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Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

In the Name of ALLAH, WHO is the most

Beneficent and the most Merciful.

Department of commerce IUB 1 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


Department of Commerce, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur has always been

admirable in its efforts to equip the future executives with arms of creativity,
flexibility and adaptability to meet the challenges offered by fast changing business

To achieve the above goals the department is providing both text and practical
knowledge to its students with its available resources. Text knowledge is very well
transferred to the students within the premises of the department; Practical
knowledge requires the kind co-operation of various business organization of the
country. Faculty members are always trying their best to ask the students to explore
the market by assigning different field activities and to prepare a report.

This report has been written on the RAJ Fan Company, Gujrat. We have done our
best efforts to complete this report efficiently and effectively with all abilities. We
hope this report fulfills the criteria and expectations of Department of Commerce.
We have tried our best to make it analytical as well as informative.

May Allah help us in this world

Department of commerce IUB 2 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


We bow our head, before ALLAH Almighty, who blessed us with Potential and stamina
to complete our report.

First of all we would like to pay our special regards and thanks to Respected Mr.

Javaid Iqbal who provides us guidance at each and every step, in completion of this

report. Special thanks to Mr. Mian Amanullah (CEO Pak Fan) & Mr. Fiaz Ali (Fore

man Production) department. We would like to pay our special regards to Mr. Amjad

Hussain (Secretary PEFMA). These all grand personalities help us to complete our

project in time and help us on every turn of confusion.

Department of commerce IUB 3 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


I dedicate my projects efforts to my PARENTS and respected TEACHERS who

taught and hold my hands on every step of my life.

Department of commerce IUB 4 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


Serial # Topic Description Page #

1 Executive Summary 6

2 Introduction of Company 10

3 Market Analysis 25

4 Technical Analysis 27

5 Personnel Analysis 34

6 Financial Analysis 28

7 Assumption Underlying Statements 40

8 Estimated Income Statements 42

9 Estimated Balance Sheet 43

10 Estimated Cash Flows 44

11 Financial Ratios & Commentary 45

12 SWOT Analysis 47

13 Recommendations 52

14 Conclusions 53

Department of commerce IUB 5 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Executive Summary
Prior to the detail description we are starting the summary of our report. To review the
executive summary the basic purpose is to give the clear idea about what report actually
contains and efforts made behind the completion of report.
As it as assigned us to work at FAN Industry we started work and gather data. In this report
first of all general overview of fan industry is given then major and minor things related to fan
Industry are introduced with area and other information are discussed. After working at this
report we come to know that what is the real picture of this huge sector of fan Industry in

Title: Project appraisal on the fan industry.

This project appraisal is in the respond to the assignment assigned by Mr. Javaid Iqbal, to
check our feasibility study of the fan manufacturing project.

Process of review:

To complete the assignment we visit the related association and personally visit a fan
industry. Collect the data from related parties and possible sources. The summary of the
project appraisal is as follow:

Name of industry : Shahid Fan Industry

Location of project : Gorali Industrial Zone Gorali road Gujrat.
Address : Plot #156, main link road Gorali industrial Zone, Gujrat.
The project appraisal under consideration has a product range consisting the production of
Ceiling Fan, Pedestal Fan, & Exhaust Fan. The installed capacity of the project is 992,000
Fans in a year. The estimated capacity of the project in the first year (2011) 60%, 70% in
2012 & 80% in the 2013.

The estimated cost of the project in Rs. Is as follow:

Fixed cost 73714810

+Initial Capital 23422
Total cost 73738232

The means of finance for the above said cost of project is 60% debt & 40% equity. The name
of lender is national investment bank (NIBP), that the required loan @ 16% per annum
against the securities pledged & the personal assets of the partners. The name of sponsors

Department of commerce IUB 6 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Mr. M. Farhan Aslam

Mr. Hafiz Shahid
Mr. Aasim Memoon Tahir

The civil work & construction of the project is done by Abbass Associates & constructors
Gujrat. The machinery required for the project is conventional machinery that is supplied by
Top Fan Machinery Supplier Gujrat.
The implementation schedule of the project is as under:


1 Acquiring of Land & leveling Start 1st Jan 2010
Complete 30th Jan 2010
2 Engineering studies and designing of Start 2nd Feb 2010
civil work Complete 10th Mar 2010
4 Order for local machinery 15th Sep 2010
Construction of building and civil
5 work Start 1st Apr 2010
Complete 30th Sep 2010
6 Arrival of local machinery at site 15th Oct 2010
7 Erection and installation of machinery Start 20th Oct 2010
Complete 30th Nov 2010
8 Order for raw materials 20th Nov 2010
9 Trial run Start 10th Dec 2010
Complete 25th Dec 2010
10 Start of commercial production 1st Jan 2011

The financial analysis shows the following results.

1 2 3 4
Current Ratio 2.82 4.63 6.82 6.87
Cash Ratio 2.29 3.99 6.06 6.23
Liquid Ratio 2.45 4.25 6.43 6.58
Debt/Total Equity 61.03% 29.83% 18.01% 17.07%
Gross Profit Ratio 37.97% 48.00% 52.12% 54.26%
Operating Profit 34.98% 45.61% 49.92% 52.18%
Net Profit 34.06% 33.52% 35.52% 36.33%

Department of commerce IUB 7 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
Sponsors stake are 40%. IRR is 27% of the project with a pay back period of 2 Years 7
Months. The above result shows the possibility of the project & proves its as a profitable
project, which can generate for the stakeholders and owners. The future chances of
expansion in demand are strong that will make the industry more profitable in future.

All presetting of the project confirms that we can implement the project this year and can
start commercial production on 1st Jan, 2011. The details of the project appraisal are
discussed in details in next pages. In line with our project appraisal team, we have provided
all informations and will present further details related to the project on the final presentation.


