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Deliver Documents Due for Delivery and Display Deliveries

Documents due for delivery.
User-specific settings
New functions in Release 4.6C
New functions in Release 4.6A.

Documents are selected according to specific criteria.

They are used for processing orders that are due for delivery.

Deliveries can also be selected.


These can be deliveries that already exist for the sales orders

and/or deliveries that were selected using other criteria. This is an independent
transaction and can be executed without the sales order or purchase orders.

Documents (such as sales orders or purchase orders) are analyzed or delivered after their planned
delivery creation time.
The analysis creates an overview of the upcoming shipping workload and allows you to change the
planned outbound delivery situation manually in the selected delivery list. You can use this function
for the following procedures, for example:

Manual selection of documents due for delivery from a larger delivery list

Manual specification of the actual quantities to be delivered (scheduling agreement item, for

Introductory phase for setting automated creation of outbound deliveries

Collective delivery of multiple documents in one processing step is especially useful if:

Delivery occurs regularly in the background. You can define rules for this delivery in a list
profile. The system then works through these rules at regular intervals.

If more time passes between the initial transaction (sales order, purchase order) and the
actual outbound delivery (picking, shipment completion) than is necessary for picking and
transportation planning

if several orders for one ship-to party should be put together in one delivery.

Delivery of documents (orders) via the delivery list is integrated in the following Logistics supply

Sales order - Delivery - Picking - Shipment - Billing document

Purchase order - Delivery - Picking - Shipment - Billing document/ Self-billing

Creation of the outbound delivery is the central element for outbound shipment of goods and

All documents that are planned for delivery are taken into account. In other words, a delivery list is
created. In Release 4.6A, these documents are either sales orders or purchase orders.
For sales orders, for example, the availability check must have confirmed a quantity and the
conditions for creation of the delivery list must also be met.

Select the delivery list according to the criteria of your choice.
The user role (list profile) dictates which of the selection criteria is active. As an example, selection
criteria that is only relevant for purchase orders is only available for entry when purchase orders are
to be selected.
Validity of selection criteria

The general selection criteria (tab page General data) restricts the number of sales orders
and purchase orders found.

The selection criteria for sales orders (tab page sales orders) restricts the number of sales
orders found.

The selection criteria for purchase orders (tab page purchase orders) restricts the number of
purchase orders found.

The selection criteria for deliveries (1 or 3 tab pages deliveries) restricts the number of
deliveries used. Note that selecting deliveries for the sales orders is automatically activated
via the switch Selection in the user role (list profile) tab page. This procedure is maintained
for reasons of upward compatibility. You therefore, have the option of making entries in the
deliveries tab page. You can deactivate automatic selection of deliveries to the sales orders
(No Deliveries to Predecessor) and include additional deliveries in the list
(CompleteDeliveries). You can add a maximum of 3 further selection criteria to the
deliveries, for example: delivery header, delivery status, delivery item, group of deliveries or
a shipment.

Selecting by material (tab page Material) restricts the sales orders and purchase orders.

Selecting by partner (tab page Partner) restricts the sales orders and deliveries.

The user role details apply for the whole transaction and are used as control parameters in
the process context.

The delivery creation date selection criterion limits the documents due for delivery according to the
date on which they are planned for delivery.

This planning is a result of delivery scheduling when the sales order or purchase order was

When this transaction is called up, the selection date is a default value calculated according
to a rule that was specified</ in Customizing in a user role list profile.

Use the smallest possible interval in performance-critical systems.

In performance-critical systems, make sure that the fewest possible documents overdue for
delivery exist in the system. For sales orders, you can process overdue documents in the
sales menu environment.

You can use selection criteria on the schedule line level (goods issue time, route schedule, planned
delivery creation date, geographical route) to:

Find documents that contain items with schedule lines to which the criteria apply

Calculate the quantity default for the delivery quantity by using only the schedule lines that
match the selection criteria. Completion of the order item always occurs for the oldest open
schedule line.

Standard Variants
Standard variants for selection are implemented using delivery scenarios (different call-up methods
for selection screen) and list profiles (entry in sub-screen of list profile selection screen).

Depending on the F code profile specification one of the following occurs in the list profile:

A list of all documents due for delivery appears or is printed

Documents due for delivery are delivered immediately. In other words, the delivery is created
and the subseuqent activities (output, picking, statistics, batch determination,...) are
triggered in the system.

For daily use, choose the desired selection criteria for your delivery scenario.
For specific list output requirements, change the list profile entries as necessary. You are advised to
do this in the test system. You should only use tested user roles in the productive system, that no
longer allow you to override the user role entries in the selection screen. In Customizing for the
scenario (transaction VL10CUV) you can set whether the default user role for the scenario my be
replaced in the selection screen. If you carrry out this task as a system adminstrator with
Customizing authorization, you can enter in the user role (transaction VL10CUA) whether the user
role entries may be overwritten in the selection screen. Use these options in the test system and set
up roles and report variants for each user that requires these for his daily work. However, do not
allow the user role attributes to be overwritten in the selection screen during day-to-day operations.
You can predefine specific values and selection criteria in the user role attributes for each user in
every scenario.
For more information see: user-specific settings.

Automatic processing of the delivery list

In the implementation phase of automatic processing of the delivery list (automatic creation of
deliveries via scheduling in a background program: batch job), it is advisable to override the list
profile settings in the selection screen. Vary the entries until the list display (with subsequent delivery
in the background and no other list modifications) results on delivery of the desired part of the
delivery list.
Choose an F code profile for displaying the delivery list in the list profile.
Once you know all the required list profile parameters from the entries, define a corresponding list
profile in Customizing. After testing the list output, if you are sure that the correct part of the list is
delivered, assign an F code profile for background processing to the list profile.
Create a selection varaint for this selection report with the corresponding list profile (on the selection
screen, choose Goto -> Variants -> Save as a variant).
Schedule this selection report using the menu for background processing.

Delivery scenario
The delivery scenarios predefined in the system can be found under Logistics Execution -> Goods
issue process -> Outbound deliveries -> Create -> Collective processing of documents due for
delivery. A list profile can be assigned for each delivery scenario in Customizing. This determines
processing of the delivery due list in detail. It also specifies the selection screen display, in particular
whenther tab strips are used and if so, how many.

List profile
The list profile is found using the delivery scenario and can be changed manually in the selection
screen for documents due for shipping or individual attributes can be overwritten.

User-specific default scenario

You can enter a default delivery scenario and a default list profile for each user, that is called up from
the menu or via transaction VL10. Set the user parameters LE_VL10_SZENARIO and