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Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games

Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games
Andrew Casillas
RWS 1301
J. Nielsen


Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games

This paper uses articles and results from research conducted on online or internet sources. That
aim to demonstrate and explain how video games can change the psychological states of people
for better or worse. Results of Brad Bushman or Peter Gray will be helping the explanation of the
psychological effects that video game has on people. As well as other articles explaining the
various beneficial or hazardous effects of video games on the psychological state of people.


Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games
Psychological effects of immersive video games
The human brain is amazing it can process light through the visual
cortex in the eye to create the world perceived people. The way that people
handle these experiences is their psychological state and can be effected by
several factors. An issue is trauma to the psychological state of people
through overstimulating events. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that may
develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which severe
physical harm occurred or was threatened (Psychology Today, Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder). The community is concerned with the implication of over
immersive video games to the psychological state of people.
Video games are a popular way for people to relieve stress and immerse themselves in a
different world for experiences that can’t be perceived in real life. Offhand, video games are
actually addicting and has effects on people in a negative way physically. Studies show that
immersive video games like the virtual reality games make the user have higher blood pressure,
and reported more dizziness and nausea, as well as exhibit more aggressive thoughts in a posttest
(Emily Hughes). Supporting the concern with over immersive video games effecting the
psychological and physical states of people. The instant gratification that people would normally
wait for in real life can be easily satisfied in the game through more aggressive means and
decrease self-control in individuals (Brad J. Bushman, 2014). This is concerning because the lack
of self-control in individuals and might desensitize people to normal social situations and create
individuals that no longer fit with in the societal norm. The video game immersion is a potential
concerning effect with the psychological state of people.


Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games

With games becoming so immersive, not only the mechanics of the how the games work
is a concern, but the content is also an issue with the new immersive games that are available.
The new games are typically violent and create high levels of stress on people as well as create
experiences typically more of a violent nature. The issue would be how people who play these
games becoming desensitized to doing harsh actions without any morals to stop that behavior.
The violent games make certain people more violent and can lead to people acting out some of
the aggressive tendencies that they would do in the games. Not comparing video games to the
cause of violence in people but the implication of violent situations to people make it more
common place for more violent base reactions and to have self-gratification be a taken thing that
should be rewarded on impulse which starts a bad habit formation.
The psychological effect that games have on people is not just making them violent in
certain ways but can be damaging as well. Some people suffer from psychological trauma and
can get some issues like PTSD and suffer from a damaged mind state. The immersion of games
today, and in the future, maybe harm peoples mental state and create issues with the way should
attempt to play these games but to not hurt themselves because they wanted to play. There are
experiences that cause trauma and usually that is with extreme violence that games now a day are
so proficient in but fear can also make a psychological impact on people as well. The effective
use of the high-quality graphics and sounds may create a proper condition to induce a
psychological Delma that can affect a person severely enough to damage them psychologically


Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games

On the subject of addressing the effects of videogames on the psychological effects not
all are negative in that regard. For example, Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are often difficult to
treat, and in severe cases, may leave patients unable to function in their daily lives, New research
finds an interesting potential treatment for TBIs — first-person shooter computer games may
help heal damaged brains. The pilot study, conducted by researchers at Macquarie University in
Australia, (Lecia Bushak) demonstrating the psychological effects of video games to benefit
people rather than hinder or damage someone’s psychological state.
Videogames can also help people with psychological trauma such at PTSD that afflicts
numerous people every year. There are a variety of scenarios, triggering through recreating the
individual’s traumatic experience. The expressed course of treatment is used to expose the
patient to specific fears, thoughts, and scenarios in a controlled environment that allows for
incremental exposure to triggers. This exposure leads to an increase of the patient’s ability to
recognize, cope with, and control their responses to traumatic stimulation. (Valerie Complex ,
2015). Trauma affects these individuals and keeps them from functioning properly in society and
if the implication of the video games rehabilitates them then it should be researched in more
There are more beneficial effects such as better cognitive functions there is evidence that
the games may help children develop logical, literary, executive, and even social skills (P. Gray,
2015). The benefits are remarkable researchers Adam Eichenbaum, Daphne Bavelier, and C.
Shawn Green summarizing recent research demonstrating long-lasting positive effects of video


Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games
games on basic mental processes--such as perception, attention, memory, and decision-making
(P. Gray, 2015) these benefits can rehabilitate people suffering from some mental trauma that is
severe and with the hope of the games to benefit these people and fix them so that they function
in society again.
Although video games might aid people or hinder them, the problem is the drastic effect
that video games can alter the psychological state of people and could possibly be a very harmful
or beneficial effects on people and the way that the video games can become more immersive
and even more drastically alter the mind states of people. With all of the studies done there
should be a more widespread study done on the effects of video games on the mind as well as
attempt to monitor the amount of traumatic experiences that can be simulated in the game.
Bushak, Lecia, (2016) Studies need to be done to evaluate the effects of the game immersion
effects. The use of video games to change mental states is pretty amazing and the application of
this will change people in the future. The solutions proposed aren’t all of the potential
precautions that people should take, but are at least a step in the right direction of keeping games
enjoyable but not harmful to the people that use it every day.


Psychological Effects of Immersive Video Games
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