Yours Sincerely,

Mr. M Farhan Aslam

Mr. Hafiz Shahid
Mr. Aasim Memoon Tahir


Department of commerce IUB 8 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Fan is a daily use item. Its utility increases, especially in the summer season. The industry is
producing about 5 to 6 million fans per annum and meeting successfully the local as well as
the export demand. Pakistan is a manufacturer of good quality fans. All the fan
manufacturing units have been set up in the private sector. The fan industry is mainly
clustered in the two major cities namely, Gujarat, Gujranwala, whereas some units are also
operating in Lahore and Karachi. This cluster meets the entire need of the country producing
fans with extended product types, models, designs, and colors.

The fan industry is mainly clustered in the four major cities namely, Gujarat,
Gujranwala, Lahore and Karachi. Fan industry is producing about seven (7) million fans per
annum. Out of the total production, approximately 30 per cent fans consist of pedestals, 7
per cent brackets and the remaining 63 per cent are ceiling fans. The industry belongs to the
light engineering industry category, and is one of the industries that existed at the time of
independence. Besides small and medium units, a few units are quite large and have
integrated system i.e. from motor winding to high-pressure dies casting. These units are the
main players in the export field. Sales are also fairly concentrated with five large firms in
Gujarat and two in Gujranwala, accounting for 40% of total industry sales.

The industry is producing a variety of products in different sizes and designs. The major
products are: ceiling, pedestal, table, table-cum-pedestal fans, circumatic fans, wall bracket,
exhaust fans and propellers. Most of the raw materials used by the fan industry are directly or
indirectly imported from different countries. Some of the raw materials used in the
manufacturing of a fan are: electric steel sheets, aluminum, enameled copper wire, ball
bearing, steel rod and PVC


Department of commerce IUB 9 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


STATUS OF BUSINESS: Partnership Business




Our Mission
To develop and deliver the
most innovative fan
products, manage customer
experience, deliver quality
service that contributes to
brand strength, establishes a
competitive advantage and
enhances profitability, thus
providing value to the
stakeholders of the company.

Department of commerce IUB 10 ROLL # 03, 31, 54
Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Project Brief:
The project involves purchase of minor parts, manufacturing the main parts (motor winding)
and then packing and marketing the product under a brand. The branded product will be
positioned in competition with other branded and unbranded products. It is suggested that
the company should initially introduce its products in the rural or small town markets where
brand awareness is easy to make and heavy advertisement budget is not required

Opportunity Rationale:
This trend has always created a strong demand for fan in Pakistan and made it the world's
main exporter of fan.

During the review period, Fans are a part of daily life, and hot areas generate the most sales.
Hot areas drove sales growth because the most part of country is very hot season of
summer. Consequently, companies have to focus on hot areas to maintain their market
shares. Throughout the review period, sales of Ceiling fan & Pedestal fan were very dynamic
as their prices are low and easy to use. Introducing affordable brand in such areas would
attract sales. Such a market could also be explored with low cost and high product quality.

Economic Rationale:
Economically the project is also rationale. The availability of raw material and labor is very
cheap and easily available in the market. The supplier network is strong and providing
services on time and on economically rational rate.

Market Entry Timing:

This business can be started in any month of the year as it is used throughout the year. The
demand of the fan will be raised in the country as the population of the country raises, its
demand will automatically raising due to increasing heat in the atmosphere.

Business Legal Status:

It is recommended that this project should be started as partnership as it does not involve
heavy investment. Moreover, less complications and costs are involved in forming,
administering and running the partnership business.

Project Capacity and Rationale:

Department of commerce IUB 11 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
The total capacity of the project will be 992000 per year production of the fan. In the
beginning the company will utilize its 60% of the capacity for the manufacturing of the fan
that is 335000 fans for first year. The company will enhance its capacity utilization by 10%
annually. .
The project consists of a motor winding machine having production capacity of 600 motor
winding per hour and two sheet cutting machine with production capacity of 200 sheets per
hours. At 60% capacity utilization, the production breakdown of the three different categories
of products is shown in the table below:

Production breakdown at 60% Capacity Utilization:

Pedestal Exhaust
Ceiling fan
fan fan
Production %age 35% 45% 20%
No of fan 117250 150750 67000

The table shows the capacity utilization of the 60% for the very first year of the operations of
the company. This capacity will be utilized by producing 595200 fans. The production will be
sold as, 20% of the production will be sold as pedestal fan. 30% of the production will be sold
as ceiling fan, 10% of the production is sold as exhaust fan. In the coming years the
company will add plastic fans as well with better quality and technology.

Core Values

Department of commerce IUB 12 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

We value leaders of high integrity, energy and enthusiasm who have the necessary
managerial, professional and people skills to inspire a group or an organization to set high
goals and achieve them willingly. We believe that leadership skills need to be strengthened
at all levels within our organization and that managerial and professional competence is a
necessary foundation.

Teamwork and Partnership

We believe that high performing teams containing appropriate diversity can achieve what
individuals alone cannot. Consciously using the diversity of style, approach and skills
afforded by teams is strength we must continue building into our organization.

Quality and Continuous Improvements

We believe that quality and strong commitment to continuous improvements are essential to
our ongoing success. To this end, we define quality as understanding the customers
expectations, agreeing on performance and value, and providing products and services that
meet expectations 100 percent of the time. Our motto is, Quality in all we do.

Ethics and Integrity

We do care how results are achieved and will demonstrate honest and ethical behavior in all
our activities. Choosing the course of highest integrity is our intent and we will establish and
maintain the highest professional and personal standards. A well-founded reputation for
scrupulous dealing is itself a priceless asset.

Open Communication
We value communications that are courteous and open and that enables each of us to do
our jobs more effectively by providing information that contributes to the quality of our
judgment and decision making. Effective communication should provide the means for
gaining understanding of the companys overall objectives and plans and of the thinking
behind them.

Success requires us to continually strive to produce break through ideas that
result in improved solutions and services to customers. We encourage challenges
to the status quo and seek organizational environment s in which ideas are
generated, nurtured and developed.

