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American Heiress

The Wild Saga of the

Kidnapping, Crimes &
Trial of Patty Hearst

by Jeffrey Toobin
Departing from his usual
as-it-happens journalism,
Toobin has embraced the
new task of historian,
treating the reader to the
first really great book
about the Patricia Hearst
kidnapping. Beyond that,
the book offers a riveting
picture of America in the
chaotic 1970s, one that
will surprise you in ways
you wont expect. $28.95



The Clancys of Queens:

A Memoir
by Tara Clancy
In her debut memoir,
Tara Clancy takes us
back to her childhood in
Queens, New York.
Offering insight into the
rarely seen lives of
working class women,
Clancy fills this book
with real, unforgettable
characters & beautifully
crafted prose. $27.00




The 60s: The Story of a Decade

by The New Yorker Magazine
A reappraisal of the 1960s
mythos is in the air at the
moment a focus on the darker
side of the hippie dream, for
example and the reflection on
those times in these in-the-moment pieces should be extremely
enlightening, particularly taking
into consideration the current
state of our nation. $35.00

Born a Crime: Stories

from a South African
by Trevor Noah
Before we knew him as
the host of The Daily
Show, Noah rose to fame
with his boldly funny and
often uncomfortable
stories of growing up
biracial in apartheid-era
South Africa. His unique
life experience, bold
perspective, and inviting
storytelling abilities are
sure to make this book
a classic. $28.00

Darling Days: A Memoir

by iO Tillett Wright
Wright is just one of
many fascinating and
sparkling queer voices
out there in the
landscape right now.
This memoir has a lot
going on, and a lot going
for it. A gender-bender
with a complicated
family life, Wright is also
a survivor of super-scary,
super-grungy, superbadass 1980s New York
City. $26.99

Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and

the American Surveillance State
by Barton Gellman

The Feud: Vladimir Nabokov,

Edmund Wilson, and the End of a
Beautiful Friendship by Alex Beam

This is the long-awaited narrative

of the Snowden saga from one of
the first people to break the story.
Alongside Gellmans on-theground tale is his analysis of the
documents themselves. This is
the true firsthand account of an
ongoing, real-life political thriller.

The feud between these two

literary giants was highly
publicized as they attacked one
another in a series of letters in The
New York Review of Books. Alex
Beam tells this story, revealing
how the egomania and pettiness
of these two men led to both of
their eventual downfalls. $26.95

Last Girl Before Freeway:

The Life, Loves, Losses,
and Liberation of Joan
by Leslie Bennetts
Legendary comedienne
and first-ever female talk
show host, Joan Rivers
led a life filled with big
laughs and dramatic
lows. Released only two
years after Rivers tragic
death, this biography
offers an intimate look
into her truly iconic
60-year career. $28.00

Power to the People: The World

of the Black Panthers by
Stephen Shames and Bobby
To celebrate the 50th anniversary
of the Black Panthers founding,
Shames and co-writer Bobby
Seale give us a pictorial and
lyrical look at a movement whose
effects still resonate through our
society. $40.00

Patient H.M.: A Story of

Memory, Madness, and
Family Secrets
by Luke Dittrich
Dittrich takes the brave
path of digging into, so to
speak, his grandpas role
as a pioneer lobotomist.
In the vein (Ill stop now)
of The Immortal Life of
Henrietta Lacks, the
author ably unravels the
story of a key subject of
iffy psychiatric surgery in
a time when unproven
practices were A-OK!

Shakespeare and Company, Paris:

A History of the Rag & Bone Shop
of the Heart by Krista Halverson
Ooh la la! Halversons book about
the legendary Parisian literary
haunt promises more than one
could imagine. After all, what
better way to celebrate a magnet
for great writers than by exploring
it in their own words? A plethora
of never-before-seen images
doesnt hurt either. $34.95


Yum Yum Yum Yum

West Hollywood, CA




Appetites by Anthony Bourdain with Laurie Woolever

Appetites is Anthony Bourdains first cookbook in 10 years. You shouldnt need
more of an explanation than that. But if you do, its a culmination of his extensive
traveling, wry sense of humor, and mac & cheese recipes from a self-described
psychotic, anally retentive, bad-tempered Ina Garten. $37.50
Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten
Full disclosure: I am a total Ina Garten fangirl. This self-taught, eternally positive,
completely comforting woman and her TV show practically got me through my
teenage years. And now a new cookbook?! I love how much Ina loves her husband,
Jeffrey, and cooking for him! A perfect gift for the lover of love and cooking. $35.00
The Del Posto Cookbook by Mark Ladner
16th-century-still-life-inspired photographs of delicious Italian food beside mouthwatering recipes chosen by the talented New York chef Mark Ladner. This book will
help you impress all your dinner guests. $50.00
Everything I Want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking by Jessica Koslow
If youve eaten at Sqirl, you know what youre in for when you buy this book. Chef
Koslow brings her signature style of vibrant, adaptable, and healthful recipes right
to your very own kitchen table. Dont forget to stop by and thank her later. $40.00

