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Candidates engage in appropriate field experiences to synthesize and apply the content

and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions identified in these standards. (PSC
Field experience has been a requirement throughout the year at KSU. Ive
had many opportunities to lead meetings, model lessons, coaching others, and
provide deep thought and analysis on school-wide assessments. The standard
ask students to display mastery by not just participating in field experiences, but
to also apply knowledge and skill obtained during field experiences. Ive done
field experience creating artifacts, facilitating professional developments,
interviewing teachers and administration, collaborating with data and leadership
teams, and coaching and peer collaboration with teachers. Every field experience
came with strengths and difficulties. The time spent brought about guidance and
knowledge that if practice will be carried throughout my career as an instructional
technology specialist. Ive learned the tools and steps necessary to move a
school highlighting areas of weakness and opportunities of improvement through
the usage of technology.
As I experienced the hands on experiences, I found myself totally
engrossed in what I was learning and often times did not document as I went
through the training, shadowing, or facilitation of an activity. I found it difficult at
the end of the field experience placing all information, data, standards covered
on paper. I would adjust the process by creating a journal specifically for
reflection that highlights items of importance, literature reviews, and applications

obtained during field experiences. It wasnt until later in my year of KSU that I
applied the use of journal writing. I need to take it upon myself to document more
during the days and hours of field experience instead of compiling all experience
the week prior to submitting. I would also adjust the field experience document. I
feel that descriptions of field experience documents need to be more elaborate
so that anyone who was reading would have a better picture of what I
accomplished and skills Ive obtained. All of which is a skill that I will continue to
grow and develop. An instructional technologist can exhibit the skill and
knowledge, but the organization and preparation are also key components to
The field experience I chose to represent the synthesizing and application
of content and knowledge is the time and hours spent creating and facilitating the
multimedia project. I spent many days and hours in creating the multimedia
project, and I appreciated the field experience documentation. It displayed the
time and steps taken to execute an air tight project that focuses on student
learning and achievement, supports diversity, and elaborate and explicit enough
for anyone to execute the same project. I was able to share my experience with
other teachers display by modeling the steps taken to create such an element at
the highest LOTI level. The field experience impacted the faculty development as
I took the steps in creating the element, it impacted students once the element
was facilitated, and expanded school improvement as I modeled the lesson and
steps involved with school administration and leadership.
Ballard-Hudsons instructional technology is a work in progress. The
equipment is there, training provided, and software adopted now it will take more

teachers to continue professional learning and seek field experiences to help

develop the school into a school conducive to learning with integration of
technology and innovation at its highest level of implementation. I feel that the
field experience is only great once it has transferred and reflective in the skills
and teaching of others. I would assess the impact as moderate yet a huge step in
the right direction.