Individual Growth and Development

We strongly believe in the dignity and value of people. We must consistently treat each other
with respect and strive to create an organizational environment in which individuals are

Department of commerce IUB 13 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
encouraged and empowered to contribute, grow and develop them and help to develop each

Enjoyment and Fun

We believe that excitement, satisfaction and recognition are essential elements of a healthy,
creative and high performing work environment. Having fun in our work should be a normal
experience for everyone


The main objectives of the development of project are:

Department of commerce IUB 14 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
Capitalize on excellent opportunity to extract maximum revenue.
To launch the fan manufacturing unit with a highly targeted publicity campaign and in
a grand opening event in the start January of 2011.
To maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent
management and automated computer control.
To maintain a high standard of product and service provided.
Capitalize on excellent location opportunity.
To be the premier company that achieves the goals of profit maximization and value
maximization for all the stakeholders of the company.

The keys to success in achieving our goals are:

Be the first in the market to provide a wide variety of innovative styles of fans that has
broad appeal.
Provide an exceptional service and product that leaves an impression.
Consistent utilizing of ingredients that creates product quality.
Managing our internal finances and cash flow to enable upward capital growth.
Strict control of all costs at all times, without exception.
The Company will be strategically located to maximize the revenue derived from the
sales of the quality product.
Provide exceptional product that leaves an impression with our core customers.
Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality.
High demand of such stylish fan in the locality.
Extensive distribution channel for the sale of fan in the urban and rural areas.
The product would be focusing the price conscious segment of the market by
providing similar and better quality product at lesser price.
Emphasizing on excellent service to the other wholesalers.
Adapting to the rapid social and economic changes.
Improving the packaging will increase the overall distribution and selling techniques.
Regular flow of local as well as Export orders is the key success factor for efficiently
running of the project.
Selection and procurement of consistent quality raw material would be another
contributing factor for carrying out successful operations of proposed project.
Competitive price of products.
Abundant supply of raw material.
Cost efficiency through better management.
Media campaign for the awareness of the retail customers.
Availability of low cost skilled labor.


The project involves purchase of minor parts, manufacturing the main parts (motor winding)
and then packing and marketing the product under a brand. The branded product will be

Department of commerce IUB 15 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
positioned in competition with other branded and unbranded products. It is suggested that
the company should initially introduce its products in the rural or small town markets where
brand awareness is easy to make and heavy advertisement budget is not required.

The proposed product mix of the company is as under;

Pedestal fan
Ceiling fan
Exhaust fan
The brand name for the product will be RAJ FAN. All the brands of
the company will be marketed under this name. The demand for the
Ceiling Fan & Pedestal Fan is largest in the country and the company
will use most of its capacity to produce these fans. With the passage of
time the company will enhance the depth of its brand by adding unique
styles and new technology.


Department of commerce IUB 16 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Department of commerce IUB 17 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Department of commerce IUB 18 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


The estimated EX-factory price and the retail price of products are as follow:


COST 893.338 513.838 695.338

PROFIT 750 250 300

Sale Price 1643.338 763.838 995.338

GST @ 35% 575.1683 267.3433 348.3683

EX-Factory Price 2218.5063 1031.1813 1343.7063

Middle Man Margin 431.4937 218.8187 156.2937

Retail Price 2650 1250 1500




Department of commerce IUB 19 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry



PAK FAN M/S Wahid Industries Limited, G.T. Road, Gujarat

G.F.C. FAN M /s General Fan Company(Pvt) Ltd, G.T. Road, Gujarat

YOUNUS FAN M/s Younas Metal Works , G.T.Road, Gujarat

ROYAL FAN M/s Rafiq Engineering Industries (Pvt) Ltd, , G.T. Road,

MATRO FAN M/s Hi Tech Industries (Pvt) Ltd, , G.T. Road, Gujarat

PARWAZ FAN Parwaz Engineering Co.(Pvt) Ltd.

GLOBAL FAN Global Electronics,G.T. Road Gujarat

STARCO FAN U.I. Industries G.T.Road Gujrat

Department of commerce IUB 20 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

World Scenario
Leading fan producers of the world









UK 4%


USA 14%




Department of commerce IUB 21 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


FAN UNDER 125 WATT (Domestic Fan)




UK 1%





USA 3%





Large fan importers of the world:

African countries
United Arab Emirates
Syrian Arab Republic
Saudi Arabia
Other Arabic countries

Department of commerce IUB 22 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry



New Entrants

Bargaining Bargaining
Intra-Industry Rivalry
Power of Power of
FAN Products
Suppliers Buyers


The Bargaining Power of Buyers:

The power of buyers is the impact that customers have on a producing industry. In general,
when buyer power is strong, the relationship to the producing industry is near to what an
economist terms a monopsony - a market in which there are many suppliers and one buyer.
Under such market conditions, the buyer sets the price. In reality few pure monopsonies
exist, but frequently there is some asymmetry between a producing industry and buyers.

Department of commerce IUB 23 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
The bargaining power of the buyers is low in the country. Because what so ever is producing
by the companies it is accepted by the consumers. There is no involvement of the consumer
in deciding the design & Price of fan.

The Bargaining Power of Suppliers:

A Fan producing industry requires raw materials - labor, components, and other supplies.
This requirement leads to buyer-supplier relationships between the industry and the firms
that provide it the raw materials used to create products. Suppliers, if powerful, can exert an
influence on the producing industry, such as selling raw materials at a high price to capture
some of the industry's profits.

Many of the sellers of the raw material are in Gujarat and Gujranwanla fan cluster. If any of
the suppliers raises its prices, we can shift to another supplier.

