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The trip to Rajasthan took over a week in which some didnt survive.

The prison camp in Rajasthan was spread over a 1 sq km area and right in
the middle of a desert adjoining Deoli. It was encircled by a two-layer
barbed wire fence with watch towers and only one gate, recalls Ho. The
food was terrible, either half cooked or rotten. After we protested, they
gave us dry rations and we started cooking our own food, added Leong,
now living in Shillong. He was six, when he along with his family, were
taken to Deoli. His memories of the ordeal are still as vivid as ever.
Today, there are barely a few thousand Chinese Indians left in India. Their
persecution by the Indian state has sent them fleeing abroad to Taiwan,
Kong Kong, Australia, north America and Europe. Says Chung, We feel
marginalised, like second-class citizens, and we feel we can never join the
mainstream of society.
Shattered and depressed, they still managed to rebuild their lives after the
worst days were behind them but many Chinese Indians still live in a state
of stress and neglect and vulnerable to many threats prevalent in India.
Humiliated and harassed, these Chinese Indians feel ignored by global
champions of humanity. Up to now, no apology, or statement, expressing
contriteness has been made available to them from the great Indian state.
NB. Indias needless 1962 war occurred mainly due to the very abhorrent
and very serious miscalculation on India part which fatally swelled the
deliberate mess left behind by the British empire. The war ended before
the U.S. was able to intervene on behalf of India using nuclear weapons.