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Ras Al Khaimah Colleges

Higher Colleges of technology

Layla Ali Hasan Hammadi AL Shehhi
Ras Al Khaimah Womens College

EPC 1903 practicum 1b

S. Allan Mutambo & S.Garnel Desravin

MCT and MST Student Observation Feedback Form

Student Name: Layla Ali Hammadi
Ahmed Bin Majed
MCT/MST:T.Fatema Al Khawwar


Directions: The MCT and MST will use this to formally observe your
teaching, offering you feedback based on the selected competencies for
this Semester.
Commitment to the Profession
Students demonstrate consistent attendance and punctuality
Students accept and respect school based authority structures, and complete
reasonable request from school MST and leadership
Students are prepared and ready for each lesson
Students actively participate in a range of school activities
Students build positive relationships with a range of stakeholders across the
school community
Students accept responsibility for resolving work based problems with a
growing level of independence
Students demonstrate a positive attitude towards teaching and learning
Student have positive attitude towards the teacher, the classroom and
learning in class . they are responsible in group works they are
independence they need more work on respecting school roles and
awareness on bulling .
Planning for Learning
Completed lesson plan for every lesson, printed and available to MST and MCT
upon request
Ensure lesson plans have sufficient detail to secure effective delivery
Lesson plans are linked to long range and unit plans
Learning objectives are testable and directly linked to curriculum outcomes
Lesson plans have clear assessment which includes formative and/or
summative activities
Lesson plans are balanced securing lessons which are engaging, effective and
student centered
Differentiation has been incorporated into lesson plans where appropriate and
There are three kinds of planning :
Annual planning to plan for the year and the overall objectives. And
the time table of how many week of work to give the curriculum.
Monthly planning to plan the units and the overall outcomes of the
unit.( at the end of the unit the student will be able to etc.) and
the key vocab of the unit.
The daily planning were the teacher plan everyday lesson including,

objectives, methods, materials, procedures and assessment.

Managing Learning
Uses cooperative learning as part of their learning environment
Uses appropriate classroom management strategies to secure a safe and
effective learning environment
Establishes and manages classroom routines and transitions
The teacher uses many methods in classroom such as :
Group work
Pear learning
Learning stations
Little teacher

Implementing Learning
Implement strategies which continually motivate and maintain an effective
classroom presence
Include a range of student centered activities in the lesson
Presents material which is accurate, meaningful and accessible to support
student engagement and learning
Sequences learning experiences logically
Lessons are paced to ensure students are appropriately engaged and
Instructions are given at appropriate times within a lesson and are clear and
Appropriately uses a variety of questions that fit appropriately within the lesson
Implements differentiated instruction to lessons taught

Student are monitoring purposively in relation to learning and behavior
Utilize a range of effective formative assessment strategies to gauge student
Implement valid and reliable summative assessment strategies where
Students have organized a system to effectively record student data and
Constructive feedback is provided to students in a timely and appropriate
Assessment data is used to inform planning and instruction
The teacher assist student learning by oral questions, worksheet and
homework .

Reflection on Practice
Reflect on wider educational matters such as ethics, morals, culture, historical
contexts and how these impact student learning leading to change of practice
Reflect on student learning
Reflect on their own practice leading to improvement of practice
Reflections are conducted and recorded consistently and are accessible to the
Comments: base on the assessment the teacher plan the next class,
use new methods. If needed.