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Autumn issue 2016 | Power to Grow

Dutch yacht builders are currently dominating the global yachting industry. Dutch yacht equipment manufacturers are following in their footsteps. WhisperPower is one of them.

Performance, quality, durability and safety are the key ingredients in our super silent systems for Commercial and Recreational vehicles. We offer standard and customized power

Smart off grid power solutions. WhisperPowers customers requiring grid independent power, benefit from our progressive system innovations. Renewable energy sources are our

solutions to vehiclemanufacturers and the aftermarket. We operate on a worldwide basis, ensuring service and support at anytime anywhere.

first choice when it comes to achieving our clean and low emission systems.




Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow



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Silence is

Edition 01-2016

Power to Grow

to Grow



Autumn issue 2016 | Power to Grow

Cover page

So why not use

your shore power
connection cable
for another purpose?

Photo: Oyster 655 (Oyster Marine)

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Power to Grow



Editorial from the company founder

New School explained


Background of a new philosophy

Funcionality first


Interview with Martijn Favot, CTO

Hybrid Power System 

Interview with Stijn de Wit, engineer

Steeler yachts,
Old hand, new ball game





Interview with Hans Webbink, CEO

A new direction in life


Interview with Hans Stacey, Dakar champion

At WhisperPower we are driven by a distinctive

challenge: our systems are only seen as perfect when
you can neither see nor hear them. All our innovation
efforts are geared towards creating silent and low
emission electrical power systems ensuring optimal
freedom and comfort.

Parntnership in development


Interview with Victor van der Louw, Yachtcontrol

Industrial component and

product design


Interview with Helmoed Robben, Combimac

InnovationCluster Drachten 
helps to perform better



Interview with Joost Krebbekx, Cluster manager

Sustainable power solutions


System approach with solar and wind resources






Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow




t all started with the development and sale of an

inverter that enabled battery current to be converted into a stable 230 volts in a safe and reliable
way. 220 volts from the battery was my catchphrase. In those days, that was something new; the
in-land waterway captains in Europe were the first to
be convinced of the benefits of no longer needing to
purchase 24 V suitable devices.
An important aspect was the fact that the device,
unlike other inverters, did not breakdown under any

The power
Starting a business has
gradually become the
story of my life. Since
the nineteen eighties
I have founded eight
companies which have
all been a success.


Land/o grid

In 2015 we, with WhisperPower, raised the bar a

lot higher and this has been my biggest and most
challenging project so far. Taking an existing process,
manufacturing standard old school generators, and
remodelling it in to a whole new hybrid business
concept. During a market period which has carried a
totally different dynamic since 2008, we have developed a product portfolio that more than completely
meets the demand for clean, smart, sustainable energy
systems with maximum integration of all components.
We are fairly ahead of the game with our new school
solutions. We have successfully made the leap from
small battery and small inverter technology to high
quality high power inverter systems from 5 to 20 kW
(!), which, when connected to advanced Lithium ION
batteries, can support heavy 230 V or 380 V devices.

Roel J ter Heide

As usual in the development of new concepts, it takes
time before customers are convinced of the benefits.
Over the last three years we have seen a rapid acceptance of our high power Hybrid Technology with our
customers on land, water and road. In the automotive
world electric or hybrid propulsion is a fast growing
trend, partly due to tax incentives and stricter regulations in cities in terms of emissions. The maritime
markets are more conventional and switching is
historically slower, but the realization that propulsion systems or energy systems must be sustainable,
is slowly sinking in. Decisions by authorities, such as
those in Amsterdam, to only allow zero-emission propelled vessels on waterways from 2020 will certainly
accelerate the process of changing over to electric or
hybrid. WhisperPower is ready!






to Grow
Hybrid Technology
Our hybrid technology basically comes down to
the fact that we provide energy to locations where
there isnt a connection to the grid, in an extremely
durable and often more economical manner. This
is something we also apply to propulsion systems
for yachts and small commercial vessels. We ensure
that the diesel engine runs as little as possible
and draws energy from a battery bank charged by
solar power or wind turbines. Should the engine
need to be started because the energy cant be
provided by the sun, wind or the battery bank, our
hybrid technology ensures that the engine runs at
the right speed and delivers maximum power. This
means that no energy is wasted as happens with
conventional systems where diesel engines are
mostly only partly loaded.




Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Latest generation power systems

are smart and quiet

WhisperPower scores
with new school
Tekst: Laurens van Zijp Photos: Frans Foekema

A neatly packaged generator set sits on a pallet in the headquarters of WhisperPower in Drachten. Ready for shipment. On
the label, an address in the United Arab Emirates. Silent evidence
of WhisperPowers international activities, a company operating
worldwide and who, in recent years, recorded a sales growth of
tens of percent. Under the heading new school, the company
has taken the next step in the field of mobile power.

ou can see, the manufacturing industry still

exists in our country, says
director / founder Roel ter
Heide meaningfully, as he showed
Jachtbouw Nederland around his

Worldwide network

5 Manufacturing
still exists in the
Netherlands: generators being assembled
at WhisperPower in

WhisperPower has extended its Premium Service

Partner network for the maritime market in the
Benelux region where, customers can also go for
a health check of their system at a fixed rate. All
system critical parts are inspected and checked.
Worldwide, the company is represented in around
fifty countries. There are company branches in
Germany, England, Spain and Portugal (from
which the South American market is also served),
China and New Zealand. In addition, there are a
number of franchise partners that have the right
to use the name, including, amongst others, in
Russia. In order to operate in the Russian market,
WhisperPower must comply with the Russian
River Register. An approval which carries a twice
annual audit from Russia. According to director
Ter Heide, ISO certification is the following goal.




work at the Drachten headquarcompany in Drachten. And indeed,

ters; the company also provides
the shop floor is buzzing with activwork for a number of workers from
ity and lots of generator sets are
community employment schemes.
being assembled. Alongside the
assembly department there is an
Various markets
extensive in-house testing centre,
WhisperPower operates in various
where all devices are mercilessly
markets such as the automotive
subjected to a comprehensive,
section, industrial and civil engithree hour long test cycle. Only
neering world and the maritime
once they meet all the requiresector. Vehicles require sophisments, are they allowed on to
ticated compact solutions, for
the customer. Quality comes
example for refrigerated transport,
first. They are also busy tinkering
ambulances, satellite trucks and
in the research & development
campers. For
industrial and
albeit in a more
A complete range of
civil engineervirtual way.
ing it is about
There, they
electrical components, with
country-spemake sure that
cific projects:
the continuthe generator as its core
from tempoously improved
rary power sources on building
WhisperPower systems also get
sites to permanent power supplies
smarter. WhisperPower develops
in remote areas without a permaand manufactures, in addition
nent power supply. An important
to the diesel generators, a wide
market is the maritime sector,
range of power electronics: bataccounting for approximately 55%
tery chargers, inverters, inverter /
of turnover; WhisperPower works
battery charger combis and DC-DC
with both small commercial vessels
converters. Some forty people


Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

This advanced read-out monitoring and control device was recently
launched by WhisperPower, available in 5, 7 and 10 inch. It provides
the boat, land or vehicle owner with an overview of the energy management and enables the operation of equipment. The touch screens
can also be connected to other onboard equipment, including the
fuel gauge or the navigation system.

