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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

April 20, 2016
Members Present:

Marie Black, Acting Chairman

Imogene Mixon
Marian Jenkins
Beverly Raley

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director

Donna P. Snell, Bookkeeper
Mrs. Black called the meeting to order.
Remarks by Chairman. Mr. Hyers is on vacation playing golf and having a very good time.
Minutes. On motion of Imogene Mixon, seconded by Beverly Raley, the March minutes were
approved by the Board.
Circulation/Financial Reports. Circulation of materials is still down, but is improving.
Attendance has increased. Our budget expenses are in line with the half-way point of the fiscal
year. Marian Jenkins reported that there are 1,292 members on the Librarys Facebook page.
These people are keeping up with our library and the programs offered, which should help
Sandra Holmes reported that the on-line visits to the Librarys website were 1,639 from
March 14 thru April 13, 2016.
Sandra Holmes also reported that the Friends of the Librarys recent Book, Bake and Plant
sale was a huge success and brought in $2,289.39.
An extensive overview and discussion of library income was held by the board members
present. Mrs. Mixon asked what the Friends of Library Designated money was for. Sandra
stated that it was given for the librarys Spring Break Programs for children. Sandra reported
that the United Way funds will remain the same as last year and are used only to purchase library
books, materials and supplies so that we can account to them for the appropriate use of these
funds. The State Aid funds are used strictly as required by the State. One-half of the money is
used for salaries of employees and the rest is used for library books, materials and supplies. The
Book Account is money from internet sales of books on Part of this money was
used recently to pay the Consulting Firm hired by the Board. Special appropriations from
donors, local clubs, organizations, and etc. were discussed concerning the constant possibility
that they might not be available every year.
The money invested in T. Rowe Price and two Vanguard accounts was discussed. This money
began as a donation to the library and was invested in these on-line accounts. The T. Rowe Price
account began with an initial designated donation, and although the market has been up and
down, it has continued to grow. This money was designated by the donor to be used for
Genealogical use only. It could be used for anything needed in genealogy including anything
needed for a future building. The Vanguard accounts are two separate funds. Account #1 began
with an initial investment of $63,000. This money can be used for any purpose as deemed

necessary by the Board. Part of this fund was used last year to pay Hughes Construction to reroof one section of the library. Account #2 is a donation that is designated by the donor for use
in purchasing books and items of a religious nature.
Imogene Mixon stated that it would be in the Librarys best interest for any future large
donations that are to be given with specific requirements for their use to be brought before the
Board regarding the acceptance of the restrictions. The Board members agreed, and also with
her request that this review of income and its sources be held from time to time during the year
before the budget is prepared.
Library update. The illness and loss of work time by Elaine Land was brought up for
discussion by Marie Black. It has not yet been determined how long she may be out of work.
Elaines many various duties as Administrative Assistant have been divided among Sandra
Holmes, Karen Speck and Donna Snell. Mrs. Black proposed that Karen Speck and Donna Snell
be given a 10% increase in salary due to their increased workload. Marion Jenkins suggested
that since Elaines illness is still in the process of diagnosis and treatment and there is no way of
knowing the amount of recovery time that may be needed, a set time frame be established for the
proposed increase in pay. On motion of Imogene Mixon, seconded by Beverly Raley, all voted
in favor of the division of Elaines duties between Sandra Holmes, Karen Speck and Donna Snell
with Karen Speck and Donna Snell to receive a pay increase of 10% effective as of April 15th,
2016, for a period of time not to exceed one year. This will be re-evaluated in the future.
Also, Imogene Mixon proposed that at some time in the near future, a discussion of employee
benefits offered by the library is to be held by the Board.
Sandra told the Board that she was a speaker for the residents at Providence Nursing Home.
It was very enjoyable and they would be interested in art and coloring classes. Marian Jenkins
also mentioned the use of audio tapes, etc. to give Senior and homebound people a way of
enjoying books.
On May 4th, the library will offer its first adult coloring class. This is a new item of interest to
many people.
Also, Auburns College of Liberal Arts has received a grant from the National Endowment of
the Humanities to present discussion sessions on World War I and the Vietnam war. There will
be workshops in June with 6 sessions to begin in July, 2016. Dr. Marty Oliff of Troy University,
Mrs. Berta Blackwell, Donna Snell, and Sandra Holmes with be working on these programs.
Ozark was 1 of only 6 communities chosen to participate.
The theme of the summer reading program this year is On your mark, get set...Read!
The meeting was adjourned by the Chairman with the next meeting to be held on Wednesday,
May 18, 2016.
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Approved by Secretary ____________________________