They’re everywhere - on the radio, the TV, all the magazines. We catch up with the band and nd out the secrets to their success.
Following in the footsteps of the great female singersongwriters.

20 Rosie Doonan

ALSO ACOUSTIC 15 This month:
Joe Matera
©Deidre OCallaghan




25 Graham Sharp 30 John Hiatt

They’ve toured with Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin). We catch up with The Steep Canyon Rangers banjo player.

34 Seth Lakeman

Interviews identifying new talent on the acoustic guitar scene. 18 Marcus Bonfanti 18 Terry Emm 19 Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts 19 Katie Marie

With a new album out we talk to the new-folk hero about his Martin endorseeship and more...

We talk to the American blues player about a lifetime of playing and recording.

Jan M. Lundahl

Playing with Neil Young and ‘The Boss’ takes some serious skill. We talk to the man behind the legends.

36Nils Lofgren


68 Shaun Newman

We check in with a Devon based luthier who uses traditional techniques with a modern edge.

Guitar Techniques


Gear Reviews
Acoustic keeps you up to date with whats hot and whats not in our gear reviews section.

Acoustic Techniques

With 25 pages of different level specific techniques, whether you’re a novice or an expert our columns have something for everyone.
Acoustic Techniques

40 Martin D15M

Gordon Giltrap is a pioneer of acoustic music in the UK. His extensive discography gives evidence of a skilled musician whose expertise lay in composition and arrangement. His pieces have become acoustic standards, played and enjoyed by young and old alike.

Vintage Giltrap


Techniques Skill Level
Suitable for advanced players

Gordon GilTrAp Instrumental Artist
Skill level: Advanced

Returning to ‘London’ and experiencing the emotion of the journey, Gordon continues his vintage expositions
poem that the composition is inspired by is pretty dark. I feel that the music should reflect that darkness. A fine example of how this piece should be played can be found on Raymond Burley’s superb album, The Long Road Home (HYP 7256). Here is a perfect example of a master at work, the way he wrings every ounce of emotion and colour out of the piece leaving the listener with a sense of melancholy that Blake’s original poem conveyed so many years ago.

Skill level: Intermediate


Chris is not only a guitar teacher but also a composer and producer having worked on many orchestrations for television and recordings alike. He has many years of experience both in performance and helping others develop their playing potential to their best.

Here Chris expounds the correct feel and execution of the 6/8 time signature by way of a jig

Counting Rhythms: 2
which is a jig. Jigs are in 6/8 time and the foot would tap on the main pulses: one two, one two etc. The tempo is around 110 bpm. Play the exercise then play the bass part which follows. The dotted quarter note (dotted crotchet) is the pulse. If a rhythmic chord part were added, the notes sounded in the

Techniques Skill Level
Suitable for intermediate players

This mahogany model from Martin has clean and austere looks - but does it have that rich Martin tone?

Welcome back for more Vintage Giltrap, featuring vintage material dating back to the mid 70s, and even further back than that to the mid 60s! Over the next few months’ columns I shall be revisiting these old chestnuts of mine and presenting them in a

fresh new way. This month we’ll be taking a look at ‘London’. This piece follows on from ‘Echoing Green’ in my last column, and once again the same rules apply. Play this piece as soulfully and with as much expression as possible. The

Thank you for the positive response I received from ‘Counting Rhythms:1’. In the previous article we looked at the two most often used time signatures: common time (or 4/4 time) and waltz time (or 3/4 time). These time signatures have four equal pulses and three equal pulses respectively. In this issue we will look at 6/8 time. The most commonly used here is Exercise 1 – 6/8

6/8 time; think of the ‘tumpti- tumptitumpti-tump’ of The Archers on BBC Radio 4 – that’s 6/8. 6/8 is a ‘compound duple’ time. ‘Duple’ because it has two main pulses, and each pulse is divided into three beats, so it would be counted thus: one - and - a, two - and - a | one - and a, two - and - a |etc. Exercise 1 is a simple piece in 6/8

exercise would be on one – (and ) – a. The ‘and’ is not played. Here is an important note: do not confuse with 3/4 time! (Sorry for shouting…) 3/4 time has the stress on one followed by unaccented two and three. If you were playing a simple bass part in 3/4 time, the stress would be on the one.


44 Ozark 2110G and 2114G Banjos

Synonymous with a ordable instruments, these two banjos look to o er quality at a good price. Leon Hunt puts them through their paces.

48 AER Domino 3


100-102 Chris Gibbons v2_BC.indd

108 21/05/2010 12:02

They say you get what you pay for in life. This amp comes with a hefty price tag, and Sam Wise nds out if the sounds match.

21/05/2010 12:06 112-114 Gordon Giltrap_BC.indd 96

92 Lin Flanagan
More words of wisdom from Lin. It’s time to re ect.

Pierre guides you through one of his own compositions.

104 Pierre Bensusan

50 Takamine Miyabi

94 David Price

108Duck Baker
A tune to help you re ne your percussive picking hand.

The Japanese nishing on this guitar really makes it stand out from the crowd. Huw Price nds out more.

David helps you improve your ngerstyle technique.

54 DuPont MC60 and Busato, and Stimer M12 Amp

96 Keith Murray

Some exercises to help develop your picking hand technique.

112 Gordon Giltrap
Another vintage tune from the legendary player.

These guitars are modelled on Django’s favourite instruments, and the amp is a replica of the great man’s. Can they give you his sound?

98 Stu Norman

More blues based lessons from Stu.

116 Maartin Allcock
Another trad arr tune to twist your ngers.

60 Freshman AC10

A tiny amp at a tiny price. Sam Wise nds out if this amp can punch above its weight.

100 Chris Gibbons

Chris helps you out with the tricky area of rhythms.

118 Simon Mayor
More mandolin moments with Simon.

Made in Korea to exacting speci cations, this Breedlove is an intriguing proposition. With Richard Thomas

62 Breedlove Solo D350/CM

Special Features
16 Classic Album
The Freewheelin’ - Bob Dylan.

76 Making a Flatback Mandolin
Luthier Shaun Newman guides you through making your own mandolin.

68 UK Luthier: Shaun Newman
We visit Crediton based luthier Shaun Newman’s workshop.

80 Legends of Acoustic
Django Reinhardt

70 Interview: Bill Collings
The US master craftsman’s guitars are owned by Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg. We nd out more.

82 History of Guitar

We continue our voyage through the guitar’s family tree.


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