64 Testing facility
for hybrid systems
up to 500 kw power.

and yacht building. We provide

everything related to electricity,
including power generation, ie
generators, with Dutch yacht building being an important market,
says Ter Heide, we are relatively
young, yet trusted. He himself has
a long record of service in power
land. His name is inextricably
linked originally with Victron Energy and then later with Mastervolt. In terms of this company, of
which he himself was a principal
shareholder, in 2007 he took over
the generator division. Ter Heide:
Since 2010 I have been building

towards a systems-house that delivers a complete range of electrical

components, with the generator as
its core.
Short running time
The mobile power demand is high
and trends suggest that they will
only increase. The present-day
boaters will indeed be separated
from land and enjoy their freedom,
but then whilst maintaining the
comforts of home. Ever more
devices and ever heavier power
consumers appear on board, from
espresso machines to air conditioning, induction cookers and
even steam ovens and dishwashers. Consumption is referred to in
professional circles as hotel load.
With so much energy consumption, turning the power on is
inevitable. And with that comes
a few hours of noise, smell and
vibration. Or at least it does with
old configurations. WhisperPower
has tackled that inconvenience.
Ter Heide: Our aim is to develop
systems that produce as little

disruption as possible and deliver

optimum power for comfort with
a short running time. If you enjoy
your peace, any engine noise on
board is already too much. We
have integrated so many innovations into our systems, that we
refer to it as new school.
Important aspects
Under this new approach, four
aspects play a major role: speed
control, connectivity, temperature control, and safety. Where
other generators run at a fixed
speed, The Whisper Genverter

systems are speed adjustable. The

number of revolutions per minute
is tuned to the needs at any specific moment. That minimizes the
vibrations on board. The generator provides the required power
and stops once the inverter takes
over. This limits the running time
and increases the silent time. Ter
Heide: Our devices can take more
than those commonly found on
the market and have hardly any
restrictions in power; we have
pushed the limit to 500 kW. The
connection method is crucial,
especially with larger equipment


WhisperPower developed this hybrid system

for a 106 Ft yacht
From right to left: 2 x WhisperPower Hy-Gen variable speed generators each 150 kW, parallel
300 kW. They drive the electric motors for the propulsion (130 kW per propeller, combined
with a 2000 kW MTU diesel engine). They also supply the power for the hotel load. In the middle, is the cabinet containing the DC connectors and fuses for the 750VDC bus coupled with
the water-cooled Hy-Convert converters and the Hy-Invert inverters (for the 3 x 380 V threephase power supply). Far left: two 40 kVA mains transformers for the vessels shore power
connection. This equipment ensures the correct frequency and voltage on board wherever the
boat is in the world, without the need for a frequency inverter. Not visible in this photo: 5000
Ah/24 Volt lithium battery with 4 x 10 kW (40 kW) three-phase AC PowerCube inverters to get
through the night quietly and diesel free whilst still maintaining comfort (incl. air-con). ithium
batteries are charged by the DC PowerCube charging system from shore power (ie ship can
have unlimited connection to shore power) and two 15 kW Genverter silent generators.



Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Innovation cluster
The Drachten Innovation Cluster (ICD) is a collaboration between the province of Friesland, the
municipality Smallingerland and a dozen technical businesses in Drachten. The aim is to put the
region on the map as the centre of the high-tech
manufacturing industry, attract highly educated
personnel and exchange knowledge and experience.

on board. High currents are drawn

from the battery when you go
from lower to high voltage. This
means resistance and that causes
heat. Something that needs taking
in to consideration properly. We
therefore apply multiple connection techniques. Heat also affects
the durability of the inverter and
battery charger. We work largely
with power electronics based on
high frequency technology and
therefore it is important that we
control any produced heat well.
We call it Running cool.

6 5500 m2 premises
close to the Motorway from Amsterdam to Bremen.

Minimizing charge time

In addition to the speed control,
connection methods and temperature control, protection is also a
key word within the new school.
Charging batteries is a delicate
process that, with the Whisper
DCPowerCube, is fast and efficient.
More and more Lithium-ION tech-

nology is being applied, so that the

charging time is further reduced.
That saves running time, and
therefore pollution. Ter Heide: We
are currently doing a lot of projects
in Italy and there, to a large extent,
they go by No diesel at anchor.
However whilst anchored they still
run the washing machine and air
conditioning. With the technology
we have developed, a lot of power
can be taken from the sufficient
buffer stock.
Complete packages
He continues: We supply shipyards complete packages and all
electrical components. In that
respect we are also a logistics service provider. To give an example,
for the new 67 Ft Hanse yacht we
developed a complete system.
With our systems it is possible
to plug in to any mains socket
wherever you are in the world,
just as you can with an iPhone
charger. Ter Heide states that the
biggest growth is in the sector
for vessels upwards of 24 meters.
WhisperPower also supplies
hybrid propulsion systems. For
the J-Class yachts, WhisperPower
has supplied all-in-one systems:
generators combined with electric
propulsion that simultaneously
generate electricity while sailing.
Therefore there is always enough
power for a night at anchor. Re-

cently, a WhisperPower Genverter

system of more than 100 kW in
combination with a 50 kW propeller shaft was installed on a 46 meter yacht designed by Hoek Design
Naval Architects. In collaboration
with Diesel Center Italia, one of
the main MTU distributors, WhisperPower developed a system as
eco-mode for fast motor yachts.
Ter Heide: It is a parallel hybrid
system with an electric motor that
is integrated into every drive train.
These are fed by our Hy-Gen Genverter systems of 150 kW each,
which take over the propulsion
and ensure a speed of 10 knots.
At the same time, the system
provides enough power for the
hotel load.

