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The focus of the study is to develop a high standard Hotel Resort, Casino and other form of entertainment
facilities, Pursuing to create a competitive Hotel Resort with different amenities that will attract tourists. The
project will be able to contribute to the economy of the city as well as helping it to define the citys identity by
becoming a landmark of the city or the country. Architecture techniques and other ways to create a
sustainable hotel resort and entertainment centre were written in this book. List of considerations, preliminary
study, and design study were also.
Key words: Hotel Resort, Entertainment Center
Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and the Department of Tourism believes that the country has
a big potential in competing with other asian countries known for Hotels and Casinos like China and
Japan,the broad opportunity of Hotel and casinos will boost our economy by creating job opportunities for the
filipnos, improve the net income in different businesses in leisure, recreational and entertainment activities
within the city as casinos are usually concentrated with different form of entertainment such as pubs,
restaurants, bars, and shopping centers.
As of today the Industry group that paid the highest compensation to its employees are Gambling and Betting
activities, Hotel Casinos could boost tourism in our country as it is non-seasonal types of tourism unlike
Beach Resorts which is the number one tourist attractions in the country.
Hotel is a establishment providing accommodations, meals and other services for travellers and tourists.
Hotels are identified by their location and its architectural character. the classification of hotel is based on
specific types of visitors they were serving. It is also classified by its luxury using the star system.Resort
Hotels are types of hotels that made for customer that are on vacation. It has featured amenities that provides
a relaxation and fun for the visitors. Usual amenities are: swimming pools, beach, spade, site for children
activities. With many amenities Resort hotels are often a high star rated hotels.
a Casino is a establishment that offers a different types of gambling activities. a casino is usually develop with
hotels and other tourist attractions.By cost and benefit analysis, it comes that to be considered a casino is
having a affirmative economic net result it has to employ abruptly 13% of the population of a community that
made of 100,000 people. One of the most popular casino in the Philippines was Casino Filipino located in
Manila, several casinos that combined with hotel exists like Midas Casino and Hotel Oriental Casino.
Entertainment is used primarily today to define a leisure experience from which pleasures and amusement
are obtained without exerting an effort by the person that is being entertained. Some examples of different
entertainment are Musical shows, Casinos, Theatrical presentations, Television, Eating and Cinema.
the main goal of the project is to develop a world-class hotel resort and casino, integrated with different
amenities like shopping center, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities.the site is located at the
Reclamation Area in Bagong Nayong Pilipino - Entertertainment City, the site primarily use to develop a land
for gaming and entertainment like Las Vegas and Venetian Macau. It was in considerations of the study to
purse a high standard of programmed service, physical design and all parts that will give a comfortability to
the guest.
Background of the Study
The word casino is originated from Europe and Italy, it is usually part of a larger house or mansion, it was in

The word casino is originated from Europe and Italy, it is usually part of a larger house or mansion, it was in
19th century when the word casino is used by public as a gambling place. Then housing a gambling games
became popular in U.S., in early 1800s, casinos started in riverboat and became a sense of socialisation in
waters of Mississippi and Ohio. Until in 29th century Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Atlatntic City became a
major business for gambling market. Asian countries like china followed the big business and in 2006 Macao
surpassed Las Vegas to became worlds biggest casino center. Hotels and Casinos became a major source
of income in tourism industry in many places where they develop such as trends.
In the Philippines tourism is one of the major contributors in our Economy, as it is very powerful and efficient
industry. Among the visitor in the country are foreign gamblers and one of the largest tourism investment are
in casinos. The largest group of casino establishment are found in the capital of the Philippines, Manila.It
attracts thousand of visitors every year. The largest number of visitors comes from east asian countries, then
the other comes from United States and Europe.
Philippines becomes an alternative location for a casino development by foreign investors at it was cheaper
place to do business than Japan and Macao. In response to the demand, Philippine Amusement and Gaming
Corporation with the help of private investors they develop the reclamation area of Bay City as entertainment
center of the country. The government use Macau as an example of successful casino market thus a
successful business model.Macau grown as one of the large market for gambling globally, and it resulted an
economical growth in just a short period of time.In a very busy city like Manila casinos becomes an attraction
by tourist visitors. Casinos with its other entertainment component are popular by the tourist visitors who
wants to unwind and also for millennials that craving for a city nightlife.
Paranaque is placed roughly 8 kilometres from South of Manila, Philippines and it is tied up with Pasay on the
North and Muntinlupa City in southeast. The city has currently experiencing a rapid growth in infrastructure
and net income.
Part of the city lies in Manila Bay. Because of its strategic location, Paranaque plays a huge part in business
and commercial trade in Metro Manila. In paranaque Bay City lies, Bay City was declared as an Economic
Zone by the philippine government to primarily promotes a Hotel Resorts and Casino projects, it will also
holds other tourist attractions like amusement parks including aquariums. Based on the increase of direct
flights it was expected in the future that the number one visitors will be the chines followed by other various
guests from other countries. The approved economic zone has already Four Integrated resort projects.

