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Fact Finding: What facts can you

identify from the data?

36% of the class earned a C+, or 2

out of 4, on the Writing Time

Hypotheses: What hypotheses can you

Action Plan: What will you do

question, what did you do that

contributed to these results?) (Past
I did not teach how to tell time well
enough so students were unable to then
write the time. I did not help the
struggling students enough. I went to fast
for the struggling students.

hypotheses you concluded?

(Future Tense)

& Application
make about
each fact? (Answer
based on the facts and

Student 13 earned a zero on the

Writing Time Assessment.

I did not teach at a pace that the student

could keep up. I did not give enough
examples. I did not allow this student to
have enough practice writing time before
giving them the assessment.

56% of the students in the class

earned a C+ or lower on the Writing
Time Assessment.

I did not give students enough

opportunities to practice writing time. I
did not explain the concept of writing
time clear enough for students to
understand and remember.

7 out of 25 students in the class

earned an A, or 4 out of 4, on the
Writing Time Assessment.

I taught the lesson in a way that a good

amount of students earned a perfect
score. I gave enough instruction and
different manipulatives to help them
learn and retain how to write time.

I will go back and reteach so that

students are able to get more
than half of the assessment
correct. I will have students
practice writing time after I give
more examples of how to tell and
write time. I will go back and
check the students
understanding of how to tell time.
I will work one-on-one or in a
small group having the student
write time in different ways. I will
give the students more
opportunities to write the time
throughout the day. For example I
will have the student write the
time it is before going out to
recess and then write the time it
is when we get back from recess.
I will give students another
opportunity to show me that they
can write time, after I re-teach
during centers. I will work with
students as they rotate to
different centers to help them
accurately write the time. I will be
able to work at a pace that is
good for the students in each