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416 James Street
Ozark, AL 36360
Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
October 19, 2016


Earl Hyers, Chairman
Imogene Mixson
Marie Black
Beverly Raley
Marian Jenkins


Sandra Holmes, Library Director
Lou Harry. Cataloguer

Mr. Hyers called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.
Remarks by the Chairman: Mr Hyers reminded the board that this was his last
board meeting and had asked not to be reappointed. The City Council has
nominated Dr. Nathan Hodges to take his place. Dr. Hodges, a native of Ozark,
returned after a career in Education and will be an asset to the board. Mr. Hyers
continued his remarks with a recap on the Dialogues of War. This is a National
Endowment for the Humanities program that was awarded to Auburn University. The
University then recruited and selected six libraries to hold these programs. A panel
of veterans were given materials to review and then discuss. The first discussion
was very successful with a broad spectrum of veterans. The next discussion will be
Thursday, October 20, at 6:30. The panel was given an anthology of short stories
that they will discuss. Mr. Hyers also noted that he had talked with the Library Max
consultants. We are ready to move into Phase III regarding a new library. Library
Max will consolidate all necessary information to present to the Wiregrass
Minutes: With a motion by Beverly Raley and a second by Marie Black the
September minutes were approved.
Circulation/Financial Reports: Circulation of materials is still down while
attendance remains about the same. Marian Jenkins noted that the use of E-books
was up. Computer usage remains high. Sandra Holmes stated she would be
working on a grant to update the computers. Discussion on how to inform the
public of our services ensued. Also noted was decrease in attendance of children's
programs. Due to attendance, Popcorn and a Movie has been discontinued. Color
Therapy is being discontinued for lack of participation. Ruth has only one or two
people attend. Mrs. Holmes explained she could not have an employee tied up for
only one attendee. Discussion followed with ideas for increasing attendance for the
children's programs such as home-schooled groups. After a review of financial
report, Mr. Hyers stated that we were in good standing. The support from the City
and County is still not certain. Mutual Funds remain in good standing.

Alabama Public Library Service(APLS): Mrs. Holmes reported that we will host
a Town Hall Meeting Nov. 2, from 11 to 1:30. APLS is updating the 5-year plan for
the state and is asking for input from the community. She would like at least one
board member to attend. There will also be an on-line survey.
Staff Change: Donna Snell has asked to resume old duties. She had taken some of
Elaine's duties and had been given a 10% raise. Imogene Mixson moved to rescind
the 10% increase. Marian Jenkins seconded. The motion carried. Mrs. Holmes will
continue to look for replacement for Elaine.
Christmas Luncheon: Mr. Hyers noted that Monday seems to be the best day
since employees are off. December 12th at noon was chosen.
November the 16th will be the next Board meeting. The meeting was adjourned
Respectfully submitted
Approved by Secretary

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