Demonstration vessel
WhisperPower has an effective means of showing their products to water sport enthusiasts: the demonstration vessel Independence. This Sturir CS 555, built at Volharding Staveren Shipyard, is equipped with varying
different systems. The engine room is set up with a number of systems including: a Genverter 2, three working DC Power Cubes 24/150, run in parallel, ensuring that the batteries are charged quickly through the Genverter generators. An AC PowerCube 24 / 14 000 inverter with 14 kVA to make sure there is a constant 230 V
/ 50 Hz voltage. Isolation transformers, a Piccolo and a standard 25 kW generator with PTO (Power Take-off).
Last spring, the Independence made a tour around key ports.

Compact and powerful

In contrast with that brutal force,
stands the small, but powerful
Piccolo, which was introduced last
year. With its compact dimensions
of 52 x 47 x 45 cm and weighing
68 kilos, this generator can be built
in to numerous boats. It delivers
4 kW of power, and thanks to the
use of a special inverter (PMG)
in the output, the voltage and
frequency remain stable regardless
of speed. The heart of the Piccolo
is made up of a one cylinder diesel
engine, built by WhisperPower
themselves. At 3600 rpm this WP1
is 4.8 kW strong. The integration

of an alternator in to the flywheel,

a feature also applied to the
other compact Genverters, saves
considerable space. Moreover, the
applied super-magnets (permanent-magnet alternator) render it
highly efficient. The Piccolo has an
adjustable RPM and in combination with the sound enclosure and
the optional baseplate, noise and
vibrations remain well contained.
For the other Genverter models
WhisperPower uses Kubota and
Mitsubishi engines and for heavy
duty systems, there is also the
option of other brands, including
Steyr diesel engines. WhisperPow-


ers fixed speed generators are still

in great demand on small commercial vessels. For the consumer
market, WhisperPower offers its
Orange Label; a range of products distinguished by the colour
orange. Increasingly, refits are becoming an interesting market for
WhisperPower. Understandable
as it is more efficient to replace
outdated electrical systems in full
with a contemporary version that
is tailored to todays interfacing,
CanBus and NMEA 2000. In short,
WhisperPower knows how to find
markets which result in growth.



4 The robust
connectors are
clearly visible on this
AC Powercube 7000.

Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Martijn Favot:

Things that work

Martijn Favot (47) is a happy man once the products
and systems developed under his leadership are
actually sold to customers. And that is happening
more and more. This is what Martijn, an old hand
when it comes to the energy world, had to say.




Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

You have been working in

this sector for a good number
of years already. What is so
attractive about it?
Yes, Ive already served 15 years!
I was with Mastervolt until 2007
and following a short break taken
with another company, I came
to the WhisperPower group. The
market has changed considerably
in this time. Something I measure
primarily in terms of the product
itself. We supply electric power
systems for those locations where
there is no permanent connection
to the grid. The maritime sector is
still the easiest market for us to define, where the demand for energy
is only increasing and the requirements change. That is where, as a
relative newcomer, we can come in
and help which certainly provides
me with interesting challenges.
Plus of course the development of
systems for different market sectors such as mobile and land-based
markets is also rewarding. Never a
dull day!
What has changed in the
In the nineties we were really pioneering when it came to inverters,
battery chargers, generators with
a new type of engine management
and lithium batteries. Nowadays,
we produce systems that can deliver much more power with greater
efficiency, lower power consumption and much higher reliability.
This has been led, to an extent, by
the availability of proven technolo-

We use the most advanced and modern
components for our power electronics.
We design systems that can handle high
power easily.
We integrate Redundancy in all our
AC PowerCube inverters.
Our products are rock solid.

gies such as permanent magnet

generator technology, where super
magnets are applied just as is done
on modern windmills, as well as
stable lithium cells and robust
power electronics. We are now
seeing that traditional mechanics, such as those used in diesel
engines, become the weak link
more quickly than the electronics
and energy storage systems themselves. An important advantage
of the new technology we are developing is that the quality of the
power has become much better
thanks to the electronics and that
we can apply inverter technology
for large energy consumers such
as electric motors, air conditioning
systems, complete galleys etc.
Where do you see the limit
for the application of inverters
for example?
With the introduction of LithiumION as a power storage system, it
is possible to store much more energy in relatively small spaces and
with reduced weight in comparison
to traditional lead-sulphuric acid
batteries. Lithium batteries can be
charged up to 100% of the nominal
capacity or discharged. Therefore
you can pump in or withdraw
much more power from the battery. For us, a 5 kW inverter, for the
larger marine or mobile systems,
is seen as an entry-level model.
We provide a 7 kW inverter when
there is a 7 kW generator and the
next size up is 14 kW. We are now
working on a 20 kW three-phase
inverter based on a single cabinet
principle, suitable for 24 or 48
VDC. Our charge systems and generators developed to go with this
follow what we call the New School
Can any company develop
this technology?
In principle yes, but we see many
examples of companies who can
provide a new style for part of
an energy solution but cannot
deliver a complete system. You

3 AC Powercube

need a lot of experience to oversee

the entirety of a smart energy
system. You are dealing with diesel
generator technology, PM technology, storage, charge technology, inverter technology, power
management and monitoring and
control. And then the components
must also be installed well, which
requires skilled guidance with the
same applying to commissioning. Then you have, for boats and
roaming vehicles, the need for
worldwide service. We can do all
this, have years of experience in all
these areas of expertise and have
built a great network. We are also
fortunate in the fact that we have
the financial resources to maintain
this kind of expensive R & D.
Why would the customer
change and choose your new
Firstly, customers want superreliable systems requiring little
maintenance, that are safe and
do not break. WhisperPower /
Hybrid Power fills this demand by
seamlessly delivering rock solid
products. The customer also wants
to consume less energy and bring
down the total cost of ownership.
Noise and vibrations form another
aspect. The user does not want
to hear anything and if possible,
would get rid of the diesel engine

so that they can live on a zeroemission basis at anchor or in

port. The hybrid aspect - complete
electric propulsion or combined
with diesel - is something that is
very clearly coming, in line with
what was seen in the automotive
industry. We simplify onboard installation with our systems - fewer
cabinets, fewer labor costs related
to installation etc. For large yachts,
for example, our system makes
the installation of a shore power
converter, costing between 30 and
50 000 euros, redundant.
I read a lot about the new
Piccolo generator, tell us
about it.
The Piccolo is our own success
story and a prelude to the expectation that fixed speed generators
will be replaced by variable or
adjustable speed generators. With
the Piccolo, the customer is buying
a high quality 4 kW generator,
suitable for land-mobile or marine
applications. They get 25% more
electrical power with perfect voltage quality so that all connected
devices work with 100% certainty
for a 25% lower price. That is
innovation. Plus, the generator
system is also 30 kg lighter and the
noise level is much lower with far
less fuel consumption. Easy money.
Connection to other WhisperPow-