Statement of the Problem

the study will carefully develop a set of plans for hotel resort and entertainment center. Other concern are
how it will be able to promote the philippine culture as part of its unique geographical location.
the main problem of the study is how will the proposed project be able to compete with other Hotel and
Casino in the country and around the world.
What are the definition of target users?
What are available architectural principle, theories that will give an important impact for the complete
architectural character of the project?
What is the possible impact of the project within the community and its ecological environment?
How the community will benefited from the project?
What are the trends in designs and available technologies that can be use in the sustainability of the
What are the facilities and leisure activities that will attract the tourist?
How can the project be a local or international landmark?

How can the project be a local or international landmark?

Objective of the study
To design a hotel resort with casino as a primary entertainment component. A world-class design that will be
able to compete with other establishments that offers almost same services with the consideration on
sustainability and overall design of interior and exterior including landscape that would show a mark of
luxurious tourist destination.
The aim of the project is to develop a establishment that will be an additional tourist destination to the
proposed entertainment city-Bagong Nayon Pilipino.
Part of objective is also to analyse and evaluate the current situation of hotel and casino industry in the
country as well as top foreign hotels in the world.
To design a building that would offer different leisure activities and accommodate tourists.
To formulate a design concept that will promote Pilipino culture.
To design a establishment that will hold a sustainable tourism.
To promote green architecture by designing a establishment within a clean environment and create an
ecology friendly buildings.
To create a modernised tourist destination that able to rationalize the proposed development of
entertainment city.
To create a program for the proposed project that will promote the employment within the community.
Significance of the Study
The study is significant to other researcher that will cover the related subject. It can also be a guideline for
future designer and researcher with the same thesis proposal. The study will also help to provide an
information that improves designing a Hotel Resrt and Entertainment Center.
For the government, the study is significant by providing details that can be use to help our tourism in terms
of Hotel resort ,casino and other entertainment facility as the study is in-depth with Sustainable and GreenEco design.
The Scope of the topic will be dealing with the title itself which is Hotel Resort and Entertainment Center, It
is then integrated with subjects such as, the sustainability of the design and how will the proposed project
become beneficial for the local community giving the considerations of safety and security of the proposed
project. The study will also includes some solutions that can be use for the site, giving its possible condition
that will interfere the projects services and the aim to achieve a sustainable tourism.
With limited time and financial resources, the project is delimited with the involvement of Funds and Income.
Factors such as budget financing, funding, computation of return of investment and the profitable cost will not
be discuss in this book.The study is limited on exploring the architecture of Hotel Resort and Entertainment
Center and how Paranaque City will benefited from the proposed project.
This research will then evolve in Architectural details and will also include the site selection, study, analysis
and numbers of Architectural presentation for the proposed project.
A place for leisure activities. It is usually part of an establishment were people could enjoy, Hotels normally
has a multiple types of amenities like swimming pool and spa, as it is considered as an effective attraction for

Casino is an establishment which houses different types of gambling activities, when there is a casino it is
usual in the place to have a different variety of entertainment activities. One of the most popular casinos
around the world are in Las Vegas and Macao, in the Philippines the location with most casinos that
concentrated are in Manila.
Entertainment Center
It is a destination that offers a different types of entertainment activities. There is no official Entertainment
zone but it usually takes place on commercial zones. Some of the popular establishments for entertainment
in the philippines are amusement parks, nightclubs, museums and theatres.
Gambling Market
is the industry which centralised in gambling activities.
Hotel Resort
it is an establishment that accommodates foreign or local tourist, It is a place where people could relaxed and
do some leisure activities.
Sense of Place
A concept of which giving a people an emotional communication between visitors and place. A sense of place
is transforming a normal place into a pleasant ambience were people are able to have a good memories. It
can be achieve through Architectural design, by creating a programs, providing themes and creating a unique
decoration so people could enjoy the place visually.
Sustainability in architecture is an strategy to decreased the negative impact of the proposed project. And the
availability to conserve the locations existing environment.
Tourism is an industry where people visits into different desirable place. In the Philippines, Tourism plays a
huge role in the economy as it also affects different industries like the demand of new products and facilities.
Tourism also affects the changes in foreign exchange. It also tourism that gives an impression for the country
to foreign investors.