Barriers to Entry / Threat of Entry:

It is not only incumbent rivals that pose a threat to firms in an industry; the possibility that
new firms may enter the industry also affects competition. In theory, any firm should be able
to enter and exit a market, and if free entry and exit exists, then profits always should be
nominal. In reality, however, industries possess characteristics that protect the high profit
levels of firms in the market and inhibit additional rivals from entering the market. These are
barriers to new entry. There are no barriers to entry in the fan manufacturing industry,
because the machinery, labor and raw material is readily and easily available in the country.
The retaliation level of the companies in the industry is very low. Because the companies
have generations of the loyal customers

The market structure of the fan industry is oligopolistic. All the companies in the industry are
charging the same prices against their products. If any of the company enhanced the prices
of the fan, all the companies followed the same path. All the firms are competing on the basis
of the huge marketing campaigns in the media.

Threat of Substitutes:
In Porter's model, substitute products refer to products in other industries. A threat of
substitutes exists when a product's demand is affected by the price change of a substitute
product. A product's price elasticity is affected by substitute products - as more substitutes
become available, the demand becomes more elastic since customers have more
alternatives. A close substitute product constrains the ability of firms in an industry to raise

Department of commerce IUB 24 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
prices. The direct competitors are the existing industries that are manufacturing same fans
and charging almost same prices.

There are no exact figures available as to what is the total number of units, how many are
operational, what is the total installed capacity is, and what the operational capacity is.
According to the industry sources (including manufacturers and vendors) there is a
substantial demand for quality fans on a large scale. Also, there is room for new entrants who
want to manufacture the quality products, using the latest technology.

Fan industry contributes Rs 1.5 billion to the GDP of the country. The total capital
investment in this sector is Rs 3-3.5 billion. The industry has an installed capacity of 5-6
million fans per year. The current capacity utilization is around 50%. At present, total fan
production stood at 2.5-3 million fans per year. The volume of exports has reached around
$4 million US in recent years. The industry generates annual employment for around 25,000
workers. Pakistan is also one of the major exporters of fans to international market.

Global fan trade is classified on the basis of energy consumption. The fans that
consume less than 125 watts of energy (SITC 74341) are generally referred to as domestic
fans and the fans that that consume over 125 watts (SITC 74343) are classified as
industrial fans. Pakistan has earned $ 3.896 mn from exports of domestic fans whereas it
has earned $ 0.104 Mn. from exports of industrial fans. In the local market as well as in the
international trade of Pakistan domestic fans are larger component so it is reasonable to
assume that whatever happens to this particular category after MFN or Free Trade with India
is applicable to whole of the fan industry. Pakistan exports fans to Bangladesh, Saudi
Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and some EU countries. About 80% of Pakistan
domestic fans exports are concentrated in these countries. While some companies are also
exploring the possibilities of exports to US but main restriction of quality standard of UL is
creating problems but some firms are preparing to enter into that market. Compared with the
trade of the rest of the world, Pakistan neither exports fans to India nor import this product
from India. One reason for this no- trade situation is that both Pakistan and India are self
sufficient in fan and compete in the international market rather than exploring for prospects of
trade creation within each other. On the other hand, India exports fans to other countries with
the bulk of the share now going to European Markets.

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) constitute an important dimension of this fast changing
globalizing world. Both the developed and the developing countries are entering or are in the
process of entering into regional and bilateral free trade agreements in order to promote
trade and economic growth. The experience of the European Union (EU), North American
Free Trade Association (NAFTA), clearly indicates that there is a strong correlation between
regional trade and economic growth. Encouraged by the success of this global trend,
Pakistan and India have also started exploring the possibility of promoting free trade in the

Department of commerce IUB 25 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
region and are working closely toward establishing a South Asia Preferential Trade Area
(SAPTA) aimed at reviving regional trade and growth in the region. If that happened the low
cost fan will provide the Pakistan more revenues and ultimate bright chances for the industry.
The current situation of industry is as under:


Currently there are 350 fan manufacturing companies situated in Gujarat and Gujranwala fan
cluster. From this cluster there are 2 major companies G.F.C. and Pak Fan. The first
company was export award winner during last 8 years, and the second one is current export
award winner of 2009 with a 690 million profit. The demand of fan is increasing 20% annually
in export and 15% in domestic sales. According to the final report of TDA the export of fan
increase by $ 782000 in 2007-2008 from $191000 to $ 973000.

The government of Pakistan is providing facilities to this industry. The following steps are
recently taken by Govt.:

Government establishes FDI (Fan Development Institute) to promote the new

technology to this sector.
Government is financing FDI to produce skilled labor.
TDAP & Ministry of Science is also taking steps to promote the fan industry.

Department of commerce IUB 26 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Location of the Project:
Our fan company will be located in Gorali industrial zone of Gujarat.
The site enjoys the following advantages: -

Access to the main road, Sources of Power, water, fuel etc.

Availability of transport & communication like telephone, telex, Internet etc.
Availability of skilled and Un-Skilled manpower
Free from other environmental hazards like water logging, floods, salinity
At center of the other two industrial zone of the city.
Easily accessible for suppliers.

Plant and Facilities:

The building will be constructed for the manufacturing of the Fan. The regional
office of the company will be located in the same city. The head office of the
company will be located in GUJRAT and subsidiary office will be at Lahore. Where
the offices of the CEO and all the functional heads will be established. The details
of plant and machinery are as follow:

Machine # of machine Rate Total
Dicasting Machine 6 800000 4800000
Grinding Machine 6 300000 1800000
Motor Winding Mach 2 1200000 2400000
Varnishing Machine 1 1000000 1000000
Packing & Stamping 4 500000 2000000
Steel sheet cutting &
molding 2 500000 1000000

Total purchase price 13000000

Installation Cost
Dicasting Machine 6 50000 300000

Department of commerce IUB 27 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
Dicasting Machine 6 15000 90000
Motor Winding Mach 2 100000 200000
Varnishing Machine 1 100000 100000
Steel sheet cutting &
molding 2 30000 60000
Total Installation Cost 750000

Total Cost Of Machinery 13750000

Proposed Machinery:

Dying Machine Motor Winding Machine

Department of commerce IUB 28 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Drilling Machine Sheet Cutting & Molding

Dicasting Machine

Department of commerce IUB 29 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Stamping & Packing machine

Raw Material Requirement:

The raw material required for the production process is electric sheet for flower
making, silver strips for outside body making, copper wire, PVC pipe, Aluminium ,
Enamelled copper wire, Ball bearing , Wires, packing materials & some other
minor parts for assembly department.