er components such as the inverter

/ battery charger combination and
the control panel is plug and play
and we offer more and more in an
All-in-One cabinet set up, saving
the customer a lot of money on
the installation. This story also applies to the two and three cylinder
Genverter products.
How is it that the Piccolo is so
First and foremost, it is a question of design. With this product
we fully implemented the design
for manufacturing principle. This
results in a high quality product
that is easy to assemble. We
produce the Piccolo in our factory
in Drachten. Thanks to the design
and Lean by Kaizen production
principle, we have a much shorter
construction time. Then you get
to economies of scale. We focus
on substantial volumes per month
which helps on the purchasing
side, handling etc.
What developments have you
experienced yourself in recent
In the past, I have gone through
every conceivable technical position, from junior product development to product manager. I have
also designed systems for small



and large yachts, which of course

much more practical work. I have
also led many outsourcing projects.
I have worked as a developer of
power electronics and for several
years, was responsible for the entire industrial design in a mediumsized company. At WhisperPower,
in my role as Technical Director, all
this comes together. I have a good
overview and have a lot of specific
knowledge in every field in which
we operate. Fortunately at WhisperPower, we still have the scale of
business where project management, engineering and supply
chain activities can be combined
within our multi-disciplinary teams.
You, WhisperPower, make
your own inverters. They are
pretty big things!
From the market itself there is a
growing demand for more silent
power for serious loads including
air conditioning units. In general,
the power consumption per device
is decreasing. Air conditioners
for example are becoming more
economical etc, but the actual
number of devices is increasing.
At WhisperPower, we are pursuing the inverter technology with
heavy consumption as a main goal.
We are now making heavy duty
inverters which are characterized
by a perfect, stress-free connection technology on the DC side
and sublime behaviour in terms
of output voltage quality, start-up
performance, efficiency and noise
level. Perfect cool running units.
You can compare the AC Power
Cube with the development of the
motorcycle. The old, pounding and
vibrating one cylinder motorcycles
that were previously made in England have been pushed out of the
market by modern multi-cylinder
engines that are made in Japan.
This is similar to the battle that we
have taken on, moving over from
old, transformer-based inverters
with a large ripple, low efficiency
and an unpleasant noise level to a
smooth running AC Power Cube.
The new school all the way!

Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Stijn de Wit:

The future is now

Stijn de Wit has worked at WhisperPowers sister
company, Hybrid Power Systems BV, since january
2015. We asked him about his experience with the
company so far and his plans for the future.




Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

What did you do before

you started with your current
I spent more than 12 years at
Holland Nautic, a company in
Apeldoorn, which for many years
was an importer for Raymarine
and in the last few years, represented Simrad / Navico. I worked
initially as an after sales engineer
for the various communication and
navigation equipment and later
as a product manager and project
leader for the implementation of
major projects including, amongst
others, mega yachts.
How did you end up in
the maritime world?
My father was an owner of a
marina in Meppel for many years
so I was pretty much born between
the boats! As expected and rather
typically, I am drawn to everything
maritime. During my school days
I did a number of technical jobs
on board of yachts in Meppel
and Zwartsluis, including working
for the Kranerweerd. During my
studies, I did a placement at Holland Nautic and I just sort of stuck
around, in a positive sense!
You switched to a firm with
very different activities, what
is the background to that?
In recent years, I began to get itchy
feet. I wasnt really getting much
further with my previous employer
and the position of a European
importer of these sort of products
is increasingly under pressure as

manufacturers move increasingly

towards the customer directly. I
started looking around and knew
of the existence of WhisperPower.
In fact, a former colleague of mine,
Rene van Miltenburg had started
working there a year earlier, making the switch to another company
after 27 years. He had good words
to say about the company and the
management. I saw a new field
in which I could develop myself
Electrical systems are
different to the field from
where you have come from.
Yes, thats correct but the transition has actually gone very well.
I was immediately thrown in at
the deep end and let loose on
a couple of projects that I have
completed with good results. Its
all going well: mostly the cables are
thicker and the voltage is slightly
increased. Previously I dealt with
24 V but now 800 VDC, with amperage up to 600 amps.
Do you still have to undergo
further training?
Sometimes I pick up the books of
an evening and I make sure I listen
well to my teachers, that helps
a lot. I have just successfully completed, as project leader, the first
of two hybrid installations project
which were sold last year. It was an
ambitious project where the bar
was set very high: the development, manufacture and supply of a
complete hybrid power / propulsion system for a 36 meter motor

yacht. We developed, in a short

space of time, a diesel-electric
propulsion system of about 250 kW
capacity as a sort of Eco navigation mode for this type of yacht.
We developed two super-quiet
new generation diesel generators,
each 150 kW, which alongside the
propulsion, also had to feed the on
board power supply. For night use,
we developed a concept that, without the use of generators, enabled
the yacht to remain completely
cool via the air conditioning system
which was connected to a 40 kVA
inverter system. So even without
running engines, there was still
complete comfort.

What was so complicated

about this system?
Firstly, most of the components
were not in existence so we had to
develop them first. During the project we had to work with a Dutch
contact and a few Italian subcontractors and integrate everything
with bus technology. And all at
an Italian shipyard, San Lorenzo,
where they work differently to
here in Northern Europe. That
took some getting used to. Lets
just say communication, planning
and making appointments there is
something else.
Tell me more about your
experiences with that Hybrid
The main objective of the project
was to provide the SL 106 with
a speed of 9 knots using electric
motors, supplied by the Italian

Specifications San Lorenzo 106 Hybrid

Hybrid system

Length Overall:
Maximum Beam:
Draught at full load:
Maximum Speed (approx):
Guest Accommodation:
Accommodation for Crew:
Fuel Oil Tank Capacity:

- 2 x Auxilia e-motors 130 kW each

- 2 x Hy-Gen Genverter generators 150 kW each
for propulsion and hotel load
- 40 kW 3 x 380 VAC inverter power
- 2 x Genverter 15 kW night generator (DC)
- 5000 Ah 24 VDC Lithium battery
- 6 x DCPowerCube 120/150
- Naviop automation and control
- Visedo power electronics