The Gelte Manifesto by Jeffrey Yoskowitz and Liz Alpern

The new Ashkenazi cookbook from the creators of the Gefilteria in New York
encourages people from all backgrounds to experiment with Eastern European and
North American derivative recipes that are both traditional and innovative (e.g.,
home-cured pastrami, classic challah bread, and sour dill martinis). $35.00




Land of Fish and Rice: Recipes from the Culinary Heart of China by Fuchsia Dunlop
The lower Yangtze Region, home of bustling Shanghai, has been referred to as
the land of fish and rice for centuries. With this cookbook, Fuchsia Dunlop offers
the techniques, ingredients, and tools of an authentic Chinese kitchen. $35.00


L.A.s Legendary Restaurants: Celebrating the Famous Places Where Hollywood Ate,
Drank, and Played by George Geary and Barbara Fairchild
Anybody whos ever worked in the restaurant biz can tell you how incredibly hard it
is to make it work. Which is too bad, because an enormous amount of any citys
culture is grounded in its culinary ecosystem even more so in the mythic culture
of Hollywood. Everybody who enjoyed last years To Live and Dine in L.A. will love
Chef Gearys compendium of history, plus archival recipes. $45.00

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Cinema Lightbox
Inspired by the glory days of cinema marquees,
this battery-operated LED light box measures
12x8.5x2 inches. One hundred letters, numbers,
and symbols allow you to create your very own
messages as often as the mood strikes you. Tell
em how you really feel! Batteries not included.

Mozza at Home by Nancy Silverton with Carolynn Carreno

Nancy Silverton is a chef and founder of restaurants like Campanile and Mozza and
introduced L.A. to artisan bread in 1990. In her cookbook Mozza at Home, Silverton
details 19 delicious menus in clearly articulated recipes that feature main courses
and several smaller courses that can be made together or on their own. $35.00
Ten Restaurants That Changed America by Paul Freedman
Written by a Yale history professor, this book lends insight not just to whos serving
what where, but to why and how restaurants have led trends and defined what we
eat. Images and recipes lend atmosphere to these defining establishments. $35.00

best new fiction



New fiction from: Lethem McInerney Safran Foer Chabon McEwan, et al.


Dramatic Silence


Books in
Mason Jars !!
A Gamblers Anatomy
by Jonathan Lethem

A Gentleman in Moscow

Bright, Precious Days

by Jay McInerney

Picking up on characters and themes

from previous novels, McInerney
follows a middle-aged couple grappling
with their identities as individuals with
differing interests and the reemergence of a former lover. Set in the late
aughts, the financial fallout and
Obamas election reflect anxiety and
hope within the relationship. $27.95





by Amor Towles

Towles, who wrote the bestselling

Rules of Civility, follows his debuts
success with a novel set entirely in a
hotel, the Metropol, across from the
Kremlin during the critical years after
the revolution. The hero, an aristocrat imprisoned in the hotel, meets
guests who will later return and
change the course of his and the
countrys history. $27.00

A backgammon player with a facial

tumor and a debt to pay are but a few
of the odd juxtapositions Lethem
develops in a novel that traverses the
world, from Singapore, to Berlin, to
Berkeley. Add to that the psychic
qualities of the main character and
the plot will keep you tumbling
towards the last page. $27.95


by Michael Chabon
The latest from the Pulitzer Prize
winner is presented as a memoir but
isnt. Not exactly, anyway. Much like
Chabon himself, narrator Michael
Chabon visits his dying grandfather
to hear the mans deathbed confession and attempt to grapple with his
life. As always, Chabons compassion,
his grasp of language, and his ability
to imbue the smallest details with a
towering sort of magic astound and
mystify. $28.99

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Here I Am

by Jonathan Safran Foer

Nice Parking and Sorry About

the Other Night cards

Both sentiments come 25 to a pack in

a tidy little box. Perfect for slipping
into ones pocket and whipping out
when the time is right. $11.99 ea.

Nutshell: A Novel
by Ian McEwan

The latest novel by bestselling author

Ian McEwan (Atonement, The Children
Act), Nutshell is a story of betrayal and
murder told from the most unlikely of
perspectives. $24.95

The first novel in a decade from the

acclaimed author of Extremely Loud
and Incredibly Close is a family saga
set against the backdrop of a fictional
crisis in the Middle East. A rigorous
and moving examination of parenthood, faith, identity, morality, and
infidelity, in electric language rife with
dialog no one but Safran Foer could
dream up. At times funny, dirty,
disturbing, and capable of bringing
you to tears. $28.00

The Secret History of Twin Peaks

by Mark Frost

In preparation for the new series,

visionary Twin Peaks co-creator Mark
Frost digs deep into this legendary
small towns dark secrets, from its
19th-century founding to the events of
the original series and beyond. Sure to
delight fans while catching newcomers
up in time for the next must-watch TV
phenomenon. $29.99






Bowie, Hitchcock and Fellini


Entertainment Books

books on music, movies,

tv, comedy + more...