The labor for manufacturing of fan is easily available in cluster. Different

government institutes are producing skilled labor for the fan cluster. The labor
requirement can easily be fullfiled as the following coureses offered by FDI ( Fan
Development Institute) are providing skilled labor that is capable to contribute
effectively in fan achieve this objective the following courses are
offered at FDI.

1. Auto CAD
2. CNC Vertical machining center (Basic commands and operations)

Department of commerce IUB 30 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
3. CNC Wire Cut (Basic commands and operations)
4. CAD/CAM Programmes
5. Engineering Workshop precision tools
6. Conventional Machining (Basic commands and operations)
7. Electric Fan Testing
8. Electric Fan Testing

Gujrat Fan Cluster In collaboration with Ministry of Science & Technology and
Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturers Association is offering the following coureses
and providing the skilled labor. The following courses are offered:

Course Title Duration

Certificate Course (Mgt/Marketing in Fan Ind.) 6 Months

Certificate Course (Fan Technology) 6 months

Certificate Course (Fan Technology) 4 months

Diploma Course in Elect. & Mech sees of fan 2 years

The labor requirement for the project is as follow:

Category No Salary per

For Dicasting machine 06 8,000
For Grinding machine 06 8,000
For Motor winding machine 30 8,000
For Varnishing machine 02 8,000
Packing & stamping 15 6,000
Steel sheet cutting & molding machine 30 8,000
Supervisor 15 10,000

Department of commerce IUB 31 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


Department of commerce IUB 32 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry










Factory Overhead:
The project requires the heavy connection of electricity of 400 KVA. The
estimated fixed cost and variable cost is as follow:

Department of commerce IUB 33 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

a) FIXED COSTS 0.1 (Rs.000)
-Power KW 40 315 per K.W 151
-Insurance @ 0.50% on Fixed Assets 65,000
-Repairs &Maintenance:
- Machinery @ 1.00% cost 142,500
Miscellaneous 100

Total Fixed cost 207,751

Power: KW 1976 9.17 8 310 44,937
Total 44,937

Technology involved:

The project the technology of England & Chekselwakia. The

project uses the reconditioned machinery of these countries that is easily
available in the fan cluster. The machinery requirement is as follow:

Machine # of machine Rate Total
Dicasting Machine 6 800000 4800000
Grinding Machine 6 300000 1800000

Motor Winding Mach 2 1200000 2400000

Varnishing Machine 1 1000000 1000000

Packing & Stamping 4 500000 2000000

Steel sheet cutting &
molding 2 500000 1000000

Total purchase price 13000000

The total employees of the business are 370 that include the following:

Department of commerce IUB 34 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Admin staff 78
Skilled labor 104
Unskilled labor 188
Total 370

The skilled labor work on machines & unskilled labor also directly work on the
product. Our skilled labor also provides services to other industry that generate
the extra income for the industry. These services are repair and maintenance
services & other technical assistance. The split of admin staff is as follow:

Administrative Salaries No. per Month
Chairman 1 40,000
Directors 2 25,000
Admin Staff 5 20,000
Sale Dept. Employees 20 10,000
Accounts Dept.
Employees 20 10,000
Purchase Dept.
Employees 15 10,000
Clerks and Typists 2 6,000
Driver and Peons 5 10,000
Sweepers 2 6,000
Security Guards 6 6,000

The split of the skilled labor is as follow:

Salary per
Category skilled labor No. month
For Dicasting machine 6 8,000
For Grinding machine 6 8,000
For Motor winding machine 30 8,000
For Varnishing machine 2 8,000
Packing & stamping 15 6,000
Steel sheet cutting & molding
machine 30 8,000
Supervisor 15 10,000

Department of commerce IUB 35 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
The flow of authorities and the structure of management is as follow:


Director General Admin Director Production

Fore man productions

Manager Sale Dept.

Manager a/cs Dept. Supervisors

Manager Purchase Dept. Skilled labor Unskilled labor

Management Commitment:
Top management demonstrates its commitment to the development and
implementation of the quality management system and continually improving its
effectiveness by:

Communicating the importance of meeting customer requirements as well

as statutory and regulatory requirements. Establishing the quality policy.
Review and approve quality objectives.
Conducting management reviews.

Department of commerce IUB 36 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Customer Focus:

Top management, through its internal systems, ensures that customer

requirements and needs are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing
customer satisfaction.

Customers of the Company Include:

1. Clients
2. Employees of the company.
3. Creditor/fund-providers
4. Society in terms of the community and the public affected by the organization
or its service.

Quality Policy:

Top management has established a quality policy and ensures that it:

Is appropriate to the purpose and scope of the company.

Includes a commitment to comply with requirement and continually
improvement the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
Is communicated and understood within the company.
Is reviewed for continuing suitability.

Department of commerce IUB 37 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Quality Objectives:
Top management establishes quality objectives at each relevant function and
level, including those needed to meet service requirements. The quality
objectives are measurable and consistent with the quality policy and annually
reviewed by top management through the Management Review Meeting. Top
Management ensured that quality objectives are specific, measurable, and
realistic and measured with time.

Quality Management System Planning:

Top management has identified and defined activities and resources needed to
achieve quality objectives and meet customer requirements. Planning is
consistent with other requirements of the quality system, and it is carried out in
order to meet the quality objectives, the results are documented. The integrity of
the quality management system is maintained when changes to the quality
management system are planned and implemented.

