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University of Nebraska Kearney Teacher Education

Lesson Plan Template Fall 2016

(This modified template is based on the UNK Lesson Plan Task Force Team)
Noted that this lesson plan assignment has TWO steps.

Step 1: Create a technology-integrated lesson plan

Name: Hilary Klingelhoefer
1st Grade
Lesson: Manners and Etiquette

Date/Time: August 21st, 2016 8:00AM

Setting and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes/ Knowledge of Resources

Learning Objectives: Content (1c-2)
What do you want your students to know and do in
content areas? (Remember, these must be observable
and measureable and contain the conditions, behavior,
and criteria required for success)

Learner Characteristics (1b-1) (1b-4)

Describe the relevant student characteristics (e.g., races,
ethnicities, nationalities, languages, gender
identities/expressions, religions, political affiliations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and disclosed sexual orientations)
and any other relevant information regarding the students
you will be teaching.
(If you are not currently a classroom teacher, feel free to
create a "classroom of your choice" that you will teach in the
Describe any students special learning and/or medical
(If you are not currently a classroom teacher, feel free to
create a classroom of your choice that you will teach in the

Students Prior Knowledge (1a-2)

How will you know what prior knowledge your students
have in relation to these learning objectives (e.g., data
from previous lessons or conducting pre-assessment as
part of current lesson)?

Students will know the

difference between right and
Students will be aware of how
to treat others
Students will learn The Golden
Students will understand how
to speak nicely to each other
I will be teaching in a very
small town and will most likely
have all English speaking

I have 1 student who needs

special attention and will have
an IEP. This is where we will
work work the parents to
establish a plan in place.

This is something my students

are well aware of but I know
that bullying can be a problem
in public school systems so I
like this to be our first lesson of
the school year. To remind
them to treat others as they

would like to be treated.

On-going (formative) Assessment (1f-3)

What will you do during the lesson and how will you
use technology to monitor and promote student

Post Assessment (1f-1)

How is the assessment congruent to the learning

How will you know that your students have achieved

the learning objective(s)?

Materials (1e-2)
List materials/technology and attach any activity and
assessment sheet(s) used in the lesson.

I will have the students break

up into small groups and each
group will have an IPAD, from
there, I will ask the students to
play the Manners Match Up
Game I have created. They will
work on this together with each
student getting a turn to play
the game
The game that I have created
for the IPAD group activity will
allow an immediate score,
therefore I will know if they
understand the activity.
I will know the progression
through the activities we will
have completed
SMARTBOARD game here
Mind map illustration here

Justify the use of the materials/technology used to engage

your students in meaningful learning.

The IPAD group activity is a

post assessment
The IPAD game also works as a
test to see if the children use
the material they just learned
in how they treat each other
while working on the game.

Lesson Sequence and Delivery:

Regardless of the model, write the lesson with enough detail and teacher talk/questioning that the reader can
picture the teacher candidate teaching the lesson in its entirety and/or another teacher could step in and use the
plan with minimal assistance.

Lesson Components

Differentiation (1e-1)


Introduction (1e-4)
Include students in knowing what
they will be doing and why it is
important (e.g.
statements/questions/other to
present student-friendly objective)

I will ask the

students to
raise their
hand if they
have ever

Within Core Instruction (minimum),

list technology tools, methods,
and/or strategies to meet differing
student needs/interests.
Explain your rationale.

Asking these
questions gives the
students a feel for
how they felt when
they were upset and
how they felt when

Develop background, foster

connections, facilitate motivation
for learning activity.

Core Instruction (1e-4)

Include appropriate lesson content
, clear sequence, opportunities for
practice and application.

Closure (1e-4)
Include what you will ask or
say to students to refocus
students on learning

someone be
mean to
I will then
ask if they
have ever
been mean
to someone
Asking these
leads us into
learning why
its important
to treat each
other kind
and how to.
loves to use
the IPAD so
this will be a
fun way to
I will open
and we will
first go
through the
content. I
the different
Once the
students are
aware of
who the
are, we will
discuss in
more depth
To keep the
engaged, I
will have the
puppets of

they were the one

being mean.

The activity can get

the small group

The powerpoint will

hold all of the
information covering
the emotions.
The IPAD will help us
practice how we talk
to each other

Anger, Sad,
Joy, Fear and
I will also
use different
voices when
each one