A Life in Parts @Bryan Cranston

I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of novels that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50 years I
spent like that. I often found myself awake at three in the morning contemplating when I would write my memoir. But
you know what? Ever since my book deal, I sleep just fine. What I came to realize is that fear, thats the worst of it. Thats
the real enemy. So, get up, get out to a bookstore, buy my book and be elated that you no longer have to tread lightly for
not knowing who I am. Bryan Cranston as Walter White (not an actual quote; it was adapted to sell this book.) #27.00
Absolutely on Music: Conversations @Haruki Murakami & @Seiji Ozawa
Fun fact: Haruki Murakami ran a jazz club in Tokyo before he started writing. This book explores Murakamis passion for
music through conversations with award-winning symphony conductor Seiji Ozawa. This book is sure to inspire,
whether youre musically inclined or not. #27.95
Alfred Hitchcock @Peter Ackroyd
In this short look at one of the worlds greatest directors, biographer Peter Ackroyd paints a captivatingly personal and
amusing portrait of the man behind the infamous Master of Suspense. Ackroyd reveals how Hitchcock developed from
an anxious isolated child afraid to leave his bedroom, to a powerful manipulator of Hollywood and the media, with
interviews and anecdotes from the stars who knew and worked with him. A rare treat for any cinephile. #26.95



Your Room Is Ready

A boxed set of notepads for hotels

that exist only in films, books or
TV shows; Bertrams Hotel (Miss
Marples favorite), The Overlook
(where Jack lost his mind), and
The Great Northern (home to FBI
agent Cooper while he searched
for Laura Palmers killer) are just
three of the eight 4 1/2 x 5 3/4
assorted color pads in this clever
collection. Printed in England.

The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop @Karen L. Maness and @Richard M. Isackes
Film history is full of unsung (and frequently uncredited) heroes, so its great to have this illuminating new tribute to the
art of scenic backgrounds. Amid the current film landscape where realism and frugality are the order of the day its
important to remember the simultaneously dazzling and comforting power of Hollywoods painted backdrops. #100.00
Bowie AZ: The Life of an Icon, from Aladdin Sane to Ziggy Stardust @Steve Wide, illustrations: @Libby Vanderploeg
The impact David Bowie had on music and culture is almost beyond description. This illustrated book is a celebration of
the multifaceted artist and his many personas, and is filled with everything you want to know about the legendary man
perfect for any Bowie lover. #14.95
Dolce Vita Condential: Fellini, Loren, Pucci, Paparazzi, and the Swinging High Life of 1950s Rome @Shawn Levy
The fashion, film, and photography coming out of Rome in the 1950s drew the attention of stars and celebrities around
the world. This wild ride through the sexiest city of the era, rife with compelling tales, gossip, and a look at bohemian
excess, is sure to be a good time. #27.95
The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo @Amy Schumer
Emmy Award-winning comedienne, actress, writer, producer, and star of the hit television show Inside Amy Schumer, as
well as the acclaimed film Trainwreck, Amy Schumer is having the best year ever. She has now added author to her long
list of accomplishments. Amys collection of essays range from bleak to hilarious not necessarily in that order. As you
read through her book you will come to find her candor extremely refreshing. #28.00
Love for Sale: Pop Music in America @David Hajdu
Did you ever wonder how yodeling came to be synonymous with country western music? Even if your answer is of
course not, youll have to admit that this and other strange tales in Love for Sale are pretty fascinating. This topic may
sound too broad for one book, but Hajdu connects the dots and makes it approachable without over-simplifying. #27.00

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Entertainment + Music + Film



Related: Bill Murray, Nick Cave, Sex Pistols, Mel Brooks, Bob Dylan, John Hughes, Walt Disney...

The Lyrics: 19612012 by Bob Dylan

Buy It Now $60.00

Just when you thought you had everything Bob Dylan. This giant collection of lyrics contains many of the Nobel winners
original works along with newly edited additions. Now you can finally have the karaoke night youve always wanted.

My Life with Earth, Wind & Fire by Maurice White with Herb Powell

Buy It Now $27.99

We at The Soup were saddened to hear about the passing earlier this year of Maurice White, the vocalist/architect behind the
iconic Earth, Wind & Fire. Bassist Verdine White is one of our most favorite Soup friends, so we are thrilled to be presenting
Maurices book. There is a reason EWF strikes right through to ones soul, and Mr. Whites memoir illuminates it all.