Responsibility, Authority and Communication:

Responsibilities and authorities are defined within the organization charts and job
descriptions. The Administration Director is responsible for preparing the
organization chart which revised and approved by Chairman before
communicated through the company.

Human Resource Requirements:

For the management of the proposed project we think that, a total of 60 people
are required excluding the owners.

Reward System:
The reward system that is suitable for the project is variable plus fixed salary
structure the variable salary will be dependent of the performance of the workers
and fixed will be given to provide social security of the workers.

Training and Development:

Two weeks Training should be given to every employee in the respective fields in
the start of the business. Then time to time the performance of the employees
will be monitored and if there is found any gap between the actual performance
and the required performance then the training will be conducted.

Department of commerce IUB 38 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

The purpose of the financial plan is to estimate start-up and ongoing costs;
identify revenue streams; and forecast net cash flow and profits. The venture will
be funded partners through paid-in capital provided by the owners and debt will
be taken from the bank.

The cost of project is as follow:


- Project Land & Its Development 12782284 4
- Building & Civil Works 35279000 0
- Local Machinery 13000000 0
- Engineering /Technical Fees 500000 500000
- Erection & Installation 750000 750000
- Furniture & Fixture 500000 500000
- Vehicles 4300000 4300000

- Mark-up during Construction 3,568,526 6
- Pre-production Expenses 2235000 2235000
-Contingencies 800000 800000
73,714 73,71
TOTAL FIXED COST: ,810 4,810
- Initial Net Working Capital 23,422 23,422
73,738 73,73
====== ==
44, 4,242,93
NIBP loan 242,939 9
44,242 44,24
TOTAL DEBT: ,939 2,939
29, 9,495,29
- Paid-up Capital (Sponsors) 495,293 3
29,495 29,49
TOTAL EQUITY ,293 5,293

Department of commerce IUB 39 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

73,738 73,73
TOTAL DEBT & EQUITY ,232 8,232
====== ==

The means of finance and their ratio is as follow:

Amount (Rs.
Source Ratio 000)
Bank (@16%) 60% 44,242,939
Equity 40% 29,495,293
Total 100% 73,738,232

All amounts are in the Local Currency (In Rupees).

The sponsors stake is 40%.

The calculation of initial net working capital is as follow:

SHAHID FAN Company Private Limited

CURRENT ASSETS (Rs. in 000 )
Cash 3,000
Accounts Receivable @2.5% of sales 19,407
Raw materials 1,000
Finished Goods Inventory 10% of production 53,455
Stores & Spares 1,500
Advances & deposits 457
Total 78,819
Accounts Payable 0
Accrued Expenses 0
Bank Borrowings 75% of inventories 55,396

Department of commerce IUB 40 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


The financial plan depends on important assumptions. The key underlying

assumptions are:

We assume that price will be a key competitive element in the first three
years of operations where competitors in the business will seek to cut into
our business through price cutting.
The marketing expenses will be considered to be the 1 % of total sales.
We assume continued popularity of products of the company and the
growing demand for high quality FAN.
We assume that the capacity of the production will be enhanced by 10%
Initially the company will utilize only 60% of the total installed capacity in
the very first year.
The sales price of the product will be directly related to the competitors.

Some of the important assumption regarding the production, cash flow,

expenses, depreciation and financing assumption are listed in the following

Production Assumptions

Maximum Attainable Capacity In Percentage 100%

Capacity Utilization (1st Year) In Percentage 60%
Production Capacity In Units (60% in first year) 535000
Production Capacity Utilization Growth Rate 10% per year

Cash Flow Assumptions

Accounts Receivables Cycle (In Days) 2.5% of sales

Accounts Payable Cycle (In Days) 25% of purchase

Department of commerce IUB 41 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
Decrease in account payable 5% annually

Expense Assumptions

Machine Maintenance 1% of the cost

Pre-Operational Expense Rs.2235000
Wages Growth Rate 10%

Deprecation Expense Assumptions

Plant & Machinery Depreciation Rate 10%

Furniture & Fixtures Depreciation Rate 5%
Vehicle Depreciation Rate 20%
Building 5%

Financing Assumptions

Debt 60%
Equity 40%
Tax Rate 35%

Department of commerce IUB 42 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


The estimated income statements of the company are as follow:

SHAHID FAN Company Private Limited ANNEXURE - II

( Rs. in 000
For the year ending Dec. 31 I II III
Efficiency Assumed : 60% 70% 80%
SALES 776,271 1,224,784 1,564,331
COST OF GOODS SOLD : 477,475 632,886 745,041
-Depreciation 4,024 4,024 4,024

GROSS PROFIT 294,772 587,874 815,266

- Admin & General Expenses 15,502 17,052 18,757
- Selling Expenses 1% 7,763 12,248 15,643
Total Operating Expenses 23,265 29,300 34,401

OPERATING PROFIT 271,508 558,574 780,865

OTHER INCOME 148,266 87,729 90,302
- Financial Expenses
7,079 5,679 4,247
Bank borrowing@ 10%. 5,434 8,622 11,745
Amortization of preliminary exp. at 5 years 447 447 447

Sub-Total 12,960 14,747 16,439

PRE-TAX PROFIT 406,813 631,556 854,728
Provision for Taxes 142,385 221,044 299,155
NET PROFIT 264,429 410,511 555,573
Dividend 0 0 0
RETAINED EARNINGS 264,429 410,511 555,573

Department of commerce IUB 43 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


SHAHID FAN Company Private Limited
As on Dec. 31 Constructn. I II III
Cash 33,056 329,994 732,801 1,267,493
Accounts Receivables 19,407 19,407 44,636 73,818
Finished Goods Inventory 0 53,053 70,321 82,782
Raw Material Inventory 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Stores & Spares 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
Advances & Deposits 457 457 457 457

