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Revision Test 1 1 Daisten. Are the sentences true (1) or fase example Simon Is going to sll rai ticks. 11 Greg wit work with Jules. —__ 2. The secretary s gong 1o dess up asa claw, 23 Alce wl take photographs “4 Foca and Sandy wil sl inks and tsps, 15 Ab the scents have to bring old doth ose 6 The school wit buy four computers with the ‘money. — 17 They hope to rate £1,200 pounds: Mes wlan wll count the money. 2B whatare the things made from? Match the material tothe pictures. g a 2 Complete the sentences using the words inthe bow down nie out atl trough 11 The sunt man almost ef the bridge as he an acai 2 Tamsin jumped 2 Thecatcept root into Sear besioom, 4. MeJenkins drove his cat—__ tothe each 5 Paulhada nightmare an fet ___ bad Sear the swarening poo she window inthe 4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets, ver yar, the pupils in year twelve 20} work femarenceforne week. Thay usally} (ork in banks shops but sometimes oe Icky pi “ge the chance to do Something more exting. Last week one boy in my das, Tory Jones, ?____ (tan) ‘ne ofthe best work experiences you could ever — {imagine Last month when our teacher _ his patents, he*___ (mee) Ris cousin who? _—___ word in the moe indus. Heer 1 take one pul fot tro weak work experience, and so Tommy*__—_(be)at the fm sad fora week Hest ipa iit olen a Hr, That was yesterday, hen he ™. hare 1) ie 8 meso ike na shor scene, Some people Fave al oi 0 Oxterd Unkesty Mes OG Dear Mrand Mrs ack, am wing you sboux your daugver Amand fe ilar eter Abed tbe such god sere bueno her mas ‘nor ery good Se gocles an iy perce» ter ography es fc, lhe PE and Drama tracers ar happy wih he ‘Accontng to her teachers she does want to work ty more. She often forgets her homework and she fre does her projets on time Se used co be the Frseto hand in her Science projets but now she's sully the as, Adsed to his, se does reise the workeshe leamsin lass, 40 she just does remember much This the main reason for her bad mare Could you let me know why this has happened? Issn rire another reason why Shas ‘topped working? Please can yu also make se ‘athe spends some dime reading her lesson notes tr make sure thar che dows her homework and projects or time? Al oF us at school think she can BStmuch beter and we want her do well Yours sincere, J Reareer Headteacher Springwood School 55 Read the two letters. Are the sentences true (7) ‘or false (F) or doesn't itsay (05)? Example ‘amar as never had god marks 11 Atther teachers are unhappy about her. — 2. She forgets what the dass teamed in ‘helessons. 13 Amanda cannot do homework because she haste go o acting fessons. — 4 Amanda’ patents think her mats fr school ‘re awl. — ‘5 Amanda's patents want the teachers to make ‘Amanda work ard. — The schaol doesn think Amis can obettes — 7 Amanda’ parents think be caoer is more Importan than her exam results am) HEBER © ov1oes University Press “Thankyou for your lete. ‘We don't thik ie importa {In the holidays Amanda works as an acres, She used ‘work Shes ear her ns for er TV an fis ‘les 0 she cannot swayed her homework or work fn project We brow her marks arent very fd oe ‘the moment, bur they are not too bad. Ree We think Amanda careers moreimpotae than ter school work We Hope seis got be th an fimous when she ice and good marks a school wil no really mae es important chat her ears ‘ower any arth ber We cont wane hereon? shout lessons as Temi up her ating Yours sesehy Cols and Rare ack Dear Mes Carer, Please donot worry abou Amandals were at schoo ‘9 do small jobs, but she's started working i lens and TVs she does not have much ome for her schoo! 6 Complete the sentences with been or gone. 4 Horry has to the USA. He went for 2 hola ast year. 2 Wheres Mam? Sha tothe shons* 3 Wheres Cauda. > Don't wor shel be backin ten mines” 4 Wheres the most interesting place you've, ae 5 Pat it at schoo today She's schoo tp. {6 You're half an hour late, Where have you am) Writing 17 write an e-mail toa friend telling him/her what you've done inthe last six months. Write ‘atlet four sentences Unit 3 Test 1 Match the phases in Ato the ones in 8 using who oF which A 5 won an amar asthe best new singer (92¥e me horrible My sstersaw medicine fr my cold the fim new my grandfathers This isthe watch father Doyou know ne Nd eesinthecentieot ie tov ean use the | broke