and investigation and
found out that accused is a VIOLENT MANIAC, and that from the information he gathered from the neighbors
of the accused; the latter had been INSANE for some time ; and that accused was probably insane when he
killed the victim;

There was total lack of motive bears out the assumption of insanity;

TC found accused guilty of HOMICIDE.

Held: SC was convinced that the accused was a LUNATIC when he committed the grave felony described in
the record and that consequently he is exempt from criminal liability, and SHOULD BE CONFINED in an