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UND Math 265: Calculus III

Instructor: Anthony J. Bevelacqua. (e-mail:

Course Text: The text is Multivariable Calculus, 1st or 2nd edition by Jon Rogawski.
Course Structure: There are 26 lessons in the course. Each lesson, except numbers
8, 18, and 26, is made up of two parts: (1) a NOTES portion of 3-5 pages giving a brief
outline of the topics covered in the assigned sections, possibly with a few additional
examples, and (2) a selection of exercises to be submitted for grading. Each of these
lessons must be submitted as a single .pdf file. Lessons 8, 18, and 26 are examinations
covering the material of the lessons 1 7, 9 17, and 19 25 respectively. For the
exams: No books, no calculator, no cell phones, etc. will be allowed. For each exam you
may use one 3in 5in card (or piece of paper) with any information you care to have
written on it (both sides if you want!). This card is to be turned in with the exam papers.
The Lessons:
Lesson 01 Vectors in the Plane and in Space
Lesson 02 Vector Algebra
Lesson 03 Planes and Quadric Surfaces
Lesson 04 Other Coordinate Systems
Lesson 05 Curves in 3-Space and Differentiation
Lesson 06 Arc Length, Speed, and Curvature
Lesson 07 Functions of Several Variables and Their Limits
Lesson 08 Exam 1
Lesson 09 Partial Derivatives and Tangent Planes
Lesson 10 Directional Derivatives and the Gradient
Lesson 11 The Chain Rules
Lesson 12 Max-Min Problems
Lesson 13 Lagrange Multipliers
Lesson 14 Multiple and Iterated integrals
Lesson 15 Double Integrals Over General Regions
Lesson 16 Triple Integrals
Lesson 17 Polar, Cylindrical, and Spherical Change of Variables
Lesson 18 Exam 2

Lesson 19 Vector Fields and Line Integrals

Lesson 20 Fundamental Theorem for Line Integrals
Lesson 21 Parametric Surfaces and Surface Integrals
Lesson 22 Surface Integrals of Vector Fields
Lesson 23 Greens Theorem
Lesson 24 Stokes Theorem
Lesson 25 Divergence and the Divergence Theorem
Lesson 26 Exam 3
Each assignment will be graded on a scale from 0 to 50, and an overall average of the 23
assignments will be computed. That average will count as one quarter of your final
grade. When writing up the solutions for problems to be submitted, be sure to show all
the steps leading to the solution. Answers presented without supporting work will
receive minimal credit if any credit at all. There will be a total of 400 points distributed
as follows:
Lesson 8: Examination I - covering lessons 1-7:
Lesson 18: Examination II - covering lessons 9-17:
Lesson 26: Examination III - covering lessons 19-25:
Average of 23 written assignments:
Grades will then be determined as follows:
360 - 400 total points - Final grade A
320 - 359 total points - Final grade B
280 - 319 total points - Final grade C
240 - 279 total points - Final grade D
0 - 239 total points - Final grade F

100 points
100 points
100 points
100 points