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TASK 3.1 Produce graphs using spreadsheets and draw valid conclusions based on
the information derived and TASK 3.2 Create trend lines in spreadsheet graphs to
assist in forecasting for specified business information

Calculate the moving average using 4 quarters (an even number period of
time) as well as the seasonal variation
Create a line graph, combination of line and bar graph (if you have the combo
feature, if not the line graph will do), bar graph to show the trend lines for
actual sales data, moving average and seasonal variation. Dont include in
the graph the moving 4 and 8 quarters total.
Predict sales demand for the four quarters of 2017
Create another line graph showing the trend line for moving average of sales
including the forecast for 2017
Give your analysis, conclusion and recommendation based on the
collective information gathered from the following:
o Result of your survey in Assignment 1
o Secondary data given in assignment 2 (about foreign brand
and online shopping in Vietnam)
o Calculations (forecast) made and graphs shown.

TASK 4.1 Use appropriate information processing tools


Discuss the types of information and the information system required for
each type.
Explain them considering the clothing shop business situation.

TASK 4.2 Prepare a project plan for an activity and determine the critical path

Draw a network diagram (activity on arrow) for the project given in Task 4
with the earliest and latest event times, event number, duration, and identify
the critical path. Explain your work.
Create a Gantt Chart showing the labour or resources required for the project
and explain it.
Give your advise to the project leader whether an extra labour cost should be
paid or not.

TASK 4.3 Use financial tools for decision making


Calculate the payback period, net present value and IRR for the given
investment opportunities.
For each of the financial tool used, advise which investment project should be
chosen. Explain your reasons.

TASK 3.3 Prepare a business presentation using suitable software and techniques
to disseminate information effectively and TASK 3.4 Produce a formal business

Make a formal business report as a Market Researcher addressed to the

Marketing Executive Committee. Your report must be both in narrative format

(use the summary report format given in the book) and presentation
(powerpoint slides) format.
Make a summary report about your findings, analysis, conclusion
and recommendations on the RTW business in Danang particularly
o What promotions tools are being used and their effectiveness
to increasing sales and customers.
o Looking forward, what insights or recommendations can you
give to the RTW shops especially given information about
the result of your survey (in Assignment 1)
the gaining popularity of online shopping and foreign
brands in Vietnam (Secondary Data given in Annex A of
Assignment 2)
your forecast of clothing sales demand in Vietnam (your
answer in Task 3.1 & 3.2)
and the results of your online shopping system project
and investment evaluation (your answer in Task 4.2 &
Use appropriate software (such as use of spreadsheets) and techniques (such
as use of graphs and tables) to make your report clear, interesting and
Use the necessary formula in Microsoft Excel in making your report