32,2 m
7,05 m
2,00 m
28 knots
2 x MTU 16V2000M93 - 2434 HP
8 People
4/5 People
8.300 l

units or the larger Hy-Gen 150 kW

generators. The major challenge
was linking all devices, including
the non-WhisperPower products,
via a central CAN bus system and
then programming the power
management system. This part was
carried out by the company Navico
and they got the job done in an
admirable and effective manner.

company Auxilia, which were

installed between the gearbox and
2 x 2000 kW MTU propulsion motors. In Italy they call it a comfort
mode, whereby the ship can cover
large distances quietly and above
all economically and can enter
bays. This can result in a saving of
many tens of thousands to more
than a hundred thousand Euros
per season. We installed two
150 kW WhisperPower HyGen
silent generators which together
provide up to 300 kW, 240 kW of
which is used for propulsion and at
least 60 kW for the hotel load. It
was a wonderful experience during
the sea trial to sail super silently
on e-propulsion. You could only
hear the water and still, we were
going at nine knots. The boost
function, so adding the e-motors
to the MTUs also worked well. We
achieved a speed of almost
50 knots. The semi-electric sailing
was also a success: with the MTU
on one propellor and electric


This project has now been

completed, what is in store
We have new hybrid orders in
waiting, including one from Baltic
Yachts in Finland plus there are
many enquiries. Furthermore I am
also the product manager for the
instrumentation that WhisperPower calls WhisperConnect. We have
a large number of devices that we
want to link together via a cable
bus system based on a simple plugand-play operation. With this, I can
absolutely indulge my ambition to
deliver perfect systems.
Do you, Hybrid Power, develop
everything yourself?

motor on the other, the diesel

consumption was 40 liters / hour
at fairly decent speed. A second
objective was to make the ship
quiet overnight whilst still
maintaining comfort. The challenge here was the fact that the on
board power supply was set up as
three-phase 400 volt, as is typical
for this type of yacht,and there
were no standard DC-AC inverters
available on the market. We developed a 10 kW three-phase inverter
that enabled the air conditioning
units, refrigerators, freezers etc to
continue to run from our 24 VDC
WhisperPower Lithium-ION battery
bank. In total, we loaded 40 kW on
to the inverter. It worked perfectly.
As a backup and for charging from
the shore power, we installed two
15 kW Piccolinis (Genverter
15 kW) with quite a few DC PowerCube charge modules that quickly
and completely charge the batteries either when shore power is
available or via the small Genverter



1.) SL 106
2.) HY - GEN 150 - 6
3.) A
 C PowerCube
10 kVA
3 x 380 VAC
4.) D
 C PowerCube
2 X 4.3 KW
5.) N

We work together with specialists so that we can speed up the

development process. Yachtcontrol
from Hattem is our partner in the
WhisperConnect project. They have
a great software team and are very
skilled in designing touch screens.
An additional advantage is the fact
that they are also involved in the
development of displays for companies such as Webasto and Kabola.
We also work with other specialist
companies such as Empirbus and
Naviop Italy. Unity is strength.
What do you see as your
biggest challenges at Hybrid
Power / WhisperPower?
I find it a great challenge to do
creative work, so the role of product manager / project manager
suits me. My experiences in the
field of plug-and-play electronics
systems and knowledge in the field
of screens and associated software
is now coming in handy.

Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Hans Webbink

A born entrepreneur
with a fighting spirit

3 Hans Webbink;
With 13 boats under
construction at the
moment and over 30
produced over the
last 4 years, we must
be doing something

5 Steeler NG 43

Hans Webbink is a name that is hard to imagine the Dutch maritime

world without. A born entrepreneur with a fighting spirit, who
dared, in difficult economic times, to start a completely new
business from scratch - Steeler Yachts, based in Steenwijk. This
infamous and inspirational industry figure shares his story.

4 Winner of 2015
European Yacht of
the Year.

teeler Yachts was founded

in 2010 as a continuation of my activities at
Antaris (nowadays known
as Aquatec) that I had set up 10
years earlier. Alongside polyester
mass production of boats and day
cruisers, steel yachts were also
built there on a limited scale. With
Steeler Yachts I am building on that
concept. A big advantage of building with steel and aluminum is the
fact that there is no need for costly
molds to be made plus we are able
to respond quickly to customer
requests. We build 100% of our
yachts customized for the client.

So people who want to go and buy

a standard boat from stock go to a
production builder such as Bavaria

or Beneteau but boaters who want

something unique, made completely to their needs, come to us.

Often people have been saving

up a long time to buy a boat and
therefore, they want maximum
input in how it turns out and want
to be involved in the build process
in detail. With 13 boats under construction at the moment and over
30 produced over the last 4 years,
we must be doing something right.

we use WhisperPower systems

which can also be connected to the
different touch panels for example,
Yachtcontrol or Raymarine.
Last year you received a European
prize for the Panorama boat. What
does 2016 have in store?
The Steeler NG 43 has been
nominated as European Boat

of the Year 2016, so I hope to

come up trumps. Its a pretty fast
aluminum yacht equipped with
Yanmar engines and a roll damping
stabilization system. Last year we
focused on space and the house
boat experience. As we head in
to 2016, we are going to focus on
design and game changing efficient

5 A Panorama
yacht in production
at Steeler Yachts in
Steenwijk (NL).

What are the trends that you

A few years ago, we saw a shift
towards 15 meters but that then
went down to 12 meters, and more
recently, we have seen it head back
up to 13 meters. 50% of what we
build is in aluminum. The big advantage of that is that it has similar
properties to steel but can sail more
quickly due to the reduced weight.
We now have a number of yachts
that go to the Mediterranean and so
are delivered with full air conditioning. For all our yachts, it is usual that
long trips will be made, so onboard
comfort is key. It is for these reasons, that for our complete range,




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Hans Stacey

Innovation at Starin BV
Hans Stacey is a famous name in the rally world. In 2004 he drove his first
Paris - Dakar rally in a DAF truck. He went on to drive this rally 3 times with
his own MAN truck team and later with the MAN factory team up until it was
relocated from Africa to Latin America. In 2006 he finished 2nd in the Dakar
rally. In 2007 he was the last Truck class winner the original Dakar in Africa.
In 2008 he and the MAN team were the winner of the Central Europe Rally
and the Trans Orientale rally from St.Petersburg to Peking.

