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Project profile seeking information on the project and promoter, details of land,
building, plant and machinery, power, water, marketing, arrangements for working capital,
project cost and means of finance, securities offered etc., needs to be filled in, in addition to the
bio-data and networth statement as per format.
Assistance will be extended as per the Scheme and Lending Policy guidelines
discussing the sector under which a project falls such as Thrust, Normal, Restricted and
Prohibited Sectors, stipulations on the extent of finance and collateral security to be offered by
the promoter will be duly indicated.
Along with the Project Profile and Bio-data and Networth statements, the promoter
is required to submit copies of the following:
1.Constitutional details if it is a partnership firm, to submit partnership deed, Form A&C issued
by the Registrar of Firms
- if it is a Company, to submit the Memorandum & Articles of Association, list of Directors,
their shareholding etc.
2.Land details
title deed, previous deed, land conversion order from the Deputy Commissioner for nonagricultural purpose, layout plan approval from competent authority, khata, tax paid receipts, EC
for 15 years if own land
- in case of leased premises, submit lease deed including the special clauses stipulated by
Corporation, proof of title of the owner such as Khata/tax paid receipt etc.


- KIADB/KSSIDC allotment letter, lease cum sale agreement, possession certificate

3.Building details Building
BDA/BMP/CMC/KIADB/KSSIDC/Local Planning Authority etc., plant layout, detailed civil
estimates, construction permission from local authorities etc.
4.Plant and Machinery list of plant and machinery proposed with supplier and cost supported by
copies of competitive quotations/proforma invoices.
- If the plant and machinery is proposed to be imported copies of Chartered Engineer's
Certificate to be submitted along with the proforma invoice. The minimum residual life should
be at least 10 years.
5. Marketing arrangements made. Market study duly discussing the demand supply position and
gap there of etc.,if carried out may be submitted. Assurance letters/orders placed to also be
submitted. Focus on backward and forward linkages essential.
6.Collateral securities to be offered as per the lending policy of the Corporation to be adequately
attended. Valuation of assets shall be based on present SR Rates/KIADB/KSSIDC allotment
rates only for land and buildings to be assessed on WDV basis.

Once the above details are submitted and clearances on the documents are obtained
from the legal department of the Corporation, the proposal will be placed before the Project
Clearance Committee Meeting Chaired by the Managing Director with Executive Directors,
General Managers (Credit, North Zone, South Zone), DGM (Credits), AGM (Credits), AGM
(Legal) and AGM (BDCR) as members and convened by AGM (EG). The project will be
deliberated and interacted with the promoter and once the proposal was found to be in accordance
with the lending policy requirements, in principle clearance will be given on the spot and loan
application form will be issued for the specified amount.
The promoter is to submit the application in two sets with copies of all related documents,
estimates, quotations, affidavit etc., Processing fee of 0.5% and Service Tax of 12.24% on the
processing fee shall be paid while submitting the application. Upon scrutiny of the application the
same will be forwarded to the Credits Department for processing. The Credit Department with its
team of technical, financial, legal and marketing officers interacts with the promoter, inspects the
locations of both primary and collateral securities' properties for valuation. After processing the
proposal as per lending policy norms and reports on technical, financial, legal and marketing duly
discussing the viability/feasibility the case will be placed for sanction by the competent
authorities. Up-front fee of 0.5 shall be paid before disbursement of the sanctioned loan.
The Corporation has fixed time standards for sanction of loans from 21 days to a maximum of 60
days depending on the type of loan.
The Corporation has delegated powers of sanction by the Committees at various levels
Upto Rs.50 lakhs in the case of 'B' Grade Branches;
Upto Rs.75 lakhs in 'A' Grade Branches
Upto Rs.100 lakhs at Super 'A' Grade Branches and
Upto Rs. 150 lakhs at the Circle office Level.
Upto Rs. 300 lakhs at the Executive Director Level
Upto Rs. 500 lakhs at the Managing Director Level
Upto Rs. 1000 lakhs at the Executive Committee Level
Higher amounts than the above upto Rs 2000 lakhs at the

Board Level.

Limit of accommodation for (1)Proprietary concerns and partnership firms it is Rs.4 Crores and upto Rs 8 Crores with
approval of SIDBI
(2)Registered companies and registered cooperatives it is Rs.10 Crores and upto Rs 20 Crores
with approval of SIDBI Crores. However the paid up capital and reserves shall not exceed
Rs.30 Crore in the case of registered companies and registered cooperatives.