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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
August 17, 2016
Members Present:

Earl Hyers, Chairman
Marie Black
Imogene Mixson
Beverly Raley

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director
Donna Snell, Bookkeeper
Mr. Hyers called the meeting to order.
Remarks by Chairman. The meeting with the Ozark City Council last night went very well.
There seemed to be a good reception of the Consultant’s findings by the members of the Council.
The meeting with the Dale County Commission will be next Tuesday, August 23rd, at 10 a.m. An
electronic copy of the Consultant’s findings is ready to go on the library’s website and Facebook
The next step would be to contract with the Consultants to determine options for the library
building, cost estimates, funding and requesting grant monies, etc.
Imogene Mixson stated that these meetings with public officials and various groups are very
important for sharing thoughts and ideas and gaining understanding.
Earl Hyers noted that with the upcoming city elections, it would be possible to have an
entirely new group of council members take office. The mayor and two council seats will be
newly elected and the other council seats all have opposition. The new members would take
office in November. Also, the Dale County Commission will have one new member in
Imogene Mixson said that it would be important for us to invite the new officials to come to
the library and tour our facilities so that they will be familiar with what we provide.
Earl Hyers gave everyone a copy of a newspaper article from the Atlanta Constitution
showing their efforts to provide help in understanding and finding the best use of computer and
other electronic services available. Mrs. Mixson said we could focus on Senior citizens in the
same way that we do children, to try and meet their needs.
Minutes. On motion of Beverly Raley, seconded by Marie Black, the July minutes were
approved as presented.
Circulation/Financial Reports. Circulation of materials this month is disappointing and
attendance was approx. 11,000.
Imogene Mixson noted that our meeting rooms are well used and that the community has very
few places that afford an inexpensive place for meetings, etc. to be held. Also, the staff does
help patrons with computer use, but only on a very limited basis. The library offers computer
classes and classes for smart phones, etc.

Regarding finances, Sandra Holmes said that our money is o.k. for now. Our income is 105%
over the projected budget amount; the expenses are at 87% to date.
The book account money is used only for special expenses, such as paying for the
Consultants. Another payment will be made to them after the meeting with the County
Commission on Tuesday.
Regarding donations, Imogene Mixson noted that the amount of donations received is low.
We must have a local base for funding our library if we are going to ask for funds for a new
library. It is important that we get organized for raising funds. Marie Black noted that it has
already been voted on by the Board that a committee be appointed to begin a funding campaign.
After discussion of the investment earnings, it was agreed that this amount not be counted as
income. The monthly amount is added back to the balance invested and is not actual income
until withdrawn for use by the library.
Sandra Holmes said that the attendance at the Summer Reading Program this year was low.
At the District Meeting of Librarians, the opinion was that the theme this year might have been
the problem. The adult classes in art, etc. are going well.
Sandra Holmes said that due primarily to the relationship that Jocelyn Rayford had with
Judge Val McGee, he donated his entire collection of books and research to the library. We are
working on cataloging this very valuable asset and making it available to the public. Also, the
new copy machine is being installed and networked for use in the library. We will keep using the
old machine, also.
Earl Hyers noted that the Dialogues on the Experience of War will begin with the first
program on September 15, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. He hopes to have 20 participants. These
participants do not have to live in Dale County. The speaker system is ready, except for a
Regarding the upcoming local and national elections, the staff has been told that there is to be
no campaigning on the library premises and no personal expression of political opinion in any
form, including the internet.
Elaine Land did come in to talk with Sandra. She will not be able to return to work and has
received her last paycheck from the library. Melissa Robinson has been contacted as a possible
replacement. A beautiful potted plant was given to Elaine the day she came in and her name is
being added to the Library’s honor roll plaque.
Also, the employee appreciation luncheon will be held in September after the 15th of the
The next Board meeting will be held on September 21, 2016. The meeting was then adjourned.
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