6 Hans Stacey;
Through a new
innovative injection
method, multiple
leaking pipe
connections or
longitudinal cracks in
sewer pipes can be
filled-in in a day.

rom 2012 to 2015 Hans Stacey was part of the Petronas

Iveco De Rooy team and in
2012 came second behind
his nephew Gerard de Rooy. Over
the last few years I have only had
daytime victories and had all sorts
of problems like punctures etc. But
I keep going. I am now busy again
training for the Dakar 2016. I am
driving for the new EVM team,
which stands for Eurol, Veka and

Man. Eurol, from Nijverdal, is a

major oil company who hand out
a lot in terms of sponsorship. I am
feeling super fit and am going to go
for it. Says Hans Stacey.
High-tech truck
In addition to being a successful
sportsman, Hans has also earned
his stripes in the business world.
Exactly 30 years ago I started
Stacey Olie with 10,000 Guilders

from my childhood Zilvervloot

savings account. Years earlier, I had
a petrol station but just couldnt
compete during the oil crisis with
the big groups such as Macro
throwing their large discounts
against me. With a lot of hard
work, Stacey Olie BV has become a
great business and is in fact where
WhisperPower gets their oil and
coolant from. In 2013, I sold the
business. I am now active as an

investor in other sectors and one

of the companies I am involved
in is Starin BV. This new company,
based in Eindhoven, specializes in
injecting and sealing leaks in wells
and man-accessible and man inaccessible sewer lines.
Through a new innovative injection method, multiple leaking pipe
connections or longitudinal cracks
in sewer pipes can be filled-in in a
day. This is achieved with a hightech truck which is equipped with
all of the tools required on-location. This includes a smart robot
system which is used to inspect
pipelines and repair where necessary. This all takes place without
the need to dig up a road resulting
in huge savings. Says Hans.
I asked the technology supplier from Germany to install
a WhisperPower hybrid power
system so that where needed, for
example in urban areas, could do
my work without running engines

or generators. That objective has

been achieved. The system runs
perfectly and can operate for eight
hours without the engine running.
We have since further expanded
the fleet with a Mercedes Sprinter
used for the preliminary examination of the sewage channels so
that we can work as efficiently as
possible. Says Hans Stacey..

Starin Truck Technical installation

1650 Ah / 24 V 2 Volt Gel battery
10 kW three phase inverter/ battery charger system
WhisperPower Generator SQ 16 3 x 380
Monitoring and control system




Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow


Based on trust
WhisperPower has professional engineers on staff,
skilled and experienced in their fields. However, as
so much has had to be developed in a short space
of time, WhisperPower has also collaborated with
specialized companies where needed to bring in
supporting key skills and experience. One such
company is Yachtcontrol from Hattem, with whom
the company has had a successful and good
cooperation with for several years.

ictor van der Louw,

owner / director (47) of
Yachtcontrol, deliberately
made the move over
from the IT sector to the marine
market sector a number of years
ago. In 2006 I founded Yachtcontrol from my exisiting business

DataDate, a sort of recruitment

agency for the IT sector. I was
looking for a suitable device for
communication and navigation for
my sail yacht but it wasnt possible
to buy one off the shelf. So, I went
on to develop one myself and that
is how Yachtcontrol emerged. Now,

almost 10 years later, I have a successful company which specializes

in tying together, to put it bluntly,
navigation and communication
equipment, digital switching
and other essential functions on
board. We can make sure that all
information is clearly displayed on
a screen and can also be remotely
monitored. We also develop products for companies like Webasto,
Victron Energy and in more recent
years, we have been doing a lot
with WhisperPower. Together, we
develop the readout screens for
the various energy systems that
WhisperPower sell in the maritime
and mobile markets. As a result we
have also, in the wake of WhisperPower, made the move in to the
mobile market.
What is your business model?
We are still working primarily in
the Benelux region, where we have
our hands full. We do refits directly
with the client and for the rest,
we work with the yacht builders.
We listen to the wishes of the
customer and then come with a
complete solution.
In the future we want to increase
our geographical area but we are

still small, there are only seven

of us in total. We think that the
cooperation with WhisperPower
can bring us a lot and vice versa
- electricity is becoming increasingly important on board and that


is what they are good at it. For

WhisperPower, we develop the
links that are necessary to allow
the electrical components to talk
to each other which all comes
together in a kind of automatic

5 Victor van der

applications and in turn have less

onboard computers. I am talking
about internet on board, entertainment and TV, all monitoring and
surveillance functions etc. This is
indeed not only convenient but
also cost effective.

Louw: Together, we
develop the readout
screens for the
various systems that
WhisperPower sells.


What do you see changing in the

future in the industry?
We will see a move much more towards mobile and cloud computing


Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Combimac is a typical no-nonsense company exclusively

focused on high-quality engineering and manufacturing quality
components for offshore and commercial shipping


Low profile but

high tech

ombimac, based in
Emmen, is a specialist
company in the field of
the development and
production of electric motors,
permanent magnet alternators
and industrial fans. The company was founded in 1919 and
moved to Emmen in 1956, during

a time when the northern part

of the Netherlands was still an
area of development in combatting unemployment. At the time,
many businesses from the west
of The Netherlands moved to the
northern areas. Since 1993, the
company has been owned by both
Helmoed Robben and Michael de

Innovation strength
Customers come to us with technical challenges, products that have never before been
made: think of dimensions, efficiency, shock resistance, for example for navy ships, durability etc. We are asked to find the very best top solutions. Meeting these requirements
is our strength and our innovation. It is also the reason for our existence; when another
company cannot make something, often we can. Despite a decline in the offshore sector,
we remain positive about the future.

Zwart. We spoke with Helmoed

about the company and the collaboration with WhisperPower
What is that makes your company
so special?
Our core business is in designing
and manufacturing special electric
motors with capacities from 1 kW
to 1 MW as well as special ATEX
certified fans for, amongst others,
the biogas industry and offshore
industry. Traditionally, we used to
be a main supplier for the Dutch
navy, submarines, minesweepers
and destroyers that require very
specific components. Over the last
20 years, not as much has actually
been built in our own country so
we have shifted our scope to Asia,

the Far East and Nato related countries. We only produce products
on request and in 2009, WhisperPower came to us with a request to
make high quality electric motors
based on permanent magnet
technology which can also act as
an alternator / generator. Since


5 Helmoed Robben,
Commercial director
at Combimac.
Magnet electrical
motor of 150 kW, all


then we have, in close cooperation,

developed a whole range from 50
kW to 150 kW. We have also been
involved in their smaller systems. It
is a solid collaboration with a lot of
We first came in to contact with
the yachting sector a few years
back when we supplied the 300
kW electric propulsion motor for
Ethereal, a 58-meter sail yacht
built by Royal Huisman Shipyard in
2009. This was the first sail yacht to
be fitted with an advanced Hybrid
power / propulsion system.