Searching for John Hughes: Or Everything I Thought I Needed to Know

About Life I Learned from Watching 80s Movies by Jason Diamond

Buy It Now $15.99

A great gift for those who looked to the films of John Hughes for comfort and guidance when coming of age. Diamonds love of
Hughes leads him on a doomed mission to write the late directors biography during which he inadvertently discovers himself.

Outta My Way Mortals

Buy It Now $12.95

Who doesnt love a pair of

snarky socks when words
are better slipped into boots
than spoken.




Sex Pistols by Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage

Buy It Now $65.00

Never-before-seen letters, photos, art, and ephemera illuminate the raucous rock-and-roll saga of the Sex Pistols, from maverick
rise to quick demise; a tumultuous reign of explosive creative fire which so revolutionized music, culture, and fashion that we
still feel the feedback reverb forty years later. A stunning chronicle and must-have for music and cultural history mavens.

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave

Buy It Now $21.00

Whether or not youve encountered Nick Cave a mythic artist who sings, croons, growls, and howls with sinuous apocalyptic,
and prophetic energy you will be amazed by this account of a whirlwind world tour. Love, death, murder, redemption, and
creativity, are on offer. Cave mad like Mozart, bombastic as Beethoven is one of musics most compelling songwriters.


The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing by Gavin Edwards

Star Wars Art:

Ralph McQuarrie
Buy It Now $250.00

Finally! Here we have the

most complete collection of
Star Wars art by its legendary designer, Ralph McQuarrie. Not just the essentials
ALL OF IT. No self-respecting Star Wars fan can call
their collection complete
without this tome.

Buy It Now $26.00

Drawing philosophical principles from Bill Murrays legendarily absurd antics may seem an impossible task, but Edwards is up
for the challenge in this funny, affectionate tribute. Using interviews with witnesses to some of the actors more surreal
escapades dropping in on karaoke parties, shooting hoops with the Harvard JV womens basketball team to distill the life
lessons behind them, Edwards implores us to live our lives with the weird, wild, irrepressible joy Murray has made his trademark.

The Walt Disney Film Archives: The Animated Movies 19211968 edited by Daniel Kothenschulte

Buy It Now $200.00

They did it for Chaplin last year. Now, Taschen is serving up a deliciously exhaustive look at Disney history. This one promises
to shed light on the more forgotten corners of the legendary companys oeuvre, while reaffirming the larger influence that
Disney has had on the landscape of American and international popular culture.

Young Frankenstein: The Story of the Making of the Film by Mel Brooks

We all know what he did. Well, we all know that Mel Brooks, running full steam ahead at 90, is an international treasure (as was
Gene Wilder - R.I.P.). We remember Young Frankenstein on initial release: we understood 40% of the jokes, but knew 100% that it
was genius. There is never enough to learn about this classic, and we are so lucky to have Mr. Brooks guide us through!

Buy It Now

Cat Videos

Gifts for people who like art (or at least pretend to)

Art, Architecture, and Photography Recommended for you based on top-secret NSA algorithms

Up Next [Autoplay]

Slim Aarons: Women

by Slim Aarons and Laura

Trousdale Estates: Mid-Century to

Modern in Beverly Hills
by Steven Price

Developed in the 1950s and 60s, the Trousdale Estates

consist of some of the most resplendent, luxurious
homes in Beverly Hills. The crme de la crme of L.A.
society has resided there, including Groucho Marx, Frank
Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck, and ...Richard Nixon (?). You
will have no choice but to appreciate mid-century modern
chic at its finest as you flip through past and present
living in Trousdale. $75.00




Raymond Pettibon

by Raymond Pettibon, edited by Ralph Rugoff

At last, the definitive collection of work by this LA punk
icon is available at an affordable price! Defining the
aesthetic of a subculture with his iconic work for Black
Flag, Pettibons mark on pop culture is indelible. This
striking collection assembles his distinctive pen-and-ink
artwork, from early fanzines and punk show fliers to
more recent political work, and includes an exclusive
collaboration between Pettibon and Jonathan Lethem.
The perfect gift for the punk or art collector or
punk/art collector in your life. $50.00

Youve hung out poolside

with Slim Aarons and found
a place in the sun with him.
Now you can be a fly on the
gilded or tastefully
stuccoed walls of iconic
ladies. This collection is
Aarons at his absolute best:
crisp, glorious images that never objectify, frequently
dazzle, and always engage. $85.00

Complete Works

by Josh Agle

Josh Agle, the artist known

as SHAG, presents an
overview of the past thirty
years of his career. Perfect for fans of the mid-century
modern aesthetic & aficionados of illustration, design,
and pop art. $39.95