playing finger tennis oon ke the my urle gave tore doctor formy bitsy, 9 you ted abou Last wee, met ‘anold man Example Sal re oho Une inthe centre of own, Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the corect part ofthe body. Example 1's got aerate on hi si, Hes got a bandage on his Hes ot 2 plaster on his. Hes gota swollen His ___ i bleding. Hes broken his. ‘The doctors giving him an injection ins '3 Respond tothe statements. Use $0. oF ‘Neither.and lor we. ‘hate Maths Sede. ody can speak German, havent revised for te Physics test Joel night go on the schoo ip Carmen hasnt sen Gil fr a mort ‘Wert be on olay next sek They can't pay the gut. © orord Universty es ITA “4 Read the text. Are the sentences true (7, false (ror doesn't it say (O57 Pre eae) ost Americas and Northern Europeans bie Ut the typical itn thalrcountr isunbeathy. They ot tothe fact that there are se may peopl in ther ‘curries who are fat and, sometimes, very at, oF ‘obese Pople arent usually fat because the atthe wrong foods, bt becuse they simply eat to much. Anercans, for example, typically et 1,500 clries ‘mare than the 2.200 they really reed evry dy. But do eeplefiom other countries extetter? Peopleacoss the world ake thelr mes rom bascty ‘the sme ingredients, So we all ext mea, pouty fh, gins (such as ee) frat and vegetables, but tey don'tmae the same type of meas People in diferent unvies use the ingredients in dierent ways Woes \eam from thearesef the wold where they nave 900d het and 93 esl ive longer at ar eather Take meat. for example. Scientists now ts not ood teat alot of meat The found tis studying poplin ‘sa, where people use moa to add Novos tovegetable shes and notas the main ingredient. That way they get the taste of meat without esting to much. Unlike the Asians, Arcentineans are famous for eating mest, bt they aways chose the eanest ut aid tas ay they ved eating as mac ats she North Americans. Other courses such as some Aca counties veplace rent with mts The results ey dor’ thavesome of {ha heath problems Northen Europeans and North American have But maybe the best advice comes fom those French ope who can eat at nd stay sli. Tei sere ake you time and put you kil ad fork own between each ite People who eat lowly enjoy the taste more They also know hen they have een to much Example ‘Americans thnk that people in their county eat unbatthiy, 1 Many Amercons re fat because they eat the wrong foods. — 2. People ae ft becuse they don't at enauah vegetables. — 23 The average American eat 3,700 calories per aay 4 People al ove the word at bananas $5 Aslan peop dont ke the taste of reat. — 6 Theyenta btaf ment in Agentina. — EIEIO © os10r4 University Pros 7 Nuss ora usd ot in affien. 18 The Fench eat that fod very quickly — Writing 55 Look at the pictues and write eight rules for the Sports Centre. Use these words at least once - should, ( Unit 4 Test 4 Gre the correct form ofthe verb. ample fishes to make (SEAR cake a hoe 90, ‘The boy ese to do/ doing hs homework Col offered to do doing tne soins Icantiragne tive Inn at te Wort Pll ‘The pual promised to come coming to school ‘on time in future. '5 Most toys enjoy f play playing football 6 A melas minute, Sam remembered t phone / phoning his athe. 7 stopped! to play playing tenis when broke yam, £8 Jul forgot t0 do doing ne Maths homework : ox) 2 complete the sentences with the correct ‘adjective inthe box ‘amzing bored reanng Wed tightened annoyed tring excited Example ‘They vere inthe at galery and 8b was He as’ inemested in art ater working so 1 Tom wasvey, hard 2 ying inte sun doing nothings very 3 Fvejust soon the most. magi rik ‘n't know how the magician si it. 4 cycling up a ste il very 5 Theteacher wos cass was late forthe lesson. 1 We are going to see aur favour Snger cause the whole tomorrow, swe are very 7 Marys aa of snakes: When she sow tha at the 200 she Was 0 3 ead the text and ansiter the questions. ‘When you easel on the motorway to Toslouse nthe south af France, you pasa large medial city Siting among the vineyards nd te sumer eld Itisthe old walled cy of Carcassonne Itc one of the top tourist attractions in France, You might know {from fs. was Nottingham, she home ofthe ‘Shenffin the fiey- But has another connexon wc film ins “Theceyhas gota cane, cathedral, and lots oF restaurants and vous shops selling souveis for duis ad voy helmets, sors, and hii for