Total Current Assets 55,420 405,410 850,715 1,427,050

Other assets 0 0 0 0
Fixed Assets at cost 71,480 71,480 71,480 71,480
Less: Accumulated Depreciation 0 4,024 8,048 12,072
Net Fixed Assets: 71,480 67,456 63,432 59,408
Preliminary Expenses: 2,235 447 447 447

Total Assets: 129,135 473,313 914,593 1,486,905

==== ===== =====
== = = ======
Current Liabilities
- Accounts Payable 0 71,396 79,939 75,213
- Accrued Expenses 0 2,326 2,930 3,440
- Dividends Payable 0 0 0 0
- Taxes Payable 0 0 0 0
- Bank Borrowings 55,396 54,345 86,217 117,450
- Cur. Mat. of L T Debt 0 15,927 14,527 13,096
Total Current Liabilities: 55,396 143,995 183,613 209,199
Other liabilities 0 0 0
Long-term Liabilities
NIBP loan 44,243 35,394 26,546 17,697
Total Long-term Liabilities 44,243 35,394 26,546 17,697
- Paid-up Capital (Sponsors) 29,495 29,495 29,495 29,495

- Un-appropriated Profit 0 264,429 674,940 1,230,513

Total Equity: 29,495 293,924 704,435 1,260,008

Total Liabilities & Equity: 129,135 473,313 914,593 1,486,905

===== =====
= = ======

Department of commerce IUB 44 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


SHAHID FAN Company Private Limited ANNEXURE - IV
(Rs. in
For the year ending Sept.
30, Const. Yr. I II III
Operating Profit 0 271,508 558,574 780,865
Add Back: Depreciation 0 4,024 4,024 4,024
Amortization 1,788 0 0
Funds from Operations 0 277,320 562,598 784,889
- Paid-up Capital (Sponsors) 29,495 0 0 0
NIBP loan 44,243 0 0 0
Increase in Current Liabilities 0 88,598 39,618 25,586
Increase in Bank Borrowings 55,396 54,345 86,217 117,450

TOTAL SOURCES 129,135 420,262 688,433 927,926

=== ===== ==== ====
=== = == ==
Investment in Fixed Assets: 71,480 0 0 0
-Preliminary Exp 2,235 0 0 0
Financial Expenses 0 7,079 5,679 4,247
Repayment of :
NIBP loan 0 8,849 8,849 8,849
- Bank Borrowings 0 54,345 86,217 117,450
Taxes 0 0 142,385 221,044
Increase in current Assets: 22,364 53,053 42,497 41,644

TOTAL 96,079 123,325 285,626 393,234

=== ===== ==== ====
=== = == ==
Surplus/(Deficit) 33,056 296,938 402,808 534,692
Cash Balance -
Opening 0 33,056 329,994 732,801
Cash Balance - 1,267,49
Ending 33,056 329,994 732,801 3

Department of commerce IUB 45 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry


The financial ratios of the estimated statements are as follows:

SHAHID FAN Company Private Limited

1 2 3
2. 4. 6.
Current Ratio 82 63 82
2. 3. 6.
Cash Ratio 29 99 06
2. 4. 6.
Liquid Ratio 45 25 43
Debt/Total Equity 61.03% 29.83% 18.01%
Gross Profit Ratio 37.97% 48.00% 52.12%
Operating Profit 34.98% 45.61% 49.92%
Net Profit 34.06% 33.52% 35.52%

The commentary on the above the ratios are as under:

CURRENT RATIO: 2.82 4.63 6.82

The current ratio trend is increasing in the future years by 2 in each year. We
should have to check it out with comparing with the industry average. The most
of our cash is now going to be blocked in our inventories & account receivables.
We should check it out and retain it close to 2:1 or 3:1. it also means that our
current assets are increasing, other words our inventories of raw material &
finished goods and account receivables are also increasing. We should check
their balance and manage them in an effective manner.

CASH RATIO: 2.29 3.99 6.06

The cash ratio also shows increasing trend and good liquidity position of the
business in near future. The increasing cash also requires attention, why we are
retaining so much cash instead of its further investment. It is also good for
business as it increases the credibility of the business. The excess cash help us to
expand our business and to explore new investment opportunities.

LIQUIDITY RATIO: 2.45 4.25 6.43

Department of commerce IUB 46 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
The liquid ratio is also going to be increase. The increasing trend shows good
solvency position of a business. It will attract the stakeholders to the industry;
enhance the relationship with the Supplier and creditors.

GROSS PROFIT RATIO: 37.97% 48.00% 52.12%

The gross profit ratio also shows increasing trend. The increasing margin trend is
beneficial for the business. The comparison with the industry averages and with
competitors gives us insight in our weakness and strengths. If we check it, it
shoes the increasing performance of the business.

OPERATING PROFIT 34.98% 45.61% 49.92%


The increasing trend in operating profit ratio is not same as Gross profit ratio.
Although there is increasing trend in this ratio but we have to check our Admin,
Selling & General expenses. We should have to control over them & check them
as per their requirement & their benefit cost ratio; if the benefits of these
expenses are less than their cost then we have to decrease them.

NET PROFIT RATIO: 34.06% 33.52% 35.52%

The increasing trend in net profit is not so much satisfactory. The debt burden &
interest payments affect it, but as the debt burden decrease down it shows
increase from 3rd year.

DEBT/ TOTAL EQUITY RATIO: 61.03% 29.83% 18.01%

The debt to total equity ratio shows decreasing trend that is beneficial for the
owners that the business investment proportion is now shifting towards them. As
the new profit is re-invested in the business, the total equity shows more
increasing trend. The gradual payment of the debt also decreases the numerator.
And ratio shows decrease in the next years. Means the owners share is increasing
& outsiders claim is going to be decrease. The overall increase in the GP Ratio,
Net Profit Ratio, Liquid Ratio and Cash Ratio increases the credibility of the
industry. The deal with fund providers in the future gives good results & we can
start the expansion easily.