Yves Klein: In/Out


Edited and with text by

Matthias Koddenberg

Street: The Human Clay

Wallace Berman: American Aleph

In this latest edition of Lee Friedlanders voluminous series

of monographs, theres less Lee and more We. Street: The
Human Clay looks out onto the world, eager to hop out of
the back seat of a taxi and get to know the nearest
passerby. Culled from over five decades of work spanning
big and small U.S. cities, this is a record of the lives of
strangers, how they lived and loved each day, how they
were us and we them. $65.00

The Kohn Gallerys wonderful summer exhibition was a

welcome reminder of the enduring work of an artist often
remembered for bringing people together: from Marjorie
Cameron and Dennis Hopper, Andy Warhol and the Ferus
Gallery, to the far-flung subscribers to Semina, Bermans
mail art magazine. The Verifax prints and collages; the
engraved, encased, enchained stones; and, of course, the
big moons and Aleph are all here. Finally, with an intro by
the artists son (and veteran Book Souper), Tosh Berman,
this collection is a brilliant introduction to the work of
this...uh...seminal American artist. $59.95

by Lee Friedlander

by Wallace Berman

This stunning collection of

images sheds new and
brilliant light on one of the
most influential, and
underappreciated, artists
of the 20th century. The
haunting immediacy of the
images plus the groundbreaking nature of Kleins
art make it easy to forget that Klein arrived so early
on the art scene and left it way too soon. $60.00

Very Hungry Cat

vs. Cactus!!!
by AmeliaC
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bb artsy stuff

gluten free books...

art, architecture, and photography gifts

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$60 Million Balloon Animals

Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life by Philipp Kaiser and Sofia Coppola

Attention Cindy Sherman fans (and photography lovers): this spectacular new book will be an
incredible addition to your collection. Delve into Cindys works from 1977 to the present to reflect on
how groundbreaking and inspiring an artist she is. The book also features a captivating conversation
between director Sofia Coppola and Ms. Sherman that you dont want to miss. $49.95
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Eleven Spring: A Celebration of Street Art by Shepard Fairey and JR

For three days in December of 2006, nearly a hundred artists honored the iconic street art destination
Eleven Spring Street by mixing and matching all of their mediums on the walls for an art installation
unlike any other. Then it was demolished. Within this book the creative smorgasbord survives as a
testament to street art at its freest. $39.99
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Factory: Andy Warhol by Stephen Shore

Stephen Shores body of work has metamorphosed many times throughout the course of his career.
From the somber neon sunsets of Cape Light to his Atget- and Eggleston-inspired photographs of
empty afternoon streets, to his colorful shots of friends, family, and intimates, his body of work has
branched off in many directions, growing and clinging and expanding like a vine. This collection of
his early work, infused with all the passion and tumult of youth, centers on the apex years of
Warhols famed Factory. For a time in those cacophonous years, a very young Stephen Shore found
himself the de facto Factory photographer. Lucky us. $59.95
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Jeff Koons: Now

A lavish, fully illustrated coffee table book
with selections from Koons solo show
Now, which spans his career. Its a trip into
his artistic expression of culture, relationships, mass marketing, and wicked delight.

did u see this? Its the perfect gift for Meghanny!

Jess Rotter: Im Bored by Jess Rotter

Illustrator Rotter tempers motivational office posters with animals and 70s rock-inspired motifs.
The result is part comic book and all comical. You may recognize the style from Rotters other work
in the fashion design and pop culture worlds of Urban Outfitters and the Grateful Dead. $25.00
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Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA by Sam Lubell

SoCal was once the Mecca of architectural design, especially from the early to mid-twentieth
century. Now, with this amazing book, you can rediscover the fantastic examples of mid-century
architecture across the deserts of California, from the houses of the Case Study Program in Los
Angeles to the desert gems of masters such as Lautner and Neutra in Palm Springs. $35.00
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The Woodie
Born from a love of American cars, a deep appreciation
for mid-century design and a Kickstarter campaign that
had over 1000 supporters, this simple, elegant wellcrafted wooden car is great for showcasing on a shelf
or zooming across the kitchen floor by the youngest of
drivers. Perfect for vehicle lovers of all ages. $38.99

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Alexander McQueen: Unseen by Robert Fairer

Mr. Fairer, U.S. Vogues exclusive backstage photographer for over a decade, has
graced us with a stunning coffee table presentation on Alexander McQueen. This
book offers a rare and intimate glimpse behind the scenes of McQueens captivating and legendary runway shows, with photos that are out of this world. $65.00
Giorgio Armani by Giorgio Armani
A sumptuous tribute to a powerhouse of modern fashion, this book celebrates the
Italian designers visionary creations throughout his many years in the inner circle
of the fashionable elite, and showcases his work through images from the most
prominent photographers and fashion icons, as well as words from Armani himself.
This stunning book is the perfect gift for the style aficionado on your list. $85.00
Invitation Strictly Personal: 40 Years of Fashion Show Invites by Iain R. Webb
Invitation Strictly Personal presents 40 years of fashions most unforgettable
moments, from New York, London, Milan, and Paris. With a foreword by legendary
designer Anna Sui, this is a truly unique collection. $45.00