How is business now? You name

the offshore sector as a major
market, is that still going well?
Due to the low price of oil, all investments in new gas and oil installations are under pressure. We see
that instead, the navy export market
is growing. In terms of business, we
find new customers through word
of mouth and do limited advertising. We do exhibit at SMM, one of
the biggest maritime shows in the
world, which takes place every two
years in Hamburg but in general, we
keep a low profile.

Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Local expertise

A powerful, dynamic
group of companies
Joost Krebbekx is a senior consultant in the field of Innovation
for Berenschot, a management consulting firm based in Utrecht.
Joost Krebbekx
Holmer Doornbos

With 350 employees, Berenschot is one of the larger companies

in this field in The Netherlands.

n addition, Joost Krebbbekx is

also involved with the Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD), a group
of innovative companies based
in and around Drachten, one of
which is WhisperPower, aiming
to put the region on the map in
terms of innovation and high-tech
knowledge and skills.
Joost Krebbekx explains his involvement and experience with the ICD
in more detail and what this means
for the local industry and economy.
Since 2014, I have been a program manager at the ICD. I live in
Heerenveen, just a few minutes
from Drachten by car. I devote
approximately 2 days a month to

the Cluster and the main tasks are

implementing the agenda, devising
strategy plus involvement in the
creative process of looking at how
we can better put the ICD on the
map. A nice job. Its dynamic and
What is your experience so far
with the ICD?
Now is the right time to let these
partnerships develop and grow.
Unlike eight or ten years ago, the
companies are now ready and
people realize the importance of
collaboration to help advance the
national economy. In the past,
companies operate according to
the build to print principle. Today

Innovatiecluster Drachten
production takes
place accordInformatie
over het cluster
ing to given specifications. These
en de activiteiten van het cluster
companies design and produce
their own products and services
meaning there is a real manufacturing industry here.
What are your plans for the
We want the Cluster to grow gradually with 2 to 3 companies joining
per year from the northern region,
say from within one hours drive
from Drachten. We will look at
whether the company in question
is active on an international level,
if they themselves are creative and
whether they meet our high tech
criteria. With this vision, we see
the Cluster growing in to a powerful, dynamic group of companies.
WhisperPower is proud to be one
of the thirteen innovative companies forming the ICD. It is a publicprivate partnership that has been
active since 2011 and continues
to expand and strengthen bringing
together extensive knowledge and




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Innovation efforts

Sustainable solutions
At WhisperPower we are driven by a distinctive challenge: our
products are only seen as perfect when you can neither see nor
hear them. With this in mind, all our innovation efforts are geared
towards creating silent and vibration-free electrical power systems.
Those that do their work without interruption. That take advantage
of renewable energy sources to reduce emissions and

Non stop power for surveillance units

costs and enhance efficiency.

Security systems which protect

property from criminals and
ensure safety for people and the
environment is a growing business worldwide. WhisperPower
is also involved in this market for
unmanned, temporary security

Smart off-shore power

A perfect example WhisperPowers ability to
combine renewable energy sources with traditional
technology can be seen in the systems designed to
operate unmanned drilling platforms. An example
of this is the companys recent project carried out
for Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM), a
joint venture between Shell and Exxon, whose headquarters are in Assen in the Netherlands.

NAM has searched for and produced oil and gas in the
Netherlands since 1947, both onshore and offshore.
Their main objectives are to sustain production from
existing fields, explore and develop new fields, and
obtain more gas from existing fields by using innovative techniques. NAM employs over 1700 employees
and conducts operations in a safe, sustainable and
efficient way.
WhisperPower has engineered and supplied NAM
with a system that will provide a drilling platform with
sustainable, solar based electrical power. Rik Visser,
one of WhisperPowers senior technical engineers, has
been following the project and has also spent several
weeks at sea on the platform for maintenance work.

He explains:
Before we, WhisperPower, could start this project we
had to obtain our offshore license, which we did. We
went on to supply the first system in 2014. It ended up
being a kind of fast tracked engineering project as
NAM wanted to install the system within a very short
time frame. Their main objective was to reduce the
costs by having 24/7 surveillance rendering the need
for staff on a boat close to the platform obsolete. Furthermore, they wanted to reduce the fuel and maintenance costs of the generator system. We put a 12 kW
solar panel system together, mounted on a frame, to
charge 2 x 1500 Ah 2 V Gel cells and a 1 x 1000 Ah set.
The WhisperPower 10 kW, 24 VDC to 230 VAC inverter
system powers the entire AC network and includes accurate remote system monitoring. During low energy
generation days, for example during the winter, a back
up diesel generator automatically charges the battery
if the DC voltage is too low. The system works perfectly
and considering the harsh circumstances, holds up
very well. We are now preparing additional similar
systems for the same customer

A unit for observation consists of

an advanced camera system and
detection equipment which wirelessly supplies information and
feedback 24/7. The central monitoring room registers every event
occurring on the site. These units
are powered by WhisperPowers
maintenance free batteries and a
back-up charge system made up
of a 1 cylinder Genverter and a DC
PowerCube connected to the flywheel. During periods of storage
or when the units are not in use,
the batteries are maintained by
the DC PowerCubes battery charger. Solar panels are the primary
power source which work very
well during the summer period.
One of the companys supplying
security systems for remote areas
and building locations is Bouwatch.
They provide both mains powered
units, which can be connected to
utility power or a generator, as well
as off-grid systems powered by
solar panels and WhisperPowers
diesel based back-up systems.




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WhisperPower Norway


Nautic Africa

Nautic Africa is part of the Nautic Group of Companies

with its head office in Cape Town. The company is positioned as a leading shipbuilder and maritime services
provider in Africa and beyond, using relationships,
technology and skills to put their vessels at the forefront of modern shipbuilding. WhisperPower is proud
to be one of their key suppliers for electrical parts such
as WhisperPower diesel generators. These are installed
in workboats, patrol boats, search & rescue vessels
and other craft. Nautic Africas boats and ships are
sold worldwide basis. WhisperPower supports all the
supplied and installed systems with their local service

WhisperPower Norway, located in Oslo, is WhisperPowers dedicated

distributor for the entire product range and for all markets in Norway. In
addition to marine business, the company is also exploring land based opportunities as well.
In Norway, there are many leisure homes, cabins or hutte as the Norwegians say. They love to travel to these places, which can be found close to the
sea or in the beautiful mountain massif which Norway is surrounded by.
Norway is fortunate to have hydropower electricity as a natural resource
which is therefore also inexpensive. However, in a country like Norway with
so many inaccessible parts, there are many places which are not connected
to the main grid. In order to obtain the comfort from home, WhisperPower
Norway is now offering smart power packages. Systems were recently supplied
to an island in southern Norway where there are more than 1,000 cabins
living off the grid.
Clients require the best system, from the most innovative supplier, ensuring
operational reliability, lowest cost of ownership and minimal audible noise.
In WhisperPower they find the right partner. The WhisperPower systems
operate the kitchen equipment, entertainment, lights, tools and heat.
System specification: Genverter W-GV / 2K - 2-cylinder, WP-DC PowerCube
24V 150A, AC PowerCube 24/7000 inverter for 230 V AC appliances and a
battery bank 12 V 1250 Ah battery bank (2 volt cells). Required generator
running time 120 hours/ per year.


