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Alcohol and drugs

The office building, including parking garage, can only be

accessed with a valid access badge.

Using, or being under the influence of, alcohol and/or drugs is

not allowed. The restaurant does not serve alcohol.

After you have identified yourself at the Front Offices desk,

you will receive a badge to enter the AkzoNobel areas.


Free passage
To enable quick and easy access in the event of an emergency, roads, corridors, paths and emergency exits should
be kept clear at all times.

Behavior-Based Safety

Contractor staff and hired personnel will be issued with an

access badge after familiarizing themselves with the safety
instructions and the Life-Saving Rules. Visitors are made
known in advance and must be accompanied by a host
during their visit. Access badges need to be clearly visible
at all times.

People safety at AkzoNobel is emphasized through our

approach to the Behavior-Based Safety process. Employees
regularly observe their own behavior and that of visitors in
order to discuss and correct at risk situations, should
they arise.

Opening hours

Make sure to keep a safe distance from the railing, avoid

dropping any object or tipping it over (e.g. mobile phone,
keys, wallet etc.)

The opening hours on working days are 06.00 to 22.00

hours. At 22.00 hours the alarm is set (and there will be no
direct assistance in case of an emergency).

Smoking is prohibited in the building and the direct vicinity
of the building. There is a designated smoking area outside.

Safety hazard Atrium

Safety point
Each office floor has a safety point with:
 mergency hotline (red phone with a direct line to
Front Office)
AED (automatic external defibrillator)
First aid case
 vacuation chair (at 50 percent of the safety points)


There are three types of badges:

Badge with photograph: AkzoNobel employees
T-badge: Temporary hire (hired staff, trainees,
V-badge: Visitors (valid for one day and the badge must
be handed in when leaving the building)

Children up to the age of 12 are not allowed in the restricted

area of the building.

Our Golden Principle

In case of an emergency
Call 088 969 7777 in case of immediate danger, or use one
of the red phones on each floor.
Who: Your name
What: Nature of the emergency
Where: Incident location
In the event of a fire, press the fire alarm button on the
relevant floor.

Golden Principle:
Stop work if conditions
or behavior are unsafe

Evacuation of the building

Our Life-Saving Rules

Work with a
valid work permit
when required

Check equipment
is isolated before
work begins

Use fall protection

when working
at height

Obtain authorization
before disabling
safety equipment

Obtain a permit
for entry into a
confined space

Wear a seatbelt
in motor vehicles
when provided

Make sure
moving machinery
is guarded

Do not use
alcohol or drugs
at work

What to do when the siren sounds

Clear away confidential documents
Secure your computer (Ctrl/Alt/Delete or Windows logo
key + L), leave your laptop on the desk
Do not take any luggage or bags
Follow the escape route pictograms and leave
the building
Visitors must be accompanied by their host/hostess
Follow the instructions from the evacuation officers
and security
Do not use the elevators, use the stairs
Always hold onto the handrail when using stairs
Go to the assembly point and await further instructions
Statements to the press are issued exclusively by the
press spokesperson
Safety tips
Do not read or text when walking
Always hold onto the handrail when using stairs
Keep walkways, stairs and escape routes free of obstacles
Do not make phone calls when driving, riding a motorcycle
or cycling. This also applies to hands-free calls

AkzoNobel Center
Christian Neefestraat 2
1077 WW Amsterdam

Emergency number AkzoNobel Center: 088 969 7777

Front Offices AkzoNobel Center: 088 969 7809
HSE department: 088 969 5995
Security: 088 969 7150
Occupation Health Service: 088 969 3107


Important telephone numbers