Department of commerce IUB 47 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

The SWOT analysis of the industry is as under:

Extensive labor is available

Produces at lower cost
Capacity of Production
Self Sufficient
Machinery is available
Special industrial zone is established


Ball bearing is an important part that ensures smooth running and noiseless working
of an electric fan.

Like ball bearings, electric steel sheet (ESS) is also a major item in fan manufacturing.
It determines the quality, performance, durability and electricity consumption of a
fan .Due to ESS shortage and high prices, fan manufacturers are using Mild Steel
Sheet (MSS) the motors manufactured from this material are not of good quality and
use more electricity.

Lack of political framework: (no recognition at policy level).

Lack of ownership & commitment of agencies involved; took almost 2 years to
inculcate vision of this change mgmt exercise

Resource mobilization was the major issue to get short-term wins.

Lack of articulation culture and empire building attitude at all levels.

Too much high prices of import raw materials.

o Weak research and development
o Weak technology

Department of commerce IUB 48 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry
o No innovation in designs
o Cost of imported raw material is high
o Lack of policy framework
o Low capital-output ratios
o Unskilled labor


Environmental changes
WTO will allow to export more
Potential markets like US & EU could be explored
Increase in demand with increase in population
Industrial Fans could be focused


No focus on industry
Technological shifts
Quality of Fans
Shortage of energy
Increase in prices of raw material
Security threats
Change in government policies
Pressure of new entrance in market

Department of commerce IUB 49 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

The company will have its internal audit committee, which will conduct the audit
of the various functions of the company as well as the environmental audit. The
audit committee of the company comprises the Chairman of the company and all
the functional heads of the various departments of the company.

The audit committee will be responsible for the edifice of the performance
appraisal of the various functions of the company. The audit committee will check
the performance of the accounts department, finance department, marketing
department and also check the performance of the human resources of the
company. On the basis of the performance determine by the audit committee
various rewards will be announced for the employees.

The company will utilize its promotion and reward system as the motivation tool
for its employees. On the basis of the performance various monetary, stocks and
training and educational rewards will be announced for the employees of the

The company will strictly follow the ISO 9000 standards that will give the
guidelines to the company for the safe practices, so that no environmental
hazards will be done. The company will get its registration with the ISO 9000
and will use this as its promotional tool in the marketing campaign in the media.
The company will regularly administer its standards and will keep its system up
to date, so that there will be no cause of the environmental pollution and hazards
by the operations of the company.

Department of commerce IUB 50 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Initially, the product should be launched in the local market with branding
concept in mind. Ceiling fan & pedestal fan have shown tremendous growth in
the last few years. The company should focus to capture the market of this
product first by aggressive marketing campaign. The preferred mode of
distribution is going directly to the wholesalers. There is an option of having no
involvement of any distributor between the manufacturer and the wholesaler in
the city where manufacturing is being done.

By giving healthier profit margins to the wholesalers, the wholesalers will hence
promote the product. This strategy is important to introduce such a new product
and to create an extensive distribution and sales channel. The company will later
expand into other cities through a distributor network.

Department of commerce IUB 51 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Exit Strategy and Risk Assessment

The owners are aware of the highly risky nature of launching a fan manufacturing
unit in the highly competitive market. If the venture fails, the owner's paid-in
capital and expenses may not be recovered.

The venture's actual revenue will be tracked against projections on a month-to-

month basis. If net profitability is not in-line with forecasts, management and
operational adjustments will be made to address the issues.

If the venture is undercapitalized and requires more working capital, the owner
will consider bringing on investment partners. The owner will also review the
return-on-investment for personally providing more paid-in capital.

In the event that net profitability cannot be attained, the owner will take the
following sequential steps to exit the venture:

1. The owner will attempt to sell the venture outright to a suitable buyer.

2. If a buyer cannot be found, the owner will liquidate all viable assets.

3. Capital raised through asset liquidation will be used to reduce possible debt. All
debt will be negotiated prior to settlement.

4. If debts cannot be eliminated, the owner will discuss corporate bankruptcy

options with legal counsel.

Department of commerce IUB 52 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

After the final study of whole fan industry situation the following points
are recommended:

If the government really wants to increase exports of fan, custom duties on raw materials
should be lowered to a reasonable level.

Pakistan Standard Institute's procedure (PSI) should be simplified and the latest technical
laboratory should be set-up to test the fans.

An institute for labor training should immediately be established with the help of PEFMA.

Fan industry has been a neglected one by the government while it should be fully recognized
like any other export-oriented industry of Pakistan.

An urgent need in big companies to establish research departments within their factory
premises for innovation and to improve designs of fans according to the requirements of
international buyers.

Government should rationalize custom duties on fan raw material i.e., it should be lowered
to a reasonable level.

Government should sponsor exclusive delegations of the industry for visit to African
countries, Indian occasion including Australia, Indonesia and Philippine, South America
and Caribbean island countries.

HR development training awareness on ISO 9000 quality manufacturing standards needs to

be patronized to overcome the lack of facilities.

Ministry of science and technology with cluster council project and FDI to provide technical
extensive facilities for the local industries community.

Director training, export promotion bureau should established his camp office in Gujrat.

WTO will have a positive impact in Pakistan because it will remove trade barriers which
this industry faces a lot.

Department of commerce IUB 53 ROLL # 03, 31, 54

Project Management SHAHID FAN Industry

Japan the major competitor , after the implementation of WTO it is likely that Japan will
move towards heavy industry and Pakistan will get a chance to explore more and it will
enhance exporting of fans as well.

WTO will have negative impact if it does not improve its quality of labour and does not
implementation new technology.

As the splits and ACs are being purchased by peoples who can afford it.


It has great potential but needs consideration by government.

The recommendations should be implemented.

The problem should be solved.

PSI should be provided incentives and encouraged.

Department of commerce IUB 54 ROLL # 03, 31, 54