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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

April 20, 2016
Members Present:

Marie Black, Acting Chairman

Imogene Mixon
Marian Jenkins
Beverly Raley

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director

Donna P. Snell, Bookkeeper
Mrs. Black called the meeting to order.
Remarks by Chairman. Mr. & Mrs. Hyers are on vacation and having a very good time.
Minutes. On motion of Imogene Mixon, seconded by Beverly Raley, the March minutes were
approved by the Board.
Circulation/Financial Reports. Circulation of materials is still down, but is improving.
Attendance has increased. Our budget expenses are in line with the half-way point of the
physical year. Marion Jenkins reported that there are 1,292 members of the Librarys Facebook
page. These people are keeping up with our library and the programs offered, which should help
Sandra Holmes reported that the Friends of the Librarys recent Book, Bake and Plant sale
was a huge success and brought in $2,289.39.
Library update. In response to a question by Imogene Mixon, Marian Jenkins stated that we
should tell people that we offer books and electronic media we are a full service and/or selfservice library. The Spring Break childrens activities at the library have been changed due to the
cancellation of the McWane Centers science program. They called and cancelled due to
scheduling conflict. Suggestions were made to contact Landmark Park for astronomy speakers.
Marie Black suggested Mr. Phillip Carter, the Bee man. Efforts will be made to contact him.
The theme for the childrens Summer Reading Program this year is Physical Fitness. Also, Mrs.
Queen Walker, the wife of the Housing Authority Director, is a library volunteer. The Director
also has enrolled Jeffrey Devine in the Ozark 101 sessions, to become more familiar with the
workings of City offices.
United Way. The Wiregrass United Way allocation meeting was held here at the library. There
were approximately 18 people present. Our United Way funds will probably be cut due to more
agencies in our area being funded through the United Way.
Sandra Holmes stated that she had met with the Consultants one-on-one on Tuesday morning.
They presented the suggestions of the smaller Dale County libraries and their requests for more
inter-library cooperation. These libraries want more training in AVL and other areas. Mr. Hyers
suggested that we put them in touch with APLS and other groups that can provide training, or
perhaps make the contact for them. He also said we could meet with them to determine their

needs. Sandra reminded the Board that this would be an expense to the library. It was also
stated that good relations with the smaller libraries would also improve the relationship with the
County Commissioners of those districts. Marion Jenkins suggested that we meet quarterly with
local libraries to coordinate benefits and problem solving.
The meeting was adjourned by Earl Hyers with the next meeting to be held on Wednesday, April
20th, 2016. He will be unable to attend and Marie Black will preside.
Respectfully submitted by __________________________
Approved by Secretary ____________________________

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