Rose Gold Swell Bottle

Double-walled, eco-friendly,
this stainless steel bottle in
the It metallic color of the
season is the crme de la
crme of bottles. Keeps
beverages cold for 24 hours
and hot for 12. Comes in a
cool black bag that helps keep
its luster. Shine On! $46.95

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Manolo Blahnk: Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions by Manolo Blahnk

This stunning volume is the ultimate celebration of the groundbreaking work of
Manolo Blahnk. Looking at more than 250 of his best designs, this book explores
not only Blahnks explosive and unprecedented use of color and architecture,
but also the muses and relationships that inspired his work. With exquisite
photography, interviews, and essays this is a must for shoe lovers. $65.00
Versace by Donatella Versace and Maria Luisa Frisa
Welcome to a beautiful, visual history of the world of Versace. Theres so much to
feast your eyes on! From photography by such legends as Richard Avedon and
Irving Penn, to supermodels like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell rocking
opulent Versace couture, this book is a must-have for fashion lovers. $95.00
Chanel: The Art of Creating Fragrance: Flowers of the French Riviera by Lionel Paills
In this six-volume collection, perfume expert Lionel Paills details the art of crafting
Chanel perfume, transporting us with breathtaking photos by Pierre Even into the
secretive creation of the worlds most alluring scents. Each volume is dedicated to
one of the flowers that are carefully harvested from the Pgomas Valley each year
and distilled by master artisans to create Chanels iconic perfumes, with the sixth
volume highlighting the creators and their techniques. $200.00

Envelope Poems by Emily Dickinson. Edited by Jen

Bervin and Marta Werner
One of our favorite smaller presses, New Directions,
produced this trim, elegant, cloth-bound collection. This
meticulously laid out book carefully reconstructs prints of
original Dickinson poems that she scrawled on bits and
pieces of envelopes, all in full color. Its like a gorgeous
zine from the beyond, replete with an affordable price-tag,
and a committed postal aesthetic. This makes a perfect gift
for any literary junkie. $12.95
Float by Anne Carson
Anne Carsons Float jumps through time and mood in
order to explore what makes people and things maddeningly attractive. Formatted in individual leaflets that can be
read in any order and float inside a translucent case, Anne
Carsons poetry is delectable to the eyes and mind. $30.00
Save Twilight: Selected Poems by Julio Cortzar
If you arent familiar with Cortzars work, this is a good
place to start. Poems & prose with their English translations alongside. This man has a serious way with words
that will melt you to your core. $16.95
The Rain in Portugal by Billy Collins
Perhaps the most accessible of all American poets, Collins
again uses simplicity paired with surprise to convey a
sense of sweetness. As the title suggests, a dose of irony
sustains the familiar voice. $26.00

Miscellaneous Times










This desk plaque is perfect for achievers and dreamers everywhere. Only $33.99

Future Sex






Future Sex


Future Sex
by Emily Witt
Emily Witt is best known for her candid articles ranging on subjects from
Burning Man, to adult drug usage, to female friendship in the social media age.
Her writing is self-reflective, honest, and witty. In Future Sex, Witt details her
personal exploration into casual sex, polyamory, and online dating. $25.00

Bad Girls Throughout History:

100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World

by Ann Shen
Over 100 gorgeous illustrations of women who changed the world, built things, broke records,
created things, and changed history with insightful essays to accompany each. $19.95

How to Live: Boxed Set of Mindfulness Essentials

by Thich Nhat Hanh

What a loving and kind gift to guide a loved one into the New Year! This boxed set includes
simple yet profound thoughts on walking, sitting, eating, relaxing, and loving from our favorite
Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and peace activist. His writing is accessible and non-threatening to
the mindfulness newbie, yet will still enhance the practice of an old sage. $49.75

March: Book One

by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin,

Illustrated by Nate Powell

The story of John Lewis life is

also the story of the American
Civil Rights Movement, expertly
rendered in this stunning black and white
graphic novel. This firsthand account of a
tumultuous time in American History, and
how people can make a difference in their
world, is a valuable and relevant page-turner
suitable for readers of any age. $14.95

The Thoughts of Gilbert & George

by Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George truly make themselves the center of their art in this new limited edition vinyl,
one out of only 2,000 copies. The blunt, hilarious and incredibly quirky duo, use their music to
relay how they see and view the world. Each copy comes signed and numbered and would be a
perfect gift for someone who appreciates art, music and refuses to stay quiet about it. $50.00