For Dutch companies operating on an international basis, Germany is

an obvious market to approach. We have been active in this territory
since the beginning with growing results. We have recently founded
WhisperPower GmbH in northern Germany, with the facilities being
located in Schleswig. Together with our German business partners we
are expanding the business in the various markets.
Mobile activities are growing. The food truck industry is important in
Germany for local use and exports. Local markets, festivals and sports
events all need mobile catering facilities which are equipped with
proper food and drink storage and preparation systems. Catering vans
are increasingly common on industrial estates selling food and drinks
to company employees as is the door to door sales of merchandise to
WhisperPower GmbH supports these mobile activities with the ideal
and correct electrical solutions. 230 V engine driven alternators
(BeltPower), which produce power for direct use or to be stored in the
batteries, have become one of the main products alongside lightweight
Lithium-ION batteries and compact silent generators ranging from low
power to many kWatts. Other applications of WhisperPower systems
are demonstration vehicles, bank vehicles, medical trucks, ambulances,
in fact any non-standard vehicle.

Expansion in Spain and Portugal

After some challenging years,

the market for WhisperPower
in this area of the world is
growing again. Managing director and part owner of WhisperPower Iberica, located in Gandia close to Valencia, Patricio
Blanco, is now adding strength
Patricio Blanco
to the company by hiring more
staff. Kyla Frances Nagle came
on board in early 2015 to take care of the back office plus new salesmen are
now starting to visit customers on a nationwide base. The Spanish subsidiary
also covers the Baleares, Canaries, Portugal and countries in South America.
The new school power systems are selling well now, especially into the
retrofit markets. A traditional 20 metre Motor yacht was recently finished by
Multinautic Servicios Nuticos S.L. in Villa Nova Grand Marina in Barcelona.
A 14 kVA AC PowerCube operates the entire 230 V 50
Hz onboard network including high power consumers
such as the Webasto WB 300 kW system heat and cold
system of 50,000 BTU. A WhisperPower battery bank
consisting of 2 volt cells is charged by the Genverter
GV/3 with 2 x DC PowerCube. During navigation, batteries are maintained by 2 x DC Beltpower 150 Amp, fitted
Kyla Frances Nagle
to the 2 propulsion engines.
The mobile market offers good growth opportunities. A lot of projects
have been delivered including systems for food trucks. Santilles Icecream,
operating in Andalusia, has ordered the third system from WhisperPower
to operate another Mobile Ice Shop which supplies the beaches in the
South of Spain from May to October.

Our marine activities are growing as well. Shipbuilding companies like Fassmer GmbH (Berne,
Northern Germany) use WhisperPower generator
sets for their redesigned 28 m Search and Rescue
vessel (SAR). This new 28 m rescue vessel and its 8 m
daughter boat placed astern, are constructed as selfrighting vessels and built completely from marine
aluminium. With a maximum speed of 24 knots and
a high-performance propulsion system, this 28 m
Search and Rescue vessel is well-equipped for safe
service in the German Bight. A SQ 27, 27 KVA, 1500
rpm, GL certified generator provides the power.
Pleasure boats is another emerging market for WhisperPower. Participation with the main boatshows
(Hanse Boatshow, Boot Duesseldorf, Interboot,
Ancora) is helping to spread the name and demonstrate the extended portfolio. Companies like Hanse
Yachts have selected WhisperPower systems for
their new 675 sailing yacht. These systems provide
worldwide plug-in facility, full comfort even with
limited shore power and zero- emission power to
operate the airconditioning.

In a refurbished English style Ford Transit, a soft ice

machine together with a cream machine, fridge and 3
Granizado Frozen Drink slush machines are installed.
They are operated by a 10 kW, 3 x 380 V inverter
system connected to an AC BeltPower generator and a
small battery bank. The system runs without any problems in spite of the being operated in very hot circumstances, close to the sea, 12 hours a day and non-stop
for 6 months. In addition to this, WhisperPower is also
the leading company in the supply of inverter based
AC Power systems together with small fridges for medical purposes to Spanish Ambulance builders.
Spain is one
of the most
boating areas in
Europe but the
local boatbuilding
Menorchino 34 ft
industry has disappeared almost
completely. A well known player is Menorquin Yachts
from Menorca. Ten years ago they built over 70 boats a
year but after the big crisis of 2008, their sales dropped
severely and the company had to reduce activities. In
2011, Mr Francisco Sastre started to build the Menorchino series of semi-traditional semi-displacement yachts,
from 34 ft 54 ft. The company selected WhisperPower
to supply the entire electrical systems for their boats,
including new school Genverter generators.


WhisperPower International BV, the holding company of WhisperPower BV,

Hybrid Power Systems BV, WhisperPower Iberica, WhisperPower Germany,
WhisperPower Pacific and WhisperPower China, is enjoying a very healthy
year so far with revenue growth of over 40%. This positive performance has
predominantly benefited from the investments made in new technology
over the past 5 years and the establishment of a qualified global network
consisting of sales offices, distributors, premium service dealers and installers. The Groups workforce increased by 20%.

New Battery charger/rectifier range

Commercial vessels, high-end recreational vessels and off-shore platforms carry an enormous amount of electrical and electronic devices
that require a safe and non- stop power provision. WhisperPowers
Supreme professional battery chargers combine three vital functions.
Smooth, ripple free multiple step battery charging, a power supply function to buffer DC appliances in a direct way and a complete alarm and
monitoring device for the entire 24 VDC system. In early 2016, 40 and
60 Amp models will be introduced with 80 and 100 Amp versions following later that year. Lower power units from 15-30 Amp will follow. All
models are produced to operate on a 90-265 VAC / 50-60 Hz input and
will be fitted with three separate outputs.




Edition 01-2016 | Power to Grow

Kelvinlaan 82
9207 JB Drachten
The Netherlands