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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

January 20, 2016
Members Present: Earl Hyers, Chairman
Marie Black
Imogene Mixson,
Marian Jenkins
Beverly Raley
Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director
Elaine Land, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Hyers called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.
Remarks by Chairman. It has been a very busy, eventful time. Earls wife Roberta and
Maries husband Randy are doing much better. The Librarys Christmas luncheon was
wonderful. Monday proved to be a better time to have the luncheon since everyone was much
more relaxed and the Staff was not rushed to get back to their jobs. There will be a Smart Start
meeting with Earl, Sandra, Marie, Peter Bruggink, Larry Clark, Chris Wisham, and the three
consultants from Library Max on Tuesday, January 26. This will be a meeting to lay the road
map of how we proceed. The consultants will meet with the focus groups; one focus group will
be the Library Board. The consultants will try to touch all facets of our community to learn what
people want from a Library. Library Max is being paid with funds from the Amazon account, so
no donated or allocated monies from City or County will be used.
Minutes. Marie made a motion to approve the minutes from the regular Board Meeting as
submitted. It was approved by all. Beverly made the motion to approve the minutes from the
called meeting with Ron Steensland; it was seconded by Imogene and approved by all. Earl will
have a conversation with Bette Forbus.
Circulation/Financial Reports. Circulation for the past two months looks dismal. The drop
could have been caused by the holidays and the days the Library was closed. The attendance in
November fell way off and came back somewhat in December. Borrowers-on-roll increased by
1,000. This might be a mistake in figures. Library was closed a day and a half due to having no
heat. Our gas had been turned off while roof work was done in May. New pipes had to be
ordered and installed. Marie and Earl met with Mark Blankenship. Marie explained the history
of our library. They stressed that all Dale County can use this Library. They showed Mark the
size of the other libraries in Dale County and the funds they receive. The County stopped
funding this library in the 1990s but finally started back in the late 1990s.
Financially, we have received the City and County allocations and the donation from Mr. Marx.
Code 213 was not something for which we budgetedthis pertains to unemployment paid to a
fired employee. This should finish our payments. Sandra fired a person for drug use. The State
looks at alcohol and drug use as a disease. You must offer them rehab. Sandra offered her help
but she refused and then she filed for unemployment. The State upheld the request and we paid

out $4093. Random drug testing might be a good idea. Earl said to check with the
administrative staff at the Church about what we would need to do. We might be able to get a
copy of the procedure to follow. We are a Reimbursable Employeewe dont pay a monthly
amount to Alabama Unemployment to cover the costs. We are a nonprofit. We have been
fortunate through the years not to have this happen often. Imogene made a motion that Sandra
make a draft concerning employment practices. The amount of unemployment is based on a
certain percentage. Attorney Joe Adams appealed the case but that didnt help. Earl had a
question about payroll being 31.86%. We had two pay periods and a Christmas bonus during
this time. This percentage will eventually even out.
Library Update.
Vanguard Account. It is going up and down.
Friends of the Library Annual Luncheon. The luncheon will be held at noon on Monday,
January 25th. The speaker will be Veronica Crock, Economic Developer for the City of
Ozark. The program should be interesting.
United Way. United Way met their goal so $400,000 from the Wiregrass Foundation will be
available for grants. Sandra doesnt plan to apply for a grant since it needs to be for capital
improvements. Earl mentioned that another set of electronic doors for the front entrance would
make it fully handicapped assessable. Right now, there is only one set of electronic doors and
the other set are regular doors. Both need to be electronic for full compliance with the Disability
The meeting adjourned at 9:50. The next regular Board Meeting will be held February 17th at
Respectfully submitted by _________________________
Approved by Secretary ____________________________