Known and Strange Things: Essays

by Teju Cole
Teju Cole journalist, photographer, and author of Open City and Every Day Is for the Thief
brings fresh eyes and boundless enthusiasm to the subjects covered in his first collection of
essays. Featuring more than fifty pieces mostly brief, at times obscure, always accessible on
everything from Virginia Woolf and James Baldwin to Instagram and Boko Haram, this is a
must-read for anyone with their finger on the pulse of culture, literature, and politics. $17.00


Absolute Batman:
Year One

by Frank Miller

Its arguable that Batman:

Year One is the greatest
Batman comic ever made. Its possibly the
greatest comic ever made, full stop. Its
defined the character since the moment it
was released, and every adaptation draws
from it to some extent. This is the definitive
edition and belongs on the shelf of every fan
of the Caped Crusader. $125.00


kids stuff

Todays featured articles

Young Adult Books
Trans identity
Surreal fiction
Mental illness



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Quenya (Elvish)
This language list possibly
contains unreal or invented
languages created as fictional
devices for novels, motion
pictures and/or television
programs. Please improve it
by verifying the tongues and
adding inline citations.
(december 2016)


Brightwood by Tania Unsworth.

With her mother missing and a sinister stranger
trying to take over her home, Daisy must rely
on her imaginary friends in order to protect
everything shes ever known. Themes of grief
and mental illness are woven into this creepy
mystery/fantasy. Ages 912. $16.95
If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo.
After moving in with her father, Amanda wants
to share her transgender history with her new
friends and boyfriend, but in a small southern
town there could be dangerous consequences
to coming out. An emotional and captivating
debut. Ages 13+. $17.99
The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid.
When Sidonia is summoned by the Emperor to
the perilous galactic court, her bodyguard,
Nemesis, goes in her place. Created to be
emotionless and deadly, Nemesis must
navigate the court while also trying to understand her strange new thoughts and feelings. A gripping
romance set in a fantastic sci-fi universe. Ages 14+. $17.99

In the news
Mumbles Monkey
Sweet black eyes search for the perfect little
person to belong to. Soft and round and
huggable. Fifteen inches of snuggly goodness
from the U.K. Adopt this monkey! $28.99

This 3D dinosaur is quite the magnificent
creature. Komatex a lightweight and
recyclable material that is wonderfully
durable without the rigidness of balsa
wood. Earth and kid-friendly, this
green bad boy is assembled
using 31 pieces, reaching
a height of 14" tall and 16" wide. Recommended for
ages 7+. Made in Brooklyn. $41.99

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake.

In an intricately detailed world of magic and
intrigue, three royal sisters raised apart and
each possessing different types of magic will
be pitted against each other in a battle to the
death. Only one can triumph and win the throne
in this gripping dark fantasy. Ages 14+. $17.99

The Princess Mouse on the Pea

One sweet little mouse princess, several
mattresses covered in
gingham prints, a green
crocheted pea, and a
castle tower that holds
the princess cozy bed.
Theres a window for
gazing out into the realm and a parapet for walking around
on top of the castle. And it all fits nicely into a snug, tidy box.
From Denmark. $55.99

Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs.

This deliciously dark series of stories, set in
the same universe as the amazing Miss
Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children
and its follow-ups, promises to be just twisted
enough to give the young ones a taste of the
absurd and unsettling. The illustrations by Andrew Davidson
call to mind Dor and Escher in their surreal, evocative
elegance. Ages 12+. $24.99

Wooden Camera
Clean, simple, non-toxic, and ecofriendly, this maple wood camera
is perfect for little hands to hold.
Theres a shutter button to push, a
dial and lens to rotate. Imagination
possibilities are endless, how refreshing! Designed and
made right here in So.Cal. Ages 2+. $30.99

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kids books







Girl Power

Hormone Treatment




Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier. $10.99

As seen in Smile and Sisters, Raina Telgemeiers stories
are consistently fun, moving, and full of heart. Throw in
a few ghosts for flavor and youve got the perfect gift for
young graphic novel readers! Ages 812.

The Odyssey: A BabyLit Monsters Primer

by Jennifer Adams. $9.99
Monsters can be cute and friendly! From Cyclops to sea
monsters, kids will love these brightly illustrated beasts.
A fun intro to The Odyssey for little readers. Ages 03.

The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat. $9.99

There are four friends but only three cookies. How can
they possibly divide them up fairly?! Fans of Mo
Willems Elephant and Piggie books will devour this new
story from Caldecott Medal winner Santat. Ages 48.

Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke. $22.99

You want magical jungles? You want crazy attacking
vegetables? You want dragons? The classic tale of Jack
and the Beanstalk gets a modern retelling in this
fantastical graphic novel of adventure, responsibility,
and family. Ages 1014.

