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Macasaet, Josef Janrel A.


The community service in the Most Holy Trinity Parish taught me how the old
people and mothers survive the problems of poverty. Many of them had children
who are already old and could barely help their own parents due to lack of money.
Even though those mothers had the necessary needs to survive but for me they
deserve a little bit more. Since those mothers are already old and can barely work
for their financial income they could at least receive some help from the
government or from a community which will help them not once, but until their end
of their financial crisis. However, we LaSallians offered some help which could at
least put a smile on the old mothers and a change of their daily lifestyle. We helped
them in different ways such as donating them and having a program in which not
only the mothers participated but also the LaSallians.
There were no major issues in the community service except some difficulties
such as students who forgot their waivers which caused the delay of the departure
from Taft Ave. Luckily the venue of the deployment area wasnt that far from La
Salle which made the experience of the community service better. Also another
problem was the communication with the mothers. As I mentioned earlier those
mothers are old and might forgot already the English language which makes them
hard to hear and understand. Lastly some LaSallians forgot their food or didnt
brought enough for themselves, but which was quickly solved by going to the
nearest fast-food restaurant.

The community service was a great experience for me because of the great
cooperation from the mothers of the community and the LaSallians also those
mothers taught us how to make our own detergent which was made up with cheap
but effective ingredients which we can definitely share to other communities which
will help them to save money. Those mothers deserve more help not only from us
LaSallians but also from the Government and NGOs or other communities such as
donating them or help them to have a stable source of financial income.