Cityblock by Christopher Franceschelli. $16.95

Featuring dynamic die-cut illustrations, Cityblock
explores places to go, things to see, and things to eat in
the city. From skyscrapers to subways, this book will
captivate the imaginations of young readers. Ages 35.

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton. $12.99

When Narwhal and Jelly meet, neither of them can quite
believe that the other is real, but it doesnt really matter
once they decide that they are friends. This lively and
cute early graphic novel features three funny stories of
imagination and friendship. Ages 69.

Baby Loves Quarks! and Baby Loves Aerospace

Engineering! by Ruth Spiro. $8.95 ea.
Start your babys scientific education early with these
illustrated board books! From the world of subatomic
particles to rocket ships soaring through the sky, these
complex concepts explained using age-appropriate
language will appeal to kids and parents alike. Ages 03.

The Big Book of Girl Power by Julie Merberg. $16.99

Kids will love reading about the origin stories of Wonder
Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, and more! A wonderful
introduction to the world of DC, this colorful picture
book shows what makes DCs super heroines different,
special, and powerful. Ages 46.

The Other Boy by M. G. Hennessey. $16.99

Shane, a transgender boy, plays baseball and draws his
own graphic novel to cope with his worries about
transitioning. Just as he is on the cusp of starting
hormone treatments, a bully finds out about his past
and outs him to the school. Fans of Alex Ginos George
will love this heartfelt and realistic story. Ages 812.






Heaven & Hell



gifts on gifts on gifts



Executive Stuff

Analog Movies

Handmade Stuff

- trending -


Party Compendium
The perfect thing to liven up a soiree
when everyone has caught up with
everyone, and theres a lull to the
night. Includes four games: Name
Game, Guess What, Charades and
Sing It Back. Play one, play them all.
Makes for one memorable night.




Heaven & Hell

Hand-printed letterpress signs
depict Dantes Paradiso (Heaven)
and his Inferno (Hell) using circles to
map out where youre going and
why. Heaven, who knows why not
this with all ten spheres of ascension. And as for Hell these clearly
labeled details will surely keep you
from descending too far down there.
Sold individually, though they do
make a handsome pair. 8''X8''. Made
in Portland, Oregon. $24.99 ea.


This retro style, hand-cranked
animation box-kit is a unique one of a
kind gift. Made locally in SoCal. It
comes with a set of printed animation cards. Additional sets as well as
a blank card kit are available for
those wanting to create their own
stories. Great for animation lovers of
all ages. $46.95

Turquoise & Silver Box

Handmade by a family of craftsmen living in the Central Highlands
of Mexico, this beautiful box draws
its inspiration from early 20th
century works of Navajo silversmiths. Using a combination of
metals that will not tarnish but
develop a vintage luster over time.
The turquoise adornment is mined
in southern Arizona. Big smiles
guaranteed for the lucky recipient
of this present. $66.95

Skull Sealing Wax Set

Conceived, designed, and produced
in Portland, Oregon, this will add
serious creed to your correspondence. Light the wick, drip the wax,
and press the seal on to the
envelope easy peasy. Nestled in a
craft box, thank you notes will never
look so good. $29.99


Executive Leather Portfolio

Functional old school classiness
will hold your first draft proposal
with pride. A snap closure, elastic
pen holder, two interior pockets,
and a pad of 8.5''x11'' paper, just
makes it better and better. Look
smart! Be organized! Created and
produced in Utah. Shown here in
Saddle. $96.99

You Are Free Visionary Candle

One in a collection of four,
these extraordinary candles
are produced in one of Romes
oldest candle factories.
Masterfully created by artists
of noble lineage poets,
alchemists, engravers, saints,
and rebels at 8'' ( unscented)
with a 60-hour burn time, these
candles speak to the power of
words and symbols, of light
triumphing over darkness. And
who doesnt need a little help
with that from time to time.

Book Soup, West Hollywood

December Author Events

x At Book Soup x No Ridiculous Service Charges


Pamela Des Barres

celebrates the 30th anniversary of
Im With the Band
with a talk and book signing


Rolling Stone sports editor

Jason Diamond
discusses and sign
Searching for John Hughes


Clancy Sigal
discusses and sign
Black Sunset: Hollywood Sex, Lies,
Glamour, Betrayal, and Raging Egos


Kevin Morris
(author of White Man's Problem)
discusses and sign
All Joe Knight


chef and author

George Geary
discusses and sign
L.A.s Lengendary Restaurants


bubblegum singer Tommy Roe

discusses and sign
From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown
and Places in Between


Dan Lopez
in conversation with Jade Chang
(author of The Wangs vs. The World)
discussing and signing
The Show House


independent journalist
Sarah Jaffe
discusses and sign
Necessary Trouble


Jen George
with Amina Cain & Kate Durbin
presenting and signing